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"Every time I talk, it is a crack in the matrix." This is just one of the many gems Kanye drops off in this "New Testament." Shouts to Complex for the link.



  • Josh

    we are all gods we are gods highest form of creations jesus was his child we are all his children regardless of religion or ethnicity, we are all great we all have our own opinions believe it or not you are a god you just dont see it in yourself and don't believe in you're own ability. We all have 24 hours in the day it's up to you to decide whether you want to follow you're dreams or give into addiction and leave negative comments to bash somebody who made it who realized their human power they are gifted with

  • Anonymous

    This is terrible and the sheep will follow him regardless.


    This lazy, dumb subhuman should go and help his brothers and sisters in the Chicago, Detroit and the slums, hoods and ghettos of the USA first ! White people have always been the visionaries, creators, innovators, pioneers, entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, engineers, architects, Technicians since the beginning of time. WE ARE GOD LIKE and this fool is just an ignoramus cunt with an IQ worse than a brain dead monkey.

  • Anonymous


  • ofay watcher

    But Jus Allah said 'when divine rhymes, the mind snaps, sky cracks, there's a muthafuckin timelapse'. he said that ten years ago. that sound very similar to what kanye's saying right now. heard it before, better, next

  • OC

    Were you being facetious about calling the Matrix quote a gem? Because that quote is actually fucking stupid.

  • Because The Internet

    Think about it...This guy honestly believes he's a god. I like your music Kanye, but you're an asshole. Oh and if he thinks he's the best in the game, then he is seriously delusional.

  • Free

    I never understood the logic of making negative comments about a video/person you don't like. Just don't watch it. FOH with all the hate. you make the person who u hate more relevant by adding your comments. Dumb!

  • mali mal

    great video. If you can decipher past the "ME" and "I'M" lines of slighted narcissism. There is a lot of real that he spoke in all of those interviews.

  • Kanye is awsum

    daaaamn so tru

  • P

    This must be a f...in joke.

  • AntoineWashere

    Wow! #Kanywest #real Words you speak is the power to your success. AntoineWasHere

  • Nkume

    I understand you fully my brother. "They say somebody needs to save our youth, why not me... better yet, why not you?" I applaud you. You have colleagues here working to also make this change a reality.

  • Anonymous

    This weirdo is Dope!

  • Levi

    Inspired by "Beautiful Dark Fantasy" https://vimeo.com/35611934

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    the guy is a fucking genius like he is insane and all but this is what were missing in the world today kids are being shot down at the age of 6 saying their highest dreams and appertains are impossible to achieve. Than the kids loose their creativity and start turning to Ipads and fucking Xbox instead of going out side and playing hockey or basketball or football or baseball practicing to be the best athlete to ever live. The world is changing the youth is changing the world is doomed. The ages between 15-40 have the last bits of creativity on earth. Were a lazy society. He is totally right every generation consists of an artist that defines the generation and Kanye gets it he is insane he seems ridiculous but you know what he has foresight

  • Bongo

    If you can sit through 34 mins of that fool rambling, you need more help than he does mother fucker.

  • Anonymous

    The video opens up with a dick i would change that right away i almost got so spooked i closed my tab

  • Anonymous

    Google Donda's house. Ye bout that life.

  • Brandon

    Why homie paint images of Europeans and Greeks all the time. Africans was the first culture on earth!

    • OC

      Thank you for the history lesson, Jizz Blast.


      ^no, the sumerians were merely the first group to develop a form of writing independently (other than the Mayans). Earliest examples of human activity are traced back to the area within Ethiopia which is in Africa so, in fact, the earliest examples of culture must have come from the same area.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, it was the Sumerians in Mesopotamia.

  • Anonymous

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  • blitzlegga

    damn, what the fuck is wrong with me that i actually listened to this shit all the way through. Ye is the dopest rapper/producer in the game right now. it doesnt matter that he's batshit crazy...

  • ...

    "When I was on Earth what did I do to help?" This dude is full of balogna.

  • Anonymous

    who da fuck he think he is ?!

  • @TheArtistEsq

    The visual's? Odd. The music? Strange. I get it.

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent can never produce a track like this.He doesnt have the mental capacity to do a track like this.

  • JLost1

    holy shit, Kanye has lost his mind. It's so sad, he needs psychiatric help

  • RR

    Love or hate him, you can't deny that there's a lot of truth in what he's saying.

    • j

      ^ gets his truth from fox news "I just told you I'm a god" "Every time I talk, it is a crack in the matrix"

  • Trey Smith

    I needed this! This is exactly how I feel! Thanks Kanye!

  • bumpercloth

    Kanye is a yadman galore dem dis dem dare dat.

  • MDLS

    He didn't make this vid, obviously it tells you if you've watched 5 mins into it.

    • nate

      Again, It means nothing that he didnt make this. These are all things he's been saying and telling people. This just does a very good job of putting it together.

  • Fred Beats

    He's that guy I understand as an artist what he means FUCK THE RULES I won't be controlled I will be heard 6 months from now I'll be featured on this website as a producer and a god! the time is now!!!

  • Nate

    Respect! Take away the image of whose talking and just listen. These words are inspirational. If it was Tupac or Big all you simpletons would be calling this genius. The message will always be bigger than the one speaking them.


    thumper, thumper, thumper, thumper, thumper, thumper

  • Will

    Beautiful that he worked with Mr Greenwood from Radiohead the composition is AMAZING.So cool to hear Ye and his rants on something beautiful

  • Anonymous

    Wow it's obvious none of you haters even watched past the intro .. it's a shame it really is, resume bumping mmg simpletons

  • tanishadenise

    Kanye is genius & the world just needs to let him be Great. Whatever his version of great is, let him have that. Why shouldn't he have that?

  • Anonymous

    This is like listening to an 8th grader talk about the universe.

    • Jared

      ....or maybe, just maybe, you have the comprehension of an 8th grader. Should never bash someone based on the fact that you can understand them. That is an issue you need to deal with, not them.

  • stylez maestro


  • miles2g

    Pretentious bullshit. Imagery and idea bitten from Alan Watts video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=je3rQevW-cw Kanye West is not the spokesperson for any demographic, and his failure to become greater than a rapper indermines the entire message that "you can do more".

    • miles2g

      Haha, got me! "Umbrage" and "oxymoron"... great lexicon. "indermines" was a typo (and you know it). "There is no such thing" not "their is no such thing" If we lived in glass houses, we'd be tredding in shards right about now.

    • Anonymous

      Far from trying to defend kanye . I took umbrage to your sense of all knowing . His future success or lack of will have no effect on my life . You do realize that their is no such thing as "unbias intuition" that's an oxymoron with in itself. Nb. "Undermines" not "indermines" Nb. "unbiased" not "unbias" People in glass houses and all that good shit

    • miles2g

      I commend you for valiently defending Kanye, and you're right, I do not know what he will be doing in five year's time, but by using hindsight, and employing unbias intuition, I would say with some degree of certainty that he will be making great music and compromising this talent by taking every available opportunity to shout, prate and moan. Nb. "Carte blanche" not "carte blance"

    • Anonymous

      What gives you carte blance to make such a sweeping statement he has been in the public eye for 10 years at the most . So your statement that "his failure to become greater than a rapper indermines the entire message that "you can do more" Do you know what he will be doing or trying to achieve in 5 years from now ?

  • bobbo

    omfg! finally they put a picture to kanyes words!!

  • WTF

    wtf IS THIS SHIT? Kanye is the biggest clown in the World, everybody is laughing at him.. and now he wants to give advice??? Kanye is going to hell for saying He's God GTFOH


    This that WaltDisney sh*t