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A fan walks up to Kanye West to get his shoes autographed but is crushed when Kanye tells him they're fake. He still signed the shoes.


  • laura-d440

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  • Reality Check

    If Kanye had any class he would send the kid a real pair. You know them ugly ass kicks cost $5.00 bucks to make.. Food for though kids, instead of spending your money on ugly sneakers save it for your future...and if you are over 18 and still do that shit kill yourself now

  • Anonymous

    Kanye got a lot of social anxiety. Let's be easy on the brother.

  • Woooo

    Lmao wow. Its funny cause now he can sell the fake pair with the autograph for more than a real pair cost lol.

  • egherh

    LOOL. This dude knew they were fake too. If you buy your gucci, louis or whatever off some dude on craigslist or off ebay, they gunna be fake son. Get your cheap ass to a retail store and buy em for full price if you really ballin my nigga

    • Anonymous

      Of course this nigga an idiot! He's asking KanGay west for an autograph!! How smart can he really be!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Probably paid crazy money for them too... The Lives of lames revolve around sneakers made in China. Facts!

    • Lol

      Kanye aint nevr made a classic album. And watch the throne and good music sucked too and those are still pretty recent so i would lump them in with that crappy music of today comment

    • Anonymous

      lol watch the throne was not as good an album as you make it out to be

    • Great Track!

      @Adam you're incredibly stupid if you don't mention MBDTF. That sir was an instant classic. Quit the Kanye hate man... It gets annoying. So what he dropped a trash project to some shit did Nas never drop whack album(S!). Jay dropped hella weak albums too. Shit. It's so cool to hate on artist on the internet. It's insane!!! Some deserve but damn at least respect a legend who gave you 4 Classics and depending on the way they discuss Yeezus it too could be one as well. HE GOT AN XXL on XXL for Yeezus, even though they haven't been credible in years still says something for the few albums that have. Y'all do the same BS with Drake, Macklemore, Wale, Kendrick now, and whoever else breaks out of the undergrounds lock hold on thinking they're what makes "real hip-hop". Stop it.

    • adam

      Nah he ain't give us shit since graduation

    • yep

      u act like he didnt give u watch the throne and that good music compilation which is way better than 95% of the music 2day smh

  • Anonymous

    who's actually still a fan of kanye nowadays?

  • Anonymous

    Cheap prick still had the nerve to ask Kanye to sign the shit. Fucking Pinhead. Shout out to Kanyezy tho. Big Man thing. #BOSSUP

  • cock head

    Where da shoes at

  • POPE


  • Anonymous

    "These are not real." "Damn, broke my heart."