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Katy Perry and Juicy J perform the smash hit "Dark Horse" at this years Grammy's. This is Katy's 14th platinum selling single, now that's dope!


  • Debbie Baxter

    This video was the absolute best video of all time. Katie should dump the other version of this video. Bury it in a vault to never be found again. This video at the Grammy ought to get het a grammy for best video 2014.

    • Emad

      You are 100% right! one of the best videos from Katy Perry. Too bad CBS has claimed a copy right on the video and not easily available on the web with high quality.

  • Melanie

    I don't know why but for some reason I feel that it had a Macbeth like vibe.

  • kayla

    OMG I AM KATY PERRYS BIGGEST FAN AND I SAY..............SHE IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GIVE HER A 999 999 999/10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David

    I can't believe people actually like this. I feel like I live in the twilight zone and no one can register what is actually happening. What is the purpose of this performance? If the images and the lyrics are tied together then what message is she saying. It doesn't matter because her audience doesn't know how to form their ideas or opinions.

    • Greg

      Perhaps it is you that has the problem, just maybe you can't understand the ideas and opinions of her audience. That doesn't speak poorly on them however it does make you look a bit short sighted.

  • Charity

    Love this song if hers!

  • Tasha

    I love this song & this performance was amazing!

  • Dan Konzior

    Art is about freeing the human soul. this is not art.

  • james

    Great response. I'm on board with you one hundred percent. This was a performance and called such for a reason. Katy Perry or any other artist can tie in pieces of whatever symbolism they would like because they are performing. This is art, not life. She did a great job.

  • james

    That last part when she yells, 'miiiiiine.' Hottest. In the recording, too, but she hit that note progression even better live, which is awesome and rare.

  • JoAnn

    Absolutely spellbinding!

  • Anonymous

    Guys stop with mean comments Katy is just doing a performance that match's her title its not religious

  • Anonymous

    Katy parry is the best gymnast and me and my mom both love her so much she is buying tickits to go see Katy parry in concert she is so beautifull and I love the whole Red Cross on the chest and fire at the end and the beginning with her in the dome and sway and levitate thing she is the best singer and dancer in the world and I want to meet her so badly and I just can't wait to see her in concert in August she is just the best singer and dancer I just want to see her so bad and also I like the whole black hair and black lips she is just so amazing so amazing and talented that if you have seen the video where her dad calls her a devil child out loud we'll he is rong she is not a devil child she is the best singer and dancer and he is just so rong

  • Tyler

    Soooo....what was with the Knights Templar cross on her chest?

    • Jane

      I think it's a more of a black widow spider's kinda cross more than a knight's templar kinda cross...

    • Tyler

      This from Rise Earth: "Did you see Katy Perrys performance at the Grammys? It was essentially an Illuminati-themed occult ritual. Various media reports say that Perry dressed up as a witch, and her performance included a Knights Templar cross emblazoned across her chest, a beast with Moloch horns, dancers in dark robes with devil horns protruding from their heads, and pole dancing with a broom. At the end of the ceremony, Perry was burned at the stake as the song ended. All of this hardcore occult symbolism did not get into her performance by accident. The attention to detail that this performance exhibited shows that someone put a lot of thought and effort into it. So was Perry actually kidding when she said that she had sold my soul to the devil during a television interview a few years ago?"

  • Swolfmoon

    As someone who has been actively researching and learning as much as she possibly can about magic and witchcraft over the past two and a half decades, I can say with almost complete certainty that the performance Katy Perry gave was HARMLESS and that there was ZERO magic, good, bad, or otherwise going on up there, besides her enchanting voice. Can we please stop blaming everything on "satan" or bad witches...sure, there are people on this planet with dark hearts that wish for nothing more than for our existence (humanity) to be wiped out, they *are not* the norm. Be good, do good, love and be loved. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Pay it forward...you'll be amazed at how quickly the positive begins to flow in as you push the negativity out of your life.

  • ManOfSteel21

    "Why so serious?" It's pure entertainment guys. Nothing else. I love you Katy! Nice performance

  • pagansun

    And I rebuke your fake Jesus If you want churchy music may I suggest you find it in your church then leave the secular to us heathens then . You people wouldn't know what satanic was if it bit you in the ass. The evil in this world stems from Christ and Mohamed and not the other way around. So go on worshiping you false gods because I can guarantee in the end you will have wasted your life for nothing.

  • Anonymous

    so you have turned to the dark side

  • Don'tBeBlinded

    It was clearly a demonic performance. The song might have been good, because they are great singers. The performance might have been good, because they are great performers. But nothing can change the fact that from the beginning to the end, the whole thing was satanic. It's okay if you don't agree, but I will pray for their souls to get saved before it is too late. For they suffer to remain in the limelight, they have been imprisoned in their own world, we need to pray, not condemn. God bless.

