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Life+Times presents an exclusive clip of "Hidden Colors 3: The Rules of Racism," a new documentary directed by Tariq Nasheed and featuring Nas and David Banner.


  • cbrown

    @aaron evolution is European science which every last European philosopher stood by an believe black people came from monkeys expect for sigmund freud which went to kemet to study african science which believe black people came from something unknown or something spiritual. That's all them european philosopher was theorists which theories don't hold no value what so ever. The same reason why they came up with eugenics meaning good stock. These term was coined by Francis galton Charles Darwin cousin. If you ever watch the tv show the big bang theory the actor Sheldon is a believer of evolution which he is betrayed as an scientist on there. They believe through european science everything can be broken down by observation and calculation were as Africans believe everything through african science can be broken down to a certain point by observation and calculation and then after that point it's through experience. The European took every idea right out of kemet from african belief system,principals, to symbols my ancestors used to represent cultural beliefs. Two examples look at the back of the dollar bill you see the eagle holding 13 arrows in one foot and 13 leafs in the other foot . This idea was stolen from kemet from the symbol of HERU which was a hawk holding in both feet the ankh symbol and the SHEN representing eternity. Another is the Washington monument it doesn't have nothing to do with George Washington it's nothing other than the representation of a phallus(penis) of Osiris standing for resurrection. These power to be white supremacist still follow the belief system of Ancient Kemet. With that being in Washington DC what they are saying is even though washington is died he is still here spiritually still governing and over seeing Washington DC. So Dr.Kaba is right the only thing they made was a patent office. In my opinion this was to protect them from all of there thievery over history. @aaron remember this everything came out of kemet math, science, technology, agriculture, and etc. The European haven't came up with nothing on their own they stole it from my ancestors retooled it to benefit from their own destruction around the world.

  • Aaron

    Dr. Kaba Kamene is tripping. The other 3 men were solid. European peoples never created anything besides a patent office?? Disgraceful quote and simply untrue. How about starting with the theory of relativity or evolution? Pretty sure those are two "European creations"

    • Cough

      yea... he was obviously being sarcastic(and shooting daggers) breh... only a fool would take that statement at face value

    • Mustafa Rasul Al-Amin

      Aron, Hit me up on FACEBOOK or Abdullah56@aol.com. We need to talk. Too many people are afraid to challenge "popularly advertised Black thinking" when it is wrong, and we must form an alliance against wrong thinking and wrond thinkers! Mustafa

    • MONSTA


    • Aaron

      And in terms of physical creations, if you'd prefer: there's a man by the name of Nikola Tesla who invented alternating current engine technology, got screwed over (by European lawyers) and his invention is now months away from turning the automobile industry upside down. He's also having a particle in physics named after him for his troubles... Be careful of blanket statements and take time to think before you make false claims, especially in front of a camera!

  • Anonymous

    It is needed we need to show the truth

  • Brandon

    It's funny how Blacks people choose what they are interested in. They are more concerned with fake GDs threatening Rick Ross, but when Black people do something constructive in the community, it's basically no comments. Make sure you support the documentary. Buy it when it comes out on DVD.

  • Anonymous

    Nas perpetuates an old thinking style.

    • LukeCage

      First and for most in every aspect of business people look at the past to analyze the data and events... Stock market call it Technical analysis, forecasting ( is determined by studying past events to understand and prognosticate future trends)..This is a fact...indisputable fact.....EVERY ASPECT OF BUSINESS INCORPORATES REPORTING OR REPORT ANALYSIS...the study of past events and history to understand the present and PLAN for the future......SO WHY IS IT A PROBLEM WHEN AFRICAN AMERICANS STUDY THEIR HISTORY TO GAIN SELF ESTEEM AND TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH.....HOW CAN NAS HAVE AN OUT DATED METHOD OF THINKING!!.....IF HE SAYS STUDY YOUR PAST!.

    • Anonymous

      if by old you mean a traditional honorable and forward thinking style, you are correct. if not, i regret than I cannot get the 5 seconds back that it took me to write this message

    • Anonymous

      You are very confused .. However if you are white then their is no surprise with your comment

  • San Diego Negro

    Real spit. About to find part 3 or rewatch the first two.

  • Anon

    I have seen both documentaries of Hidden Colors. I am looking forward to see this one. For what I have seen in this clip, it will not be a disappointment.

  • UT

    I have seen Hidden Colors, the first part. Its a very good documentary. Makes you wonder wtf is really going on. Check out Graham Hancock Quest for Lost civilization, he has like 2-3 very good documentaries.