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One half of Outkast puts on his Jimi Hendrix shoes to walk a mile in them for the Hendrix biopic "Jimi: All Is By My Side."



  • caligirl

    yet another movie made to seem as though a black musical genius's life revolved entirely around white people. lame, lame, and more lame. where's the band of gypsies? what about the blues and its influence on jimi's life and music? this is dumbed-down propaganda. jimi's entire essence whitewashed.

    • And besides

      Its true, he moved to london to catch his break. London in the 60s is a lot of white people, so cali girl go smoke another one

    • Lol

      U mad? Movies like this are meant more for entertainment than education.

  • 2rt

    This guy might just win an Oscar for this!

  • Unite

    How can you have a Jimi Hendrix movie without Jimi Hendrix's music? Fuckin weak sauce

  • Anonymous

    JT, T.I. and common low key a better actors . dre not bad tho

  • ricp

    You dont have to be white or black to understand that. You just cant be a fucking stupid retard.

  • ricp

    People cal people Lil Wayne cause he hasnt dropped ANYTHING good since The Carter and he acts like a fucking idiot. Hes a fucking douche bag.

    • Correction

      Lil wayne has never dropped anything "good" i dont care how popular he is, his musics trash, always has been, ever since bling bling, foh

    • lol

      but only a lame ass white boy who strictly listen to Immortal Technique would even think to use that as an insult towards someone as the life of everyone revolves around hip-hop lol

  • Anonymous

    yeah he looks like him but his acting is do doo. FOH! go make an album. Its not ya calling

    • lol

      He's right though. Andre may be one of the greatest rappers but his acting really isn't that great. Why is it that you guys think calling someone "Lil Wayne" would be an insult anyway? Lmao. White boys. Anyway, I'll be sure to catch this one anyway to see if they do Jimi good. Dude is definitely one of the most talented musicians of all time RIP.

    • NV80

      Shut your face and think out the box lil wayne