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Lil Ty lands a Jadakiss verse for his new single "Ridin Round." You feeling Lil Ty? Let us know below.



    This dude is in the guesthouse of hiphop.. fuck this cracker

  • new castle, pa

    Get a clue ppl. Ya don't know him. So you don't know what he's done or what he hasn't done. Ive seen young white gunners. I KNOW young white gunners. Same as Ive seen and know young black gunners. I was doin the shit myself when i was 12. If you like it, listen. If you don't then don't listen. Stop playin like you been hangin with lil man.

    • bahahahahaha

      stop it, just stop it, alright bitch boy? you don't know SHIT, okay? you're about as in the street as a pile of roadkill. You live in fucking new castle, the suburbs. You dont know ANY shooters besides the ones that shoot water pistols in your cul de sac neighborhood ROFL

  • realnigga

    Hate hate hate step foot in our hood nd talk that bs my nigga got gonnies on deck

  • joey

    why are black people so mad at a white kid talking gangster shit. meanwhile millions of black people pretend to be gangsters on a daily basis and are soft as dog shit. in real life whites are the toughest and blacks are the least tough race.

    • Anonymous

      i guess there is a double standard here... i know a lot of these black kids never sold drugs or even seen a gun.

  • Anonymous

    Kids like this just make me hate life. "I'm 15, white and rich. I'm a thug" pls punch.

  • Wack

    If it was a hit people would dick ride Jada got his doe and kept it movin . I mean as soon as they said cut. He was out. And the Benz went back And Jada was the only one with 20 racks in his pocket

  • Anonymous

    I give up. What a joke

  • IJustWonderY

    I just laughed at the irony lol I like the Sweater he was wearing

  • LEVEL 13

    He sounds like a young, littler... white T.I... I'm pretty sure it was just a gag.

  • Anonymous

    who cares if hes white or really did what he rapping about... trash music is still trash music jada should be ashamed.

  • Anonymous

    nothing wrong with a white kid rapping but he needs to keep it real. rap about soccer practice and his PS4 or picking up chicks at the beach or riding bmx bikes... fraud never seen a gun outside of his video games and we all know that Maybach is rented by his parents...

    • Anonymous

      LOL fair enough but this is still fucking trash.

    • joey

      cause black rappers always tell the truth in their raps. if black rappers were rapping about their real life, they'd rap mostly about waiting for the funds to kick in on their ebt cards, stocking shelves at wal-mart, being bi-curious and how much it hurts that most white girls aren't interested.

  • Gabe

    OMG he's white ? Let's hate, but as the entertainment industry puts it. There is no such thing as bad publicity. The comments on this page and video do nothing but increase it's virality. How many people are gonna watch it just to hate? how many people are going to watch it because he's white ? How many people will watch and listen because they actually like it ?Be it hate or praise, we all are just a cog in the marketing machine that will make this kid a star! So hate all you want or praise all you want! Either way it's helping this kid! Then ask yourself, "How many people actually know who the hell I am?"

    • Anonymous

      Lil Ty is that you? LMAO. no one is listening to this because they actually like it. its comical im still not sure this lil soft kid is serious with all that tough gun talk.

  • Prick James

    If you just heard this song, without knowing that's a nerdy lookin lil' white dude, you would be bobbin ya head and you know it. Be honest with yourselves, this here goes kinda hard.

  • Matthew

    This is wack.. lol even Jada was wack.. They both just pieced together a bunch of lines from different songs.. nothing was really original

  • Steez

    Yo I got mad respect for you Ron C. That reverse racism shit is getting old. Sick of ppl saying "oh you can spit pretty good for a white boy"... C'mon now... The color of your skin don't determine how well you can spit

  • Steez

    They hate cause he's white. I don't rap bout stuff like that cause I don't do that shit. So if he don't do what he's talking bout.. Then I'll hate

  • Brandi

    Wow. I feel real bad for all you grown ass people sittin here hatin and talking all that bullshit on a youngin, y'all must have real pathetic ass lives & I feel sorry for you. & for all you nuts saying he payed jada to be in a video , lol y'all couldn't be more wrong. & he ain't from the fuckin suburbs, he's from the brickyard, in Germantown , philly . Which he is always shoutin out if y'all heard any of his other music. Check out had jadas mixtape where Ty had a feature, or better yet check out Ty's mixtape that just dropped. Feel free to comment the name of your mixtape & what rappers y'all did a music video with .. ILL WAIT !! Fuckin clowns. Shoutout my youngin lil Ty doin his fuckin thing . Proud. Fuck these nobodies man.