  • The truth

    I couldn't understand the Katy perry lyrics so let me just get that out of the way for clarification but honestly that wasn't even as bad as like a Disney movie or something she was just pole dancing and trying to spark interest and look at you people all that free publicity you should be ashamed just turn it off if you don't like it I think the beat is good and easy to move and dance to. Oh yeah and Juicy killed it in his monotone hardcore way as usual only thing keeping us looking. Make your own song if you want to hate so hard

  • Jules

    These people are selling their souls to the devil for fame and fortune. They are doing it blatantly and openly. The enemy can give worldly power and fame for the short time while I. This earth. He is using people and for their own selfish reasons, fame and money they willingly worship satan so they can advance here on earth. We need to think of things eternal. Life is short. We need better role models for our youth! Look at the people that they are looking up to... Satan worshipers.... The end is near! It is written. It is expected. Come Lord Jesus!

  • Jennifer Cervantez


  • Sonny

    To "anonymous" , the reason you made a comment under anonymous is due to the fact that you are ashamed of your own comment. That is the most hilarious thing ever. I am a Christian and am not ashamed of posting my comment under my areal name. You will one day find out that there is a GOD. So don't feel regressed about us Christians just understand that you have an opportunity to change for the better. P.s. Keep your un realistic comments to yourself dimwit.

  • Diana

    Uh, really? That was a performance people. She wasn't being offered up as a dark martyr. That was more a stab (in my opinion) to all the witch burning that went on in Salem because of paranoia. Like Don said, this is the 21st century. It was a performance that used ignitable powder for special effects, not a ritual. Oy.

  • Emily

    I rebuke this. Not only was this performance dark and with an evil influence, but look at Lordes performance. I wouldn't have been comfortable if I were sitting there at the Grammys. Honestly, I would have been praying the entire time.

  • Don

    The comments that are on this video is hilarious.... People it's the 21st century, we have medication for this kind of paranoia now.. And if that fails I here electric shock therapy has become quite civilized in the last few decades...It's okay to get help.

  • Tilan

    I concur 100%! copied your post on my FB page.

  • dumbarse121

    I am a straight guy and use to like Katy Perry because I thought she was cute and funny and I also knew of her roots as a Christian. So, seeing her coming out of a crystal ball(scrying), surrounded by demons in the background, and finally being "offered" up as a dark martyr is really disturbing...and should be even for those non-religious people who claim "non to believe in God" yet do believe in ghosts and other go-bump-in-nightish entities...This style of ritual is thousands of years old! It may not be real to you but it was to some culture at one time, and it was their way of evoking a spirit on the physical plane....Good entertainment?

  • Unknown

    I am so glad that i watched the performance at this website. The performance was great. I am glad that Juicy J changed all the bars to the song. I can't wait to see the video.

  • anonymous

    People can feel free to share their opinions respectfully, but I refuse to show respect for Christians who push their beliefs on other people and feel the need to force everyone to have the same opinion as them. Do not tell me they are being religiously oppressed when they are the ones oppressing by shoving their views onto others and bashing someone when they are clueless about what they are talking about.

  • KitKat

    I seriously feel bad for her parents. I would hate to see my kid embracing evil like this.

    • Bill Braskey

      What is SO evil about her dancing around, singing, and making people happy? You're ridiculous... Is she killing anyone? Is she ruining anyone's life by simply performing on stage? Of corse not... YOU are the only one I see spreading hate and anger here, you condescending snob. It's people like you who are ruining Christianity, because you make every religious person ever to look like a self-rightous judgmental prick. My bet is that Katy Perry is a better person than you are.

  • crazy yo


    • Diana

      And more than likely it was a publicity stunt. Like marriages and divorces that happen all the time, as well as reuniting again in Hollywood. Do you honestly even know what a cult is? If these were witches, it'd be a Coven, not a cult.

  • carrie

    Chanel.....very true. Im a believer in Christ and God but most "witches" are a loving peacful bunch. Its not my place to judge I like many if their practices. This was just a performance and a great one. Just like anything most Christians will bash the heck outta it and call it evil. U out made solid truths in your post.

  • carrie

    Coolest performance on the Grammys in a long time. Ive rewatched it probably 20 times

  • joe

    This is sick and demonic. In Jesus name I curse you Satan. Back to hell you go.punk.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you .Open your eyes you are all blind if you can not see this. I pray for Katy parry that her eyes are open I bind Satan and I plead thee blood of Jesus over everyone that viewed this .I will pray for her and everyone that is involved satan is a liar. He promises to give you things you may get those things on earth but in the end you will see. Hell is real. Satan is real and demons are real .GOD is real .there is a spiritual battle daily .

  • Anonymous

    Why are peiple so worked up about this it was just a performence. I mean honestly when have we ever known her to be normal, i mean come on think about it. So what if thats what she believes in? What does it have to do with you? If you look at it this was an amazing perfomence. The damcers were amazing, she is an amazing singer. Just because she grew out of the purple wigs, candyland performances, and multicolored wigs doesnt give you the right to judg her

  • texrunner

    I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!

  • Anonymous

    Pretty good! Yo Juicy J kinda ripped that verse.

