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Exclusive: Gangsta Boo breaks down her solo debut single "Where Dem Dollas At?" and how she shares the sentiment of the song today.

Three 6 Mafia’s cult classic following has, in fact, rubbed off on the only female MC to be part of the group, Gangsta Boo. The Memphis-bred rapper sat with HipHopDX for an exclusive “Throwback Thursday” to her single, "Where Dem Dollas At," from her debut album, Enquiring Minds. A look back in time leaves the rapper in disbelief of her cult following, “I can’t believe I can do songs that I did almost 20 years ago and people go crazy for it like it’s new," se says. "I would get booked right now just to perform that song. It’s crazy.”

The single caught on based on its perceived superficiality, but Gangsta Boo managed to insert much needed politics into a record that would inevitably become a calling card by spitting bars about maternity, “It be amazing how these bitches havin' babies by niggas / With no pot to piss in or no money to give her.” Even today she still won’t hold her tongue, “How can you have a baby by a dude that has nothing? I feel the same," she expresses, almost twenty years later. "I feel like that even more now. That’s why I don’t have kids. It’s got to be the right one and the right moment. We got to have our shit all the way together.”

An added bonus to this particular time capsule is a fresh-faced DJ Paul and Juicy J in the video that was shot in New York. “That was my first time in New York. A country girl made it,” says Gangsta Boo about stepping out to the Big Apple for the song’s visual.

Though the hit served as a landmark for Gangsta Boo, it definitely represents an era that she looks back at fondly, “It was always fun to do songs back in them days because I was just young and rapping. I was doing it for the love of it," Boo recalls. "Not necessarily to make money because I didn’t know anything [about] the business side. Now it’s like...it’s still good, but it was just a really good time in the '90s. The '90s was just a dope era in general.”

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  • Ghost

    Gangsta Boo WAS NOT the only female member or Triple 6. The was also LaChat. But hey, i cant expect someone outisde Memphis to really knoe Three-6 beyond "Sippin On Sizzurp" Riding Spinners" and "Stay Fly"

    • Natturner2k

      Bahahaha talking about what people know and don't know outside Memphis and dead wrong! Be knowledgeable before speaking. Smh

    • DUFF

      True, she wasn't an original member but was signed to the Label. Some don't realize Three 6 Mafia was a group. La Chat was slept on though, Murder She Spoke was dope...maybe it's a down south thing.

    • Phantom

      Wrong. Boo was the only member in Three 6. La Chat was signed to their label Hypnotize Minds but was never a member.