  • Musa

    Never heard of the dude, but I must say I like this. bri9ght future ahead.

  • Anonymous

    I thought this shit was going to be horrible from the comments and ratings on it. It's sad how the world we live in is so fucked up where some one is judged by their skin color. The lil guy has some talent, if he's rapping about what he's rapping about I personally don't think jadakiss would jump on the track with the kid. It don't matter if your black, yellow, purple, white, pink. You could be a fucking penguin in the hood if that's where you grew up and that was your surrounding that's what your going to be.. How many of y'all ever seen a Asian person speak perfect Spanish? Specially in uptown NY they had to learn the language to hustle and make that bread. A lot of y'all if ignorant fucks gone bash me but then again who gives a f*ck?

  • Jimmy Kaled

    its not about the kid being whiteEveryone knows that he just does not fit the part for this and truthfully cannot sell the people on his lyrics or image. He should be singing "I love you mamma" with Justin Beiber!

  • Jimmy Kaled

    As someone who works in the music industry and I don't care if this song was made to target all the young rich white kids..THIS IS SO BAD AND JADAKISS WILL HURT HIS REPUTATION. QUADRUPLE OUCH!

  • Ron C

    Listen to Ty on Jada mixtape called Consignment. Kid can spit and he say where he from. Germantown in Philly. That's why he rap like that. Don't matter wut color he is u get influenced by your surroundings. Kid is hella young too. On mixtape he was 13. He can't be much older now. I'm black and from the hood but I ain't gon hate on shorty. Tired of my people pullin that reverse racism shit. Give the kid a chance first to see wut he do. He might be bout that comin from where he come from. He might grew up wit knuckleheads. U don't know. If he is fake then eventually a real nigga gon check him anyway. Stop hatin of jump. Wait and see.

  • Kay

    The truth is that he's lyrics and vocals are nothing extraordinary but the song isn't that bad. If it was a black kid rapping there would not be this much hate, there is racism when it comes to rap. Do I think the kid actually lives in a hood? definitely not even close.

  • whispaaah

    The next big thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxQvCKcJIx0

  • Reality

    The truth is if he was black. People would love this song. It might not be a hit but it wouldn't get all this hate. smh

  • Klone Killa

    Soooo who's his dad?

  • makk rollack

    its better den half the shyt i here dnt judge book by its cover prolli tuffer then lil wayne fagget ass

  • DJ Flent D

    Truth is the song is nice, the hook is strong, but the image of the artist don't match the song. If they had done a lyric video to push this track it would have gotten more like. This folks is where music meets business. Your music and image has to resonate as one. And for that sole purpose the kid is a dead fish out the water. Let's be honest here if Tyga, Meek or any other credible rapper talking about guns, Maybachs, and shooters spit the same exact lyrics you would say this track was HOTT

  • ijuswannachill

    this fag looks like the kid you used to bully on high school...

  • Red

    I love how every comment just about wanna judge the kid for rapping about guns or paying for a verse. You know damn well other rappers pay for verses none of these dudes who is established is gonna work for free. Also your favorite rapper raps a lot of bullshit believe it or not. So before you throw the kid under because of his skin color or his nerdy look realize your judging a book by its cover which I'm sure for the people who have had that happen you sith too fond of it. Internet thugs go to sleep the song is nice and your jealous.

  • What?

