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Another day and another show where Action Bronson takes action with one of his fans, but this time things get a little more serious.

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  • Mike

    Fake as hell. If all these on stage antics were real he would have been sued by now. Dude would have 2 dozen opportunists at every show hoping to get clothes lined by him just so they can take him to court. Action went from dope as hell to corny real fast, every rhyme he says now is recycled from older albums, same sh*t over and over, went from gangster rap to hipster smh.

  • Buffalo

    Bronson the man bro fuck with the bull u get the horn He cool as fuck prob signed his black eye for him

  • jb

    Am i the only one that finds it messed up that he hit a fan for no reason, a fan that supported him by going to his show and was only trying to hand him a blunt. What a fat sloppy p.o.s

  • jt

    was all a setup fake ass the things ppl will do for exposure

  • Ted

    This seems set up as fuck. I didn't mind Action for awhile but now that the buzz from his music is basically non existent - he is slipping to pathetic levels with these publicity stunts IMO If it is real - this fat fuck is gonna catch an ass beating from someone who is actually in shape one of these days.

  • Anonymous

    Then u woke the fuck..... B/c u got a record deal and touring and making all that money. Sounds like a hater to me.

  • Y4

    How do you follow hip hop and not know who action Bronson is ?!

  • Trap

    Keep on hating because you're a professional...while you still live at home with your mom.

  • Jeff

    This fat shit can't rap for shit. Copying ghostface style! Foh. Ida decked that fat fuck if he try to pull that shit on me! Fatass should be grateful he got fans that would pay to see him. Prolly some fake shit. Lard ass wouldn't survive where I come from. Dat nigga knows better not to try that on a real g!

    • boogy boo

      Real G's know their place (which isn't up on stage interrupting another G. A thing of respect) SitInDaVinega n' Respect the Mustache.

  • Anonymous

    By now, people should know he would fuck you up if you came on the stage with him and/or this was staged

  • maddy

    Opened up a can of whoop ass on that poor bastard.

  • Valdimar Jenko

    This is very stupid of Action. I never knew who Action was, until I Googled him. But you can't just punch a fan. Yes, he did a mistake by stepping op on stage, it was because he was over excited, so he got up, and punched. In my opinion its to bad that he punched him.

  • ZACK

    after dime bag darrell i get it.. Cant take any risks..

  • Anonymous

    The kid was a fan, punching him was out of order

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who doesnt realize that this shit is for publicity is a fucking retard...Isnt this like the 3rd time this has happened? How many other acts do hear of "a fan trying to rush the stage"? FOH bronson. Maybe if your style was original you wouldnt have to rely on gimmicks..fat fuck!


    Why tf he punch him though he could've just pushed him if anything that's fucked up and disrespectful I would be ashamed to be a fan of his fat ass

  • Anonymous

    Shit was staged like he was in the WWE

  • Anonymous

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  • Law School

    Any artist that treats there fans this way shouldn't have fans. Punching someone for getting near the stage while crowd surfing is just dumb. I hope he sues him for his 80k so dude will be broke again. What a waste of space.

  • Anonymous

    He didnt know that, besides ppl should kno if theyre fans

  • Oh

    Action just won the royal rumble

  • Anonymous

    I'm tired of hearing about this dude fa real

  • Anonymous

    Fluuuuushing style baby.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    what a faggot. its easy to knock out your fans when they're all 120 pound hipsters.

    • Anonymous

      "I don't have anything against hipsters or whatever but that kid was pissing me the whole show. I'm so glad he jumped on stage to give Bronson his lil mosquito leg blunt. He got his shit wreaked tho.. He got hit so hard he flipped three rows back into the crowd. That boy found Christ in mid air. He got hit so hard that the inventor of bucket hats dropped his cane and gasped like yoda when the sith took over. Action pulled a sharkesha i'm not gonna front. That kid legit wanted to give him his blunt so bad that he forgot whose show he was fair-weathering at."

    • Anonymous

      the kid was trying to pass him his blunt fool

    • Facepalm4000

      Faggot how? Why was the kid jumping on stage?? He got off lightly

  • Facepalm4000

    So what you commentors are saying is bronson should allow someone who could potentially do ANYYHING to harm him? Riiiiiight. That kid was lucky he only got knocked out

  • Anonymous

    lmaooo nigga clotheslined the shit out of dude

  • sputz

    he keep doing that sit, he gonna have a lawsuit on his hands