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The song is called "God Level" and it is produced by Hudson Mohawke, 88-Keys, Mike Dean, Noah Goldstein and Kanye West himself.



  • katelyn_howard475

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  • Anonymous

    I get the feeling that snippet was a leftover from Yemenis. It was hitting though from what I heard. Id like to hear the rest for sure.

  • Lu

    Sounds dope,don't know what the hate is about.plus it fits with the ad very well

  • Anonymous

    It's another dud

  • Anonymous

    All of you people saying "this song is awful" and "no hyperbole" are some of the dumbest people on the internet. I don't care what you do or don't like but that commercial contains about 5 seconds of the actual song. You can say you don't like how you think the beat is gonna play out but to say a song is horrible when you heard 3 lines?? Jump of the "Hating Kanye" bandwagon and go try to be happy about something in your miserable lives.

  • Alexxx

    Massive Kanye fan but this shit is horrible. Honestly no hyperbole, it's one of the worse songs I've ever heard. Perhaps it will grow on me though. Also can't wait for the world cup. C'mon England!!!

  • Anonymous

    This man has a God complex. Listen man until you can move mountains, part seas and bring lightning down upon the Earth you are not a God. You are a mere mortal so please shut your pagan mouth. There is only one God

  • Anonymous

    He's still sticking with this awful Yeezus sound...