    Really? What if this was eminem?! Eminem would never make a song like this so that point holds no water. The point ain't about him bein white, it's about him bein a fraud. He ain't need popped off at nobody. He dot know nobody that's willing to or has thrown slugs for him. FOH!

  • cory n

    Horrible! Jada verse is good.. This little kid needs to stay in his lane and find his new style!

  • Tom Hodson

    shit's terrible

  • syedthegreat

    Hes a white kid. He shouldnt be trying to rap like hes from the southside of Chicago. This kid aint never popped a gun. Theres no problem with a white person rapping but there is with a white persin rapping complete bullshit that he dont even know nothing about. Make records that say something not just too sound cool and its sad cuz ignorance is whats cool now

    • Jay

      Das racist yo. I knew a white kid from jersey city that was the most gangster dude i've ever met - he got shot and killed last year. This kid actually reminds me of him in his other videos and tracks. It's clear that he's one of those white kids that grew up in the hood and is accepted by his peers. It's obvious that: (1) the kid could give a fuck less what people think about him, he spits bars and is serious about it, (go peep his mixtape - some of the tracks rock out), (2) he's recognized for that, and is accepted for it (i.e. Jadakiss doing a video with him

    • sucka

      he's white???? who cares 98% of black rappers haven't shot guns either, he should write something relevant to him just like every other rapper

  • jay

    This shit corny, kid ain't never popped nothing and his shit is a rental. Jada..kill yaself

  • Anonymous

    Not even gonna watch it.

  • Jimmy

    this song is that bad and neither is the mixtape.

  • Oh My God Who Cares

    Seriously? All this racial talk is annoying. Its 2014 people. White, Black, Purple, Blue.....we're all the same on the inside. One of the greatest rappers of our time is white (Eminem). What if this was Eminem instead? Then all of you wouldn't be bringing race into this. But because it's a geeky little white kid, whose parents paid for the verse and video.....now you all are getting sensitive like a bunch of bit*hes. If I was Jada....i'd of done this too.....but nothing less than 10k.

  • Anonymous

    Thugg Statiz x BlackChild x LSD- Gametime . Dir b: http://youtu.be/c3-eWXH4cYY

  • Jesse

    Ok... let's all agree the kid looks corny here, it's a shock to see a lil white kid spitting with Jadakiss. But go peep some of his shit though. Kid definitely has swag and he actually CAN spit. Check out his track "Giving Up"... I fucks with it. it's clear he's dedicated and fucks with the hood. And it's clear that Jadakiss fucks with him on some level I'm interested to see what this kid does, b/c if he goes mega hard, adjusts his image, he'll have some viral videos and people will warm up to him

  • Anonymous

    this shit is wack and Jada better than this!

  • Choppa

    My people's music way better...need jada on the track i guess...smh..FLOYD MONEY MAYWEATHER LEAN!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RDGrnotJ0Q

  • Ray

    These comments is racist I know bull from my hood aka brickyard he definitely not a bitch doe he thorough as shit that's why jada fucked wit him he didn't pay him either he knows jada personally let the haters hate phliiy 215. Stand upp

  • Digg

    Bigg up to Jada, buh they gotta pay 2 Cahinz for that Ridin Round thing, sounds like "Spend it"

  • Nathan

    Most of u say this is wack and garbage then y did u listen to it. First off he's not signed to nobody if us listen to the whole song jackasses 2 quit hating on someone that's doing better than u.he'll most likely get signed to Shady or Bad Boy

  • Slade

    Looks like daddy bought his kid a verse smh >.

  • scid

    WTF what a nerd there lol!

  • KyngSmyle

    Decent song beiber was trying to hard on his verse and verse seems ghostwritten though

  • Anonymous

    lil ty is fucking wack the beat was gay to jus sayin

  • L

    They couldn't rent a black Maybach tho?

