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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis give a performance of "Same Love" at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. Over 30 couples wed on stage,


  • Anonymous

    that was just amazing...!!!!!!

  • Con K

    They say ignorance is bliss, so to all of you living your life based on a book written by MEN (not a divine power) thousands of years ago (note how un-educated, un-intelligent, and un-evolved humanity was thousands of years ago) I envy the happiness you must experience. However, I don't envy your life, because you don't know what it means to be an individual. I wouldn't trade any of my "sins" for anything, because they make me me. Every experience - good, bad, right, wrong - contributes to creating us as individuals - the one thing that sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. So if you choose to live according to the ideas and beliefs of people who have been dead for thousands of years instead of thinking for yourself, well, then ok. I won't judge you. Because if God did create us, he gave us the ability to CHOOSE for a reason. I let you live how you want, you should respect me as a human being and do the same. And for the record, I am what would be considered "straight," if we must choose a label for it. I am a woman in a loving, committed relationship with a man and have never had a love affair with a woman. But, guess what? I've kissed a girl and liked it, I think women are sexy and enjoy celebrating their beauty as much as I enjoy looking at a steaming hunk of a man, and every now and then thinking about a naked woman turns me on and/or intensifies the wonderful feelings I have while making love to my man. I believe in LOVE, and that comes in many forms. We are sexual, loving beings and as individuals we have no right to choose what is right for someone else. Not that long ago interracial marriages were viewed just as badly as gay marriages. Think about that the next time you decide to be unloving toward your own human kind just because they think for themselves.

    • Mark

      Listen here im no religious man, but I respect Gods word and try my best to live up to his standards im sure everyone tries to do that. And no back then they were way more educated then anyone on this earth is now. You're living proof that this generation is doomed. Man Jesus died for you and all you can say how unmoral things were in the past. The media is trying to brain wash everyone in earth today. They are trying to make it seem that sin is good. They'll do anything for everyone to lose faith in God and the Bible. The sad part is that obviously its working.

  • jla

    Rap/HipHop started out with people who had a cause/message and through the music put it out there for the world to hear. This song is exactly what this music started from (EQUALITY)!!! Some of you don't know the history of this music. Go back to the beginning and listen to some real old school rap/hiphop. A lot of the stuff that's out now does nothing but glorify drugs and the degradation of women. As a woman I take offense to being called a hoe and a b*tch and rappers sending the message it's ok to treat women that way. At least this is something positive. I would much rather future generations listen to this song than a lot of the get high screw everything and kill everyone junk they keep repeatedly reproducing.

  • andara

    I forgot to add. Souls don't have a gender. Your body does. Ya'll are getting caught in the material realm again. Time to transcend.

  • andara

    Ya know how he clearly says "paraphrase"? Yeah.... Because guess what children, if you accept any part of Leviticus? You except the entire thing. ALL of it. Meaning a lot of you should be dead for the sins against "god" you've committed. Otherwise? If these are the words of "god" then that is straight up blasphemy to pick and choose which of his laws you can follow. Ignorance. Rampant ignorance. I hope Christ returns soon to drop some knowledge on the lot of you... Since clearly you all need a Shepard. I swear the first words out of his mouth are going to be... "Really guys? Are you serious? Did you all completely miss my core teachings or something? I guess we have to do this all over again. Do you know how much effort it is to walk on water? That takes a lot out of me... But I'll do it again so you can all listen to my biggest message... Love your brothers and sisters". Boom. Oh, and also, it's called the New Testament for a reason! That means the message of god was revised and published again. The Old Testament is Jewish! Since they didn't except that Christ was the Messiah. How many Jewish people do you hear bitching about gay marriage? Exactly. Not many. Stop using a book written by men then edited by other men and used as a means of social control to back up your bigotry. Jesus.Would.Be.So.Pissed. This is probably why he hasn't come back yet honestly... He doesn't want to get nailed to a cross again for you hateful sins against your brothers and sisters. Time to grow up. Time to crack some other books beside the bible. Learn some other spiritual teachings. Or, maybe try meditating often and getting your own messages from the divine creative force behind the universe? That's what I do. I have a personal relationship with the force, and it sure as heck doesn't tell me to stone gay people to death. Epic performance btw. And I'm not even a huge Macklemore fan. -a straight white man that believes in the primarily Buddhist teachings of Esu Christ as well as a divine creative force behind the Universe that really sends messages of love, not hate.

