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White people crazy? Not as crazy as racism.

Atlanta rapper, Rawcus dropped the perfect fodder for Fox News and MSNBC.

First off, the song is called "White People Crazy," which means every Reverse Racism Internet Lookout will show up anywhere it's posted screaming comments like "Why is it ok for Blacks to make a song about crazy White people but we can't say 'nigger'? This is racist! WE SOULD BE ABLE TO CALL NIGGERS 'NIGGERS!!!!!!'" 43 percent of those usually come before the commenter actually watches the video and sees the series of Youtube shenanigans spliced together to convey Rawcus' point, which of course is that White people are crazy. In a sense, the premature commenter isn't necessarily wrong because the facts justify their predetermined conclusion. "White People Crazy" definitely displays White people doing crazy things like face-planting after backflipping off buildings and attempting to lick a spinning ceiling fan. It's part of what makes the cleverly directed video so compelling. So even though they didn't know what they were talking about before they knew they were talking about, they still get to feel justified, which is absolutely the emotional holy grail for anyone participating in any comments section anywhere on the internet. Call it a reverse-Kanye West visionary stream of consciousness

Secondly, the final four bars of the hook go like this: "Miley Cyrus, she crazy / Walter White, he crazy / Half Obama, he crazy / Nick Cannon, he crazy!" Now things get tricky. What was once an enjoyable ditty about crazy White people that Online Coonery Watchdogs could bombastically enjoy through a fresh set of hashtags suddenly grew darker and darker as the hook continued. Now the Online Coonery Watchdog Committee is split. Now they don't know how to react after seeing images of Michael Jackson dangling baby Blanket over a balcony as the paparazzi below grow semi-erect thinking of the freelance payday awaiting. Now they're not sure what to do when the drawled-out Trap-rapper kicks rhymes like, "will.i.am, he crazy" and "Kanye West clothes, they crazy!" So they simply share it on Facebook and Twitter (Because Online Coonery Watchdogs are too highbrow to mix it up in the "ignant's" home trough en masse) with descriptions like, "What do you think of this?" and "Even when they're making fun of the White man, Black people have too much self hate to not attack their own." Eventually someone in the thread notices that Rawcus—who only performs with his full body covered—spits "White people they crazy / Since they was baby gravy / I remember being in that womb, like 'Let me out! I'm goin' crazy!" and immediately comments something like "Who is this White cat calling will.i.am and Nick Cannon White? Oh what, you can't dress and speak a certain way without being White?? MATTER FACT, WHICH HALF OF OBAMA IS HE TALKING ABOUT???"

The conversation builds. The video goes viral.  

Then Al Sharpton's Google alerts go "H.A.M." since the words "Crazy," "White" and "Obama" all showed up in rapid succession and decides to dedicate the next monologue on his MSNBC show "Politics Nation" to the rapper mocking Black progress.

Then Bill O'Reilly hears half of Al Sharpton's monologue and prepares an attack "Talking Points Memo" segment aimed at the Civil Rights "leader." But minutes before "The Factor" goes live, one of O'Reilly's interns actually listens to the song and informs O'Reilly that the Youtube thread says Rawcus is White which prompts him to scribble through his notes and write a brand new "Talking Points Memo" labeling Black America's response to "White People Crazy" as the latest example of how the Obama Administration is maniacally fostering reverse racism.

Rawcus gains internet fame. Pageview addicts worldwide web wide rejoice. And somewhere in the distance Chris Rock sits thinking, "Didn't I do a bit about this in the 1990s?"

Rock got it right. Racism is crazy. — Justin Hunte   


  • haha

    im white and idc what race the person is who made this shits funny af. sometimes ppl gotta have a sense of humor but we all know if this was about blac kppl there would b a million man march

  • mahbod

    OMG this is the most brilliant article in hiphopdx history! bravo

  • IROC

    Racist have one thing in common IGNORANCE period ! Sad in 2014 we still on this subject Racist white see their power slipping away just look at all these wack ass movies of Butlers and Slaves despite we have taken the only position they cherish the most President of United States we have our first Black President get over it !

    • Anonymous

      You live in a fantasy world if you think white people still dont have all the power in this world. Lets see Obama's numbers if we take away all the white liberals who voted for him ; to make it simpler for you, he never would have gotten elected. And despite Obama's presidency George Zimmerman still shot a black teenager dead in the middle of a street and pimp strutted out a courtroom with a not guilty verdict. Black folks still got a long way to go

  • Anonymous


  • Steve

    I wonder if it's true it's Rob Dyrdek. Sure sounded like him when he was interviewed on TMZ Live yesterday. I also read online it could be Lord Jamar. Who knows? Either way, he shouldn't hide behind a towel. Own up and take responsibility for your words if you believe in them. I like the song by the way, not playing into this whole stupid debate going on, lol.

