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From Sugarhill Gang to Action Bronson, First We Feast scoured hip-hop history for the greatest grub references of all time.


  • kaitlyn-bailey62

    Yo who heard that " me against the world " song from Nazarite of Major Profits & 2 PAC ???!!!!

  • The Boss Is Hungry: Every Food or Drink Name-Dropped in a Rick Ross Song

    One of the many spectacles on Rick Rosss God Forgives, I Dont (out, finally, this week) is a song called Diced Pineapples, which turns out to be not so much about canned fruit as it is about sex. Still, the songs title is part of the long, time-honored tradition that is Rozay rapping about food. Lobster bisque, SpaghettiOs, chocolate milk entire restaurants could be run from his musical food diary. And truly, the man can turn any food stuff into a synonym for money. It is a gift. So, in honor of the Bosss culinary enthusiasm, here, now, is a list of pretty much every single vaguely edible item ever mentioned in a Rick Ross song or verse. (Yes, metaphors count.) BREADS * Baguettes (Hustle Hard Remix (Ace Hood song): Rolex embedded with princess and baguettes) * Biscuit (This is the Life: Started with a biscuit now I got a loaf/ Hoes wanna slice I wann tell her no/ But I cant I get a rush blowin dough) * Bread (All the Money in the World: Bust his ass his whole life, just want to break bread with him) * Dough (Fountain of Youth: From the churches I rose, only loving the dough) * Loaf (Mafia Music 2: My last loaf was gift wrapped by Castro) * Toast (Told Yall (Trina song): East to west coast Im the best wit toast) BREAKFAST * Capn Crunch (Deeper Than Rap: Shotty all in the kitchen, heard over a bowl of cereal/ This deeper than rap/ I guess a box of Capn Crunch get you deeper than that) * Pancakes (Heavy Artillery (Game song): My shit pancakes, my shit three wheels) * Trix (BET MMG Cypher: Now my watch fruity colors like Trix in a box) * Turkey Bacon (Sixteen: Waking up to turkey bacon and my thick queen) CARBS * Rice (On Top of the World: I put it on my life/ Chickens put me in position to donate the rice) * Rice (White Sand Pt. II: Got cooked up, scrape right from out the bottom of that rice pan) * Spaghetti (Molasses (Raekwon song): Sparkin purple once a nigga done spaghetti slurpin) * Spaghetti (Summers Mine: You niggas is petty, you niggas spaghetti) * SpaghettiOs (The World Is Ours: Im just making ends meet with this plate of food/ Went from SpaghettiOs to a new set of Vogues) * SpaghettiOs (Usual Suspects: Feed the fam boy, I put that on these canned goods/ As my fetti grow, fuck her, feed her SpaghettiOs) CHEESE/DAIRY * Blue cheese (Mafia Music: Trunk full of white, car smell like blue cheese) * Butter (Cross That Line: Cant cut it stay choppin through the butter nigga) * Cheddar (Here I Am: More better, more cheddar) * Cheese (Colors (Sean Kingston song): Gettin cheese out a rat trap like I'm that close) * Cheese (MMG Untouchable: A nigga cheese dripping, I like my nachos hot) * Chocolate milk (Im Only Human: He never knew chocolate milk make you fart real bad) * Yogurt (White Sand Pt. II: First time I whipped it, that shit looked like some yogurt) CHIPS * Chips (I Swear to God: Salty, we the only niggas eating chips) * Chips (Beat Build (T-Pain song): Sweet tea mob, We up to no good/ I bought the ice cream, I bought the hot sasha/ I bought potato chips, but now its Red Lobster) *Note, cross reference with sweets, dairy, general meals CONDIMENTS * Grey Poupon (Im Ballin (J Money song): Own restaurants, croissants, my Grey Poupons) * Mayo (Im So Hood (DJ Khaled song): Mo money, mo mayo, the yayo in millions I made em) * Sauce (Lights Get Low (Freeway song): Maybach thats my flying sauce) DRINKS * Champagne (Boss: Pour that Champagne, boss) * Champagne (Amsterdam: Crack game, Champagne, kilos on the stock exchange) * Champagne (Hard in the Paint Freestyle: Im rolling up the purple and Im sippin pink/ Champagne drown a bitch til she gotta pee) * Ciroc (Even Deeper: Ciroc in my margarita in Mexico) * Ciroc (MMG Untouchable: Panamera parade, sippin