  • Summer Rain

    YES ... Yes and Yess!!!

  • joey

    I it's fine they got married. But they brought the church into this this crossed the line, fine if you want to do it by law. Don't make a mockery of making the stage a church.

  • Bradley

    This was truly amazing! Tears of joy!

  • Loree

    That was beautiful and moving! I loved it and those couples will have that memory forever too. Its a win win.

  • ALex

    I love everybody equally that being said this was bad. Just cuz Christians dont support you doesnt mean we hate you. I love you all and will pray for you. The Bible clearly states this isnt right and we are in no position to reinterpret because it is old Now let all the hate comments proceed.

    • Thomas Prescott

      \\Now let all the hate comments proceed.\\ If you insist... \\Just cuz Christians dont support you doesnt mean we hate you. I love you all and will pray for you. The Bible clearly states this isnt right and we are in no position to reinterpret because it is old\\ Ask yourself a couple simple questions. 1) Do you believe homosexuality is wrong? If yes, 2) Why should you not be held accountable for your beliefs, regardless of where the original belief came from? If no, 2) Why do you care what others do? How does gay marriage affect you?

  • Steve

    Huge step forward in Marriage Equality here in the United States when 33 gay, interracial,straight couples were married live on the 2014 Grammy's!

  • Candi Whitman

    Great production!

  • Liam

    I love this!!!!!! It's so sweet and all the words are so true. This is one of my favorite songs ever and with all these people it is wonderful. Also, stop being so critical people. look at the majority of the people here and see that LOVE IS LOVE and no matter what in the end all people are going to have to deal with it. I love this. There are people killed and beat for being who they are but we have this on the TV for such a largely televised event. This is a wonderful plain and simple.

  • Judy

    I was very moved by the performance. The marriage part of it brought tears to my eyes. Even if a person doesn't agree with same sex marriage, you have to love the meaning of the song.

  • Haleigh mann

    What a beautiful performance! Congratulations to those couples who got married!!

  • Haleigh mann

    Such a beautiful performance! Congrats to those couples who tied the knot!

  • david

    comparing homosexuality to the civil rights struggle is not the same. Reason is because no one knows you are gay by simply looking at you but being identified by your race and being hated for it is something totally different. if a person is gay and someone says they are why is it hate if they are gay. this is the gay agenda in full effect to push or force people into accepting it. We can all still live together no matter our difference. I am not gay nor do I believe it is right but I do not hate gay people; it is my right. Last thing, why hate on God and use the accuse that the book has been written so long ago his laws are now out-dated; who are we to change what God has said. His words never change it is what it is; either accept it or not but do not hate.

    • david

      first I am not hating I could care less. as for me being dumb if that is the best you can do then you have proven my point. see I do read the scriptures and anyone who tells you that this is not in there is a liar. If you need help just to give one try reading romains 1. but this is not a religious discussion it is about how information gets distorted over the years simply because some people just do not read for themselves. instead you following the masses without questioning, that is ignorant. As for the book being so old, what does that have to do with it not being valid? I guess we should totally overlook all american or world history and change it to mean what we want it to just to keep us happy instead of digging deep. there is a reason why the industry hates faith people think about that there is so much more going on then what is being shown to us.

    • Steve

      As an Ordained Minister I can assure you Jesus never spoke out against homosexuality it was stated by men. Also being gay is not one of the Ten Commandments. Your argument on that alone is invalid.

    • CJ

      No one asked you if it is right. If you don't like gay marriage, don't get "gay married". I don't care what you believe. The fact is, your right to your opinion stops when it violates my right to equality. That's it. Period. End of discussion.

    • Liam

      I understand what your saying but really? Stop being so angry. You don't really know much if you can't see deeper then the words of this song. Also, the connection between now and the civil rights is really there stop being so blind. I understand what your saying but having to hide and being trapped is terrible it burns you up inside. As for the whole religion thing I get not liking how they bash the bible but you have to see that the bible was made so long years ago and no matter hat is in the book it's how we interpret it that matters and is been interpreted to kill and an for all of history. It has led to amazing things true but as long as people only look at the evil in it then this song is perfectly right. Also, stop being a PARANOID IDIOT. There is no "gay agenda" dumdass.

