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HipHopDX Exclusive. As we celebrate The Notorious B.I.G.'s anniversary March 9th, Ashanti brings her own memory of Biggie, having sampled him for "Unfoolish."

Back in the spring of 2002, Ashanti’s "Foolish" was everywhere. The R&B song had crossed over into Pop radio. As the story tends to go, urban radio set the platform for the success of Ashanti’s first single as a Pop hit. By the time it went over to Pop radio, urban radio was ready for the next thing, so came "Unfoolish" featuring the Notorious B.I.G.

The remix was fresh in that it was an early form of what we know today as the mash-up, something easily heard during a DJ’s set, blending verses and beats into something brand new. "Unfoolish" was special, it borrowed from DeBarge’s "Stay With Me," which Puffy used to make Biggie’s "One More Chance." Though the verse used for the rap on “Unfoolish” was Biggie’s first verse in "F--k You Tonight."

"You know what it was? It was so crazy. Puff swore that Irv [Gotti] took his beat for 'One More Chance,' but really we took DeBarge. So whenever they would see each other - it was all in fun - whenever they would see each other, Puff would be like, 'Those are my shakers!' Irv would be like, 'No they’re not!'"

"Obviously, with Big making "One More Chance" so huge, it just made perfect sense. Because it essentially came out of the same mold, so to get Big on my record, which it felt like 'One More Chance' but really it was DeBarge. It [was] pieces of the puzzle that made it immaculate in my eyes."


  • A Trillionaire

    Damn Ashati so FINE!

  • Nasir

    Where is 7Aureluis he needs to make a big comeback for all u artist out find 7Aurelius dude got them beats. Y'all niggas sleeping. I hope he somewhere putt'n down sum crazy shit that imma hear on radio soon. That dude is a Beast with dat production. Find him ASAP

  • Nasir

    Irv hasn't produce shit on dat album far as playing the instruments he only ex. Produce the album wit ideas only that music was produce by 7Aurelius . #700

  • Asa

    BIG was nice! Murder Inc. replayed elements, no Puffy sample. 7 Aurielius, as a producer, key to their production Murder Inc. i repeat, BIG was nice

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Puff Daddy is complaining that someone took his beat? Oh the sweet irony.

  • D From Q.U.

    Mainstream America call it a "mash up" but in the streets we always call it a blend. I wonder who still does blend tapes?

  • Anonymous

    Unfoolish did sample sounds from fucking you tonite,, i hope that was what puffy was referring to. the origianl sample definitly was debarge on both tracks. puffy can't claim that shit, lol. debarge pockets must b fat.

  • Anonymous

    If there's one thing I'm grateful for with copyright laws, it's that we have way more musical producers nowadays. Producers used to be so damn lazy back in the day. Don't get me wrong, the beats still knocked but literally all they had to do was grab a sample, loop that joint and throw some half ass drums on that bitch and you got a hit.

    • I'm At Work And Bored

      yeah, when I was a kid, I thought they were making all those beats but later found out they were also sampling the 4 bar drums and just looping them

    • Anonymous

      they're still lazy.

    • Anonymous

      some of them are so lazy now they just rehash classic 90's songs or use all the same samples instead of digging for their own.

  • Anonymous

    My Vagina hurts.

  • Anonymous

    i missed her fine ass