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Yesterday, 50 Cent released his latest track featuring Trey Songz off his upcoming album "Animal Ambition" due out June 3. Today, he releases the video.


  • mary_foster220

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  • Anonymous

    tatted up holly??

  • Sinclair

    For the UNCUT joint !!! http://www.jamplify.com/29722b

  • K.Le DaVincci

    I think the video is pretty smooth to be honest. By mixing the "Futuristic" contents with the current situation of "50 Cent Being Missing" was pretty creative. Of course the video could have been a little better as far as the fight scene is concerned, however it all served its purpose. Hopefully with the video being "To BE Continued" it actually WILL have a continuation from where it leaves off. Not just "To be continued" because thats the traditional thing to have at the end of a music video / movie. It's been a minute since we've even had a GOOD CONTINUANCE. Last GREAT "To Be Continued" in my opinion was Tupac's California Love. So overall I give this video a 3 Star rating, because 4 is too much other wise it would be a 3.5 in my opinion.

  • David Bunz

    Weak ass video. Pretty decent track though

  • Anonymous

    Any one who doesnt like this video must be gay.

  • Anonymous

    SMH 50 should hang up the mic. This track, like many of his recent tracks, is garbage. It has a generic beat as well as a formulaic and uninspired hook which, when combined with 50's tedious rhyme schemes, limited vocabulary, and puerile subject matter make this a very boring song.

  • Anonymous

    Weak video. Horrible acting. Terrible song. Dre, you were once a god. Now stay away unless you're producing for K-Dot.

  • ken

    good to hear hip hop that don't have nun to do with TRAP. that Dre sound is missed man

  • House

    How the hell has this got a 4.2?! This is rap pop. Weak, watered down bull shit. 50 hasn't made a hit for years, he's only calling out Jay-Z and Drake to big up the numbers for an album that will flop. 50 was done a long time ago, this goes to prove it. RIP 50 Cent.

    • Anonymous

      " This is rap pop.", "50 hasn't made a hit for years," Aren't all the hits usually pop rap though? You can see what hes trying to do no?

  • #king

    this goes ham #goat#gunit#swag#early#welcomeback#50#treysongs#haters#getatme#smoke

  • Boy Wonder

    This is fire. Welcome back Mr Jackson.

  • Anonymous

    Fire! Keep hating crabs! LoL

  • papo420

    You think Rick Ross is GOAT your eather deaf, redarted or gay

  • rslsyyd

    he got a hit with this one. feels like the old fif. *pause

  • Anonymous

    the booty was the best part of this,sounds like ayo technology remix...no stars,i respect 50 though

  • claradaveyyma

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  • former Drefan

    Dre lost his touch bout 5 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    dude just fuckin up Dr Dre's Production. Kendrick should hv this beat. What a waste.

  • Warrup

    hahahahahahaahah 5/5!!!!!!!!! fire

  • Makavelli

    50 hate it when record company control business and try to make or break a star... now that 50 is independent I will still support you my man. great song.


    It's official. He's back! 5/5

  • Basegod has arrived

    Lil B > 50 Cent

  • Anonymous

    ahahaha 50 u done for boiiiii!!! MMG stay winnin i know Ross is laughin at 50's dumbass for thinkin any of these joints is hot ahahaha Rick Ross = the GOAT man fuck 50 snitch and gunitttt!!! oh wait there is no gunit everyone that was gunit dipped and left 50 hangin by himself like a fkn sukaaaa!!! 50 u gettin blackballed in the industry nikka aint no body fukn with u ahahaaha 50 cent = done done done finished finished finished. and u gonna flop curtis ohhh myy

    • Anonymous

      what is mmg winning? certainly not selling the most records or making the most hits, definitely not the money cause ross couldn't crack the top 20 on forbes list, he tied mac miller.

  • Anonymous

    lol 50 fell the fuck off if he think this a banger

  • Anonymous

    wow this video was so bad

  • Anonymous

    man this shit wack this a dr dre throwaway in the toilet beat. dre aint givin 50 no nice tracks like he used to 50 jus scooped this piece of shit track ands tellin everyone ohhh dr dre produced it like anyone gives a fuck. the hook is trash and so is the beat. this shit wont get any airplay anywhere guaranteed.

  • Anonymous

    man i used to be a fan of 50 but his taste for production sucks. this shit is not good

  • mike savage

    yo 50 Cent is the only rapper to have 2 diamond plaques that mean selling over 10 million albums twice

  • Anonymous

    It looks like hes putting 100% into this album and thats all he needs to do. He'l be back

  • FOH

    50 said he didn't need dre. now after a dre beat everybody saying 50 back lol

  • Anonymous

    Worst fight scene/chase ever, but I'd be damn if someone say dat ass isnt like DAMN!

  • hiphop

    GREAT SONG, this is the biggest hit 50 had in a while, but the music video doesn't match the song really...

  • 614grind

    This is hot track and Tatted Up Holly's body is ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    this song getting more spins than Rick Ross joints

  • Anonymous

    he got a video for every song?

  • OUCH!

    The video was 95% a$$ and im not complaining about it. lol

  • Anonymous

    this is better than most of the tunes getting played on the radio and in the clubs

  • OoNo

    ok ok I see you fit lol

  • Anonymous

    The Eminem feature was a dud!, what did yall think? the Dr Dre production was gonna save this dude? GTFOH. No disrespect to Dr Dre(One of the Greatest Producers ever), the beat was tight as fuck but Curtis bars were too weak; it just depreciated the beat.

    • Anonymous

      @anonim u stupid as fuck.U must be a retard.Why do idiots think that anyone who doesn't like 50 Cent is a Rick Ross fan? I mean u are dumb as fuck u idiot.Thats like saying who doesnt like Rick Ross a 50cent fan. What has the original comment got to do with Rick Ross? Stupid fuck

    • anonim

      Listen i am not hating in ross but ross doesn't have bars anymore he got it on Hustler & wheres my money rest history, you bitching on 50 but where is the realness of Ross if he claims all that he's singing the only thing x sure is he has money but not more than 50', he promote all cars & ciroc or whatever shit drink on his clips & bars anything else. Coming back to the song I heard that 3 kings & was awful man, he's new album ony dope track is war ready but where is the realness he ever been that young kid from medelleing charging 17? c'mon he's an officer Yeezy bars were crazy as hell that's it...After 50 came out with that officer new ross went to cray on diddy,kanye & later jay z but this last didn't respond untill diddy put the man on last train to paris,lol so go hate if Mmg are paying you well done one more thing GUNIT made more dope music & realness than MMG everybody knows that.

  • fc

    shit,the boy aint playin..Really feels like 50 got some real shit comin on this one too. I sense Animal Ambition gon be dope,what Hip Hop needs right now Smoke is hoooot

  • Ayo

    Lol. this shit is pretty cool. Official video should be dope!

  • Anonymous

    Not even the Good Doc Dr Dre can save Curly. The kid done--> Finish.

  • CS

    50 playing Chess right now.

  • Anonymous

    vid is not working

    • anonim


  • Anonymous

    what the fuck you mean the video is private

  • senorjohn

    This video doesn't work. Check your shit DX