It’s no big surprise that the subject of race relations isn’t a new concept to Hip Hop. The Black and White debate is something that has permeated the culture since the late ’70s, but as the shift in sound and content in Rap happened in the ’90s, the subject intensified. The Forbez DVD series captured this great clip of rapper Jeru The Damaja and Lauryn Hill getting into a heated discussion over white people, ad libbed by DJ-slash-VJ Krazy Sam. In the background we see Method Man and Murder Inc’s Irv Gotti listening intently as Jeru and L-Boogie wax philosophical on a serious topic. On Jeru’s end? White people are wicked until proved otherwise. On L-Boogie’s end? Stop assuming and focus on the now. It’s an interesting dichotomy of opinions, but one worth checking out in its timelessness. Would a conversation like this exist in 2014? State your opinion in the comments below.