Ciroc lemonade) * Cointreau (All I Have in This World: Sippin on that Remy outside of the club) * Coca -Cola (Perfectionist (MMG song): Coca-Cola minx, canary yellow stones) * Dom Perignon (Mafia Music 2: Im the don inshallah, now pour me my Dom) * Mot (Mafia Music: Celebratin wealth, pourin Mot in her hair) * Mojitos (I Swear to God: Or Colombians, sipping mojitos with leaves, nigga) * Purple (Hold Me Back: Then I start sippin purple, got my shit screwed) * Ros (Ashton Martin Music: A lot fo quiet time pink bottles of ros/ I dont drink every bottle I own. I be agin shit) * 7Up/Coca-Cola (Maybach Music III: Imma 7Up, and needa Coca-Cola loan) * Tea (On Top of the World: I watch em snort a powder all while Im chillin sippin tea/ Lemons and honey, millions and money) * Soda (Bag of Money: Its just my soda mixed with brown) * Syrup (Last Breath: Still sippin that syrup, might front you a block) * Vodka/Rum (Anything to Find You: I feel for you, vodka, rum on my arm) * Wine (Mafia Music remix: Cracking rabs at the tables, count the cash, crack the wine) EATERIES * Chick-fil-A (Magic: Them bricks be jumping fast/ Call me a Chick-fil-A) * Chuck E. Cheese (Mafia Music 2: If she fucking me she lucky just to get some Chuck E. Cheese) * Crustaceans (Finest Hour (Jay Rocks song): When Im in L.A. we meet at Crustaceans) * Krispy Kreme (Now That Im Paid: Parked the Chevy in that thing, glaze like Kris Kreme) * Popeyes (Billionaire: Its all the same gang, posted up in front of Popeyes in the Maybach, nigga) * Prime 112 (Comfortable Freestyle: Big belly mon still eatin this shit dont stop/ that Prime 112 its a delicacy) * Publix (Bricks: My attitude is Fuck it, house big as Publix) * Red Lobster (O Lets Do It Remix (Waka Flocka song): Took my bitch to Red Lobster, I caint feed no friends, ho!) * Wingstop (MC Hammer: She thinking Phillipes, Im thinking Wingstop/ Fiending lemon pepper, I got my thing cocked) * Wingstop (Trap Boomin (Gucci Mane song): When I hit a lick it I bought a Wingstop (twenty of em)/ I sprinkle lemon pepper in that re-up) * Wingstop (Do Sumthing Strange (Ludacris song): She super sexy so I treat her to my Wingstop) FRUIT * Bananas (Bananas) * Banana (High Definition: When they talkin slick I double back with that banana) * Berries (Made Men: Wiz Khalifa papers smoking my favorite berries) * Cantaloupe (100 Keys: The game a bitch, but at times she sweet like cantaloupe) * Grapes (Prayer: One, the grapes on the plate/ Two, the tags on the feet) * Key limes (Cigar Music (I Do It): As I recline cut em like key lime/ We both came now its right back to the tea time/ I wanna soda with no vogo and no cheap wine) * Peach (This Me: When the beefs over might see the peach rover/ We eats but we try to reach each quota/ No soda Rolls roller one on her) * Peaches (Blood Money (DJ Khaled song) Far from peaches and cream/ Niggas deceased on the scene) * Pineapples (Diced Pineapples) * Pineapple (Heavy Artillery: I pull up at the light, pineapple in your car) * Strawberry (Mirrors Remix: Strawberry swisher sweets with my Aston) * Watermelons (911: I remember picking watermelons) GRAVY *Gravy (Im Just Doing My Thing: Making sure my lil misses out here living gravy) LEGUMES * Beans (Way Mo: Rollin on two beans in them new blue jeans) * PB&J (Pandemonium: No more peanut butter sandwiches/ Now we looking at loaves) * Peanuts (Brand New: (Yung Joc song): Air train and peanuts, its time to slide ho) RED MEAT * Beef (Mafia Music: That boy get salad, beef bowel movements/ Beef Ill make you dinner, take a seat so we could eat/ A Farrakhan aura, pause on the pork/ You eat from the bowl, while your dog need a fork) * Pork (By Any Means (Wale Song): Pork on the fork, white in the pot) * Steak (Gunplay: Im a boss Champagne with the steak/ pink Rosay Jason, ace by the cake) * Steak (Hold Me Back: Everything whipped well, Im eatin steak, no more soup) * Steaks (Southern Gangsta (Ludacris song): I used to serve shake, now I serve steaks) * Whopper (Choppa Choppa Down (French Montana song): I call my chopper my whopper/ you get it just