  • anonymous

    Why is everyone getting so worked up about this? Some really need to stop with the preaching and realize it was a pretty good performance. Best I have seen from her.

    • anonymous

      People can feel free to share their opinions respectfully, but I refuse to show respect for Christians who push their beliefs on other people and feel the need to force everyone to have the same opinion as them. Do not tell me they are being religiously oppressed when they are the ones oppressing by shoving their views onto others and bashing someone when they are clueless about what they are talking about. Honestly, it was a well put together show and just because someone is a Christian or something is no reason to criticize those who put this together. People need to realize their complaints go unheard by her because Katy could probably not care less what those who are overbearing and abuse the fact that they can say what they want.

    • fa660t

      If Christans can not voice their disapproval they are being religiously oppressed, try to show a little bit of respect.

    • Anonymous

      yea! I agree

  • rock

    HHDX, stop putting wack ish on your site; I thought this was HIPHOPDX.

  • cbc


  • faatima

    Very well done!! Talented artist.

  • Jen

    Good song and cool performance. for those who trip on it being satanic ....jeez get a grip! LOL

  • Laynee

    i loved this performance it was her best hands down!!!!!

  • david

    this is a RITUAL called the "WITCHES' SABBATH"...people were burnt for performing this ritual by the end of the middle ages...its a ritual where a group of witches gathered at night being lead by satan after being summoned...there was an orgy and a feast of corpses... but dont take my word for it the witches' sabbath is the english translation but its used in several band and songs... Google search pictures of "AQUELARRE" and you'll see images pretty similar to what the stage performance looked like

    • CHANEL

      Disputed accuracy of the accounts The descriptions of Sabbats were made or published by priests, jurists and judges who never took part in these gatherings, or were transcribed during the process of the witchcraft trials. That these testimonies reflect actual events is for most of the accounts considered doubtful. Norman Cohn argued that they were determined largely by the expectations of the interrogators and free association on the part of the accused, and reflect only popular imagination of the times, influenced by ignorance, fear, and religious intolerance towards minority groups. Some of the existing accounts of the Sabbat were given when the person recounting them was being tortured. and so motivated to agree with suggestions put to them. Many of the diabolical elements of the Witches' Sabbath stereotype, such as the eating of babies, poisoning of wells, desecration of hosts or kissing of the devil's anus, were also made about heretical Christian sects, lepers, Muslims, and Jews[9] (see blood libel). The term is the same as the normal English word "Sabbath" (itself a transliteration of Hebrew "Shabbat", the seventh day, on which the Creator rested after creation of the world), referring to the witches' equivalent to the Christian day of rest; a more common term was "synagogue" or "synagogue of Satan",[10] possibly reflecting anti-Jewish sentiment, although the acts attributed to witches bear little resemblance to the Sabbath in Christianity or Jewish Shabbat customs. The Errores Gazariorum (Errors of the Cathars), which mentions the Sabbat, while not discussing the actual behavior of the Cathars, is named after them, in an attempt to link these stories to a heretical Christian group.[11] Christian missionaries' attitude to African cults was not much different in principle to their attitude to the Witches' Sabbath in Europe; some accounts viewed them as a kind of Witches' Sabbath, but they are not. Some African communities believe in witchcraft, but as in the European witch trials, people they believe to be "witches" are condemned rather than embraced.

  • DebbieWB1951

    I can certainly see that it appears to be Satanic, with all the horns and graveyard scene....

  • energykop

    hot hot hot juice j my crazy ass n***

  • edenmonet

    I like it and I think Katy Perry can sing and is creative. She needs to get some better white girl swag moves but she's a singer not a dancer, so put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  • R Andrew Ohge

    IT was dark, theatrical, and was "Satanic" only in the sense Michael Jackson's "Thriller" might have been called so by those sensitive to pagan or dark Gothic theatrics. It was in the end a predictable RIAA blessed pop mediocrity. "Sleeping Sun" by Nightwish was also Dark and Gothic, but SOoooo much better.(Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc3Ftc_0y28)

    • Jani Parker

      Sleeping Sun by Nightwish is a horrible song. This sounds like some 80's 90's throw back. I don't favor Katy's Dark Horse it's mediocre at best. Nightwish was developed with mre creativity, but it' definitely not a song I'd add to my 2014 playlist. Sounds like Phantom of the Opera/Cats meets 90's rock. Not a modern genre I'd like to visit again. Those old classics were good for their era.

  • Anonymous

    Juicy J about to have his 1st no.1 hit. Also bringing back Katy Perry to relevance again after her last single, unconditionally tanked.

    • Omega

      I really liked her music...Was pretty disappointed with her performance and pretty much the who Grammy show this year...How did music become the more trashy the better...So sad!

  • Basic Bitch

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  • Alli

    love the song, but it wasn't nominated? Performance was awesome. Shes great live!

  • Anonymous

    I love this song!

  • jay jeezy jenkins

    ma bwoy juicy

    • Anonymous

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