  • Anonymous

    love this song!!!!!!!! i love mackelmore's voice.... but mandonna... no. just no.

  • Joanna

    This was so inspiring! I love this song and the message it sends to everyone, the couples getting married just makes it better

  • Sam

    It is sad to me that people are still filled with such hate. I think the performance was beautiful. All love is beautiful no matter if it is heterosexual or homosexual. " White America pushing their gay agenda". Really, come on. Everything is not about race. Everything is not black or white. LOVE IS LOVE.Grow up, get a life and stop judging....Madonna sucked though

  • Jackie

    Congratulations and what a beautiful thing to do! PROGRESS!

  • quin

    you do realise this is all about love nothing else all different make up of couples made up the 33 that married every type of love was celebrated so stop hating and start loving it works with the grammy music is the food of love after all. So stop hating and start loving a little more.

  • Sara

    Keep your negative comments to yourself.. Nobody needs that.

  • Lanett D

    Beautiful song, beautiful performance!!!

  • blocka

    this is not hip hop its corporate white america pushing their gay agenda. Kendrick lamar was scammed. this type of music is a conspiracy to destroy real hip hop real culture of hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    If u respect hip hop Macklemore make a hip hop song, rather than trying to be edgy talking on a taboo aspect of hip hop culture like homosexuality...

  • Leslie Smith

    Macklemore is amazing with this performance. Respect. Respect. respect.

  • Josip Baginac

    That was one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen. I love Macklemore and Ryan Lewis because they have done so much to advance the cause of equal marriage and treatment.

  • sam

    Agreed, I don't want to feel bullied into accepting a lifestyle I don't agree with. The gay community has a belief that they are free to express, as do I. I love all, but that doesn't mean I have to agree and shouldn't be labeled homophobic, a hater or otherwise for my position. Love and acceptance works both ways.

  • Kris Rathbun

    I would have loved to seen an older couple included in the marriage ceremony at the Grammys. To show how long love has endured. My parents were married October 1, 2013, on their 40th anniversary. I just think that people need to remember that love.. Has existed through all the ages. My parents have been amazing, and have been my parents wether they had a piece of paper or not, that didn't define their love or our family. Now though, they have the same rights and security that all married people should have for the life that they built together.

  • Jen

    This was an amazing performance!!!

  • jasminewilfred

    that was amazing what ever his intentions were...It doesn't matter, it was a m a z i n g

  • jiminicricket

    Mackelmore has a great voice

  • Cheryl

    I loved the performance!


    amazing!!!! so beautiful

  • Anom

    This ish is disgusting. I have no problems with gay people whatsoever. I DO have a problem with this trash being shoved down my throat. And btw for all you macklemore straddlers out there. The dude does have a positive message but dont think for a damn second those in hollywood with all the money and ish arent morally bankrupt. Its a sad occasion when hollywood sets the moral bar for the world.

    • J

      Hollywood usually portrays society accurately? Are you kidding me? Take a college course related to Mass Media and read a few books. You sound like an ignorant jackass when you make foolish statements such as this.

    • liam

      I agree with AL. You need to deal and see no matter what happens or how long it takes thins are going to change no matter how hard you fight. You can hate just know in the end you are wrong to judge and insult something as pure as love n matter if it heterosexual or homosexual. Also, I get the Hollywood thing but they do usually portray an accurate representation of society.

    • Al

      Hahah..get used it ...WE AIN'T GOIN NOWHERE

    • ZAP

      You could've changed the channel, bigot.

  • Anthony Singelis

    Brave. Relevant. Brilliant. It's about time.

  • "grammy"

    hahaha wtf. Madonna scared me.,., His rap sounds like a bad copy of brother ali...

  • dadada

    dayum maddonna that old she need a cane to walk? This shit was GHEYYYYYY

  • M4KaN4

    Mack is spreading love with his music and preach unity, but all you faggots are just hating on him. Go to the brain store... You're just a shame to the human race

  • John Michael

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  • Anonymous

    i can't believe these faggots won over K. Dot.

  • Shady

    If you call this Hip-Hop or Rap...than rap game is fucked up...