like you want it) POULTRY * Chickens (Hustlin: I feed em steroids to strengthen up all my chickens) * Chicken (King of Diamonds: Pop a chicken in that grease and make one into two) * Chicken Wings (I Love My Bitches: 50 cash in the Louis for the chicken wings) SEAFOOD * Assorted crustaceans (Maybach Music: And the muscle be that muzzle, when I stuff it in your grill/ Stuffed shells thanks to crack, I crack / Crab and lobsters, not al all mobsters) * Caviar (BMF: Blunt tip, orange like caviar) * Crab legs (New Bugatti: Order crab legs with the heavy butter) * Crab meats (Mafia Music: Now Im in the suites and Im eatin crab meats) * Fish (Yacht Club: Im into fine fish with a slight lime twist/ Veggies on the side of course, kush appetizers) * Lobster bisque (I Love My Bitches: Am I really just a narcissist/ Cause I wake up to a bowl of lobster bisque?) * Lobster salad (Down in Tha Dirty (Ludacris song): Pimp, ask Khaled, lobster salad) * Lobster tails (Hit U From the Back: Flippin chickens for the sushi/ Look at me I cook for her/ Then I make her cook for me/ She make me cooker her lobster tails/ I maker her go and cook a key/ Excellent pimp salty the shrimp) * Shrimp (Mafia Music 2: Now its mo shrimp, nigga order more shrimp) * Yellow tail/ red snapper (Fire Hazard: Time to feed all my niggas this Columbian fish/ Yellow tail, red snapper, wood chopper, gold yacht master) SEASONINGS * Lemon pepper (King of Diamonds: Take your bitch to get lemon pepper in a new Lotus) * Salt and pepper (Boss: Sprinkle soft cause Im the pepper and the salt) * Salt and pepper (Push It Remix: Cause in 95 I used to push it like salt n pepper/ Graduated to baking soda) * Sofrito (Harsh (Styles P Song): Link with Dominicanos, straight to sofrito) SWEETS * Butterscotch (On Top of the World: Burnin butter got it smellin like its butterscotch) * Cake (If I Die Today (Lil Wayne song): Aint it funny, mama, only son be baking cakes) * Cake (In Cold Blood: Make a lil cake, haters wanna envy) * Cake (Yella Diamonds: Im whippin cake up like Im Jacob, nigga) * Candy (For Da Low: Candy all in da paint, rims deep in da dirt/ Gotta car full of work, nigga pockets full of herb/ Choppa on da front seat, sucka if you want beef) * Caramel (Albert Pujols: Talking caramel with them asses like the strippers) * Carrot cake (Im a Boss Remix (Meek Mill Song): When the work clean, cut it like its carrot cake) * Cheesecake (Amsterdam: Slice of cheesecake before my niggas all decease) * Cheesecake (Comfortable Freestyle: Aventura Mall top it off wit cheesecake/ Sweet lemonade help a nigga ventilate) * Cheesecake (Im a G: Need cheesecake like Fredrick) * Cream (Mirrors Remix: Now I deal with big cream theme Maybach) * Cream (Mafia Music remix: My Coretta Scott-King in the tub full of cream/ Pink Champagne seem to take away the pain) * Doughnut (Shawt Bus Reloaded: I just found a doughnut under my breast/ Imma tell you something and dont think that Im weird/ I eat leftover food that gets stuck in my beard/ Powdered doughnuts, leftover chili/ Sit in the back of the bus and make it pop a wheelie) * Marshmallows (Get Away: No marshmallows, we let the dro burn) * Pie (Im Not a Star: I got a bake sale, bitch its 30 for the pie/ 9 for the slice, dummy thats a Dan Marino) * Pie (Money Make Me Come: Let her count the cheese let her see the pies) * Pie (This Me: I need a slice of the pie fo five six) VEGETABLES * Broccoli (Here I Am: Job like roxy, spark that broccoli) * Cabbage (Addicted to Money: I aint eating Jacksons when I be in over town/ Bitch Im eatin lavish/ look up ho its snowing now/ I just throw the cabbage * Caesar salad (Speedin: Caesar salad, Caesars Palace) * Carrots (Lay Back: Her flavor superb, I pay her with carrots) * Collard greens (John Doe : Im peeling collard greens, that 30 carats) * Lettuce (Mirrors Remix: Got a yellow carat now I smoke lettuce) * Spinach (Yacht Club: Okay who rolling spinach? Cause Im reeling the anchor) * Spinach (Colors: He green as spinach just another lame middle man) PEOPLE * You (Im Just Doing My Thing: Eat you like a plate of food)