  • ekco314

    I thought this shit was gunna be real bad. I heard it sounds just like every other sell out illuminati artist. Str8 up. first off I don't even listen 2 dat commercial pop garbage. I listen 2 underground shit ny shit. like m.o.p. mob deep, Vinnie paz, outsidaz,wu tang,rza,gza,mf doom. Shit sounds like the same garbage they play on mtv and on sirrus satelight radio. Same stupid garbage and yeah kid is fukin wack!!!!!!!!!! But I bet a bunch of lil wayne/rick ross fuck heads will love this shit!!!!!!!!! And jada been ridin industry dick 4 the longest time. He was way raw back in the day. Fuck jada. I don't think styles p is gunna change the way he raps or the beats he uses dat dood is just raw. Styles p all day peace

  • Tafari


  • H.O.U.S.E.

    This is exactly what's wrong with the industry now a days. How muchdid this young scrap have to pay to get this feature from Jadakiss. He ain't about that life so why is he rhyming about it....oh yeah that's right...the industry is based off image over skill. The underground will rise again. -Humanoid House-

  • i am major

    The kid is hot

  • Larry

    Awesome video and performance

  • whitey ford

    Race has nothing to do with..more white kids buys rap cds then any other race (known fact)...bottom line Jada is a fool for doing this track because ITS WACK- rather the kids black or white. DOnt hate cause his mom and dad got the money to pay for it. respect his hustle even if its wack! It seems crazy but often times some of the wackest artists have the greatest drive, hustle and work ethic.

  • jah

    Black or white rappers talk about shit they ain't did or never will. All this music is pyshco babble bullshit brainwashing the youth. The government loves it cuz we are a dumb country that idolizes these clown n when the government has to take care of us because people got life all fucked up. Down wit babolyn . the youth will rise JAH RASTAFARI.


    Who cares about race? The fact of the matter is, he's a geeky little kid rapping about shit he's never done. PERIOD. I don't care whether your black or white, I hate it when rappers try to fake the funk just to fucking fit in.

  • Anonymous

    Shit is cliche' meaning wack as fuck

  • Jacob

    I feel like this kids parents paid for everything that has to do with this song. Video included.

  • Anonymous

    Scarface said it first we handing hiphop over to the whites

  • Will

    If the kid was black, yall would be sayin how great this song is and that Jada is back! This song is dumb as hell... but it aint no worse than the rest of the whack ass rap that is out now a days!

  • jay

    Its not a great track but who cares who features who atleast this lil ty character is doing something ,and atleast he got jada on a track so people will hear the track.while all of you are sittin on the sidelines hating! Hahaha. Bunch of haters ,get off the internet with all that negativity. Do somwthing with yourself, sound like a pack of broads wit all that hate

  • Booing U

    Nice car in a shit neighborhood? How about moving to a better block and get a Honda?

  • jacob

    What in the blood#%&/()!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scottieboomz

    This shit is terrible, Jada you do not need a check this bad, I'm from Philly, so I'd this kid I believe, there's so many hotter white bulls out here, this kid is just like my man said a culture vulture, WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU CUZ!!!

  • titodag0d

    he spent $30,000 on the feature wit jada. jada didnt seem very enthusiastic lmbao

  • titodag0d

    attack of the culture vultures...somebody G check this lil bitch

  • Anonymous

    Get fuck outta here.lol

  • jake

    wtf? he get money for video shoot on kickstarter or what?

  • Anonymous

    Fuckin cornballz

  • The Truth

    Are you kidding Jada? C'mon bro you look cheap as fuck right now. Don't do shit like this again bro. Please

  • Anonymous

    smh Jada will do a track with anyone who pays him, he is that desperate for money lol. Wonder what his feature price is now, i remember back in the day on one of those hood dvd's he had a check for 5 grand and said just laid a feature down. He probably only charges a couple hundred in todays industry.

  • Anonymous

    jada my nigga i hate it had to be him... the nerd guy is rapping bout having rockets. would be pretty dope to get a jada verse for your birthday though.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO what the fuck is going on mane?? This kid must have a rich daddy. Jada co-signing this nerdy lil white boy from the burbs talking hard about shooters?? he looks like hes about 14 but he got mad tats... Jada needs to be checked for this shit...