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At the tail end of last year, Chris Brown dropped of his new top-charting banger, "Loyal," featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga. Today, he drops off the visuals.


  • kelsey-stewart620

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  • Sleepingaround

    lol like men are loyal in the first :

  • X

    legit fag music nahmsayin

  • Anonymous

    I came in the club and he took my bitch I'm like ok because I'm outside waiting to take your shit won't be broke after that.

  • Anonymous

    Do you thing Chris brown looking a little "faces of meth"?

  • Jay

    if you don't like the music why the fuck you on here watching the clip?? Seriously!!! If you ain't got nothing good to say shut the fuck up! Bitching about crap music and shit! Nigga get a life!

  • Anonymous

    " Chris Brown dropped of his new top-charting banger" You mean chart-topping banger? Bunch of illiterate fucks that work here. Dont worry, spelling isn't important, you only write for a god damn living... smh.

  • AR

    More garbage from Chris Brown and Lil Wayne. Seriously what do you kids see in this?

    • hate dem fools

      i hate both dem foold but i aint gonna lie.... i cant help but like this song lol. i think it's the beat

  • Soulo Ho

    Schoolboy Q better snatch that hat off of Breezy's head!!

  • claradaveyyma

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  • Margaret C. Wentworth

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  • Anonymous

    Looking cracked out but song bang

  • Anonymous

    Really should a hoe be loyal?

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne is the video called Loyal, but ironically he is loyal to Drake..

  • will

    Chris Brown jacking Q's style! I'm talkin about the hat...

  • Anonymous

    neva hate, appreciate. smooth playa shit right der.

  • Come On

    Haters give this 3!!! This is the best Spring/Summer song right now and its true Woman are as loyal as long as its convenient to them.

  • Anonymous

    This shit playa! Explicit version made me like the song even more.

  • Amanda Kitts

    Not sure if itn's meant as disrespect towards all women. It's not a good message to send out to the younger generation of how to treat all females.

    • Anonymous

      People like you shouldn't be allowed to breed. Chris Brown isn't a parent nor is he raising anyone's kids. Parents are responsible for teaching morals and guiding kids through life. If you do a good job parenting then a kid shouldn't be influenced as much by the music

    • Ubyte64

      Women have the same anthems.

    • Anonymous

      fuck these bitches

    • ric

      LOL with all the misogynisitic songs that have been produced, this is the one you have a problem with? IMO this song teaches valuable lessons and truths that every man should know.

    • Donald Glover

      enjoy the song,chill your ass and sit down.