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Connecting the dots between Suge Knight and Chris Carroll.

From Suge Knight to Chris Carroll to Wyclef Jean to Justin Bieber, we break down the recent rash of Tupac Shakur related stories floating through the news in this week's DX Daily Breakdown.

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  • rebecca_torres53

    https://soundcloud.com/majorprofits is that 2 pac son for real ?

  • wads

    Damn I got all these bullets where can I keep em safe? That rap niggas lung! lmao!

  • wads


  • wasd

    cant believe the trash justin hunte says publically and then attaches his name onto. this fool has no self-respect or dignity.

  • Duce Young

    Another thing to add on to your coverage of the Tupac last words story. Tupac said the following lyrics on a song called "Under Pressure" from the Thug Life Vol. 1 album: "Right before I die I'll be cursin' the law Reincarnated bitch, even worse than befo'" http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfG1lqbsxl4 http://www.metrolyrics.com/under-pressure-lyrics-2pac.html

    • wads

      stop commenting on your own website Justin. A fuckin guy says he'll be swearing at a cop and then he swears at a cop wow that's difficult to do!!! That ain't prophetic idiot. that lyric didnt even rhyme properly.

    • Justin Hunte

      Damn, that's crazy prophetic, assuming Chris Carroll is telling the truth, of course. Great comment. Thanks for sharing.

  • COCA


    • Justin Hunte

      More like, expanding on what DX offers. Thank you for the comment, Coca. I appreciate you checking the video.

  • Dev

    Dope reporting bro!!!! Good to see you on the camera.

  • Anonymous

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  • cstoltz11

    WHat if i died and came back/ hustle with these lyrics as if it's a gang of crack/ I'm lost and not knowin / scarred up but still flowin- I've been shot and murdered, can't tell you how it happened word for word / but best believe niggas gon get what they deserve/ Biggie got hit up, stretch got hit up too throats get slit, niggas died by my orders when I wrote this shit / tho we go back like wild nights at latin quarters / niggas tried to kill me and I fed their wives and their daughers / "I'm coming back like jesus" listen to the song Ghost and that should set you straight "time to be a ghost ( hhahha yeah nigga) fuck the police lol

  • Charlie

    He's alive! get over it, the dude is coming out with more music, this year I believe, which is ridiculous! He has more albums than than people from that era who are living to this day lol c'mon nobody can possibly finish 3 movies, gang related, grid locked, bullet make 30 fucking 6xplatinum albums, poetry, 18 years later, he is just as relevant as he was back then, think about it c'mon I get bothered when someone like biggie, who ONLY did 2 fuckin albums period, in the same category, same level, are you kiddin me that's just RETARDED sorry biggie fans but he only is legendary because pac went at him and they died, other than that how long did it take us to get the Life after death album, 3 years or so and he doesn't have any unreleased material just his demo shit for ready to die, really, legend status, next to PAC really

  • Anonymous

    I thought no police was on scene there are many different stories and theories about his death :/ .

  • L.J.

    R.C. I agree with you...that cased been solved it's just that corrupted ass LAPD continues to block the evidence, so that they can continue to prolong the death and have people wondering if 2pac is alive. So sad...same for Biggie as well. Solve these cases and let both of these guys and families rest in peace.

  • R.C.

    Orlando Anderson and Kefe D. case solved