  • Anonymous

    Bloggers mayne they crazy



  • Anonymous

    racism is crazy. Is all this guy is trying to say

  • Anonymous

    I think the guy that wrote article is Rawcus

  • Anonymous

    READ THE ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!! thats all i have to say, it will explain SO much. Hiphop DX isn't agreeing wit Rawcus. o ya and Rawcus is actually white.

  • Carrie Knight

    til I saw the receipt 4 $6347 , I have faith that my sister was actualy bringing home money part time on there computar. . there sisters neighbour started doing this 4 less than 1 year and a short time ago paid for the mortgage on there place and bourt Aston Martin DB5 . see this... www.Tec80.Com in the last round, showing Calicoe the big picture, still got me fucked up. This shit is gon be must see t.v.

  • imho

    don't even let me starrttttt to make a video on shit black people do.. yall would need popcorn and a full day.

  • Code 263

    First of all, im BLACK and I am proud to be black. The only thing im not proud of, is black people making racist remarks and thinking its ok. Imagine if it was a white rapper saying "black people are crazy"? People would go mental!!! Listen, we have come a long way, from slavery to bravery. From racism to having a black president in the White House. The honest truth is, the number of people who hate black people for no reason has gone down but you know which number is up? The number of white people who are angry because black people feel they can say and do certain things against white peopple and "society" finds it ok. In 20 years time, the race war will not be about people hating black people because of their skin colour but because of their actions. Lets not be ignorant and say racist things that we wouldnt accept other people to call us. I love Hip Hop but just hearing the first 30 seconds of that video made me cringe so much I stopped it. We should not live in the past but look into the future, lets be inspired by the progress of our people and push more boundaries than keep circling on old and irrelevant issues that will just make more people hate us. This shit right here.... IS IGNORANT and I will not condone it!

  • Anonymous

    wow so HipHopdx is saying that they agree whitepeople are crazy? FUCK OUTTA HERE

    • Justin Hunte

      What's interesting is that on some level, the song is set up to insult everyone. It's called "White People Crazy," which potentially offends White people. It names will.i.am and Nick Cannon and Tyler The Creator and Michael Jackson as examples of crazy White people, even though they're clearly not White, which is potentially offensive to them and Black people who identify with them. And the guy who made it is White, but only performs fully covered. In a sense, it's designed to make everyone upset regardless of skin color. Most ever get close enough to the song to see the intricacies of the juxtapositions Rawcus is pimping. So the e-response plays out along predictable lines of prejudice. It's a compelling social experiment. I wrote the copy above, by the way. Thank you for checking the post.

    • scrubsmcgee

      Hahah how the fuck can you take offense to this? You even listen to the song. white people are fucking crazy, im white and couldnt find this shit offensive even if i was some back woods redneck

    • HipHopDX

      You must be white then. Let's keep it one hunnid right now. White people have wiggers, c*****s, rednecks, etc. Asians have chinks, Mexicans and other Latinos have gringos, and African Americans have niggas. Every race has a crazy/embarassing group of people that no one wants to associate with other than their own.

  • Anonymous

    whoever wrote this article is a fucking idiot

  • Anonymous

    This is how you know hip-hop sites are full of white kids.

    • Anonymous

      Hahahahaha. Yeah I know man..... I hate down south music cause you don't have to be talented to make it. This song is the perfect example of it. But this song is funny. White people black people or who ever should find it funny.

  • Anonymous

    THIS SHIT IS TOO FUCKING DOPE!! You know only white punks gave this a 1.

  • Laskombre


  • Anonymous

    if you understand the real concept this is dope

  • Anonymous

    this is brilliant! the slow people will can on by the summer

  • Anonymous

    if someone did a video called black people ghetto everyone would cry racism

    • Anonymous

      Yeah that would be racist. But if a dude made a video saying black people crazy and show crazy stunts black people do that wouldn't be racist? So how is this racist?

  • Anonymous

    its still racism not reverse racism are u a fool

  • senorjohn

    "reverse racism" doesn't even exist... must be a US thing?

  • Real Talk

    This is a White dude with a mask! I'm on to you Rawcus!



  • LOL

    Blacks are the the most racist people around this is no surprise.

  • Notheity

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  • R.Pgh

    As someone who has jumped from the trunk of a moving vehicle, smashed a glass bottle over their head, jumped out of a 2nd story window onto a trampoline, played taser tag (with police issued tasers), and jumped from a bridge into a river, I have no issues with white people being called crazy. -white person, probably crazy. *note* all aforementioned instances occurred no less than 10 years ago before age and children caught up with said white person.

  • Anonymous

    Hhahahahaha this is genius. Fucking article that goes with the video is taking it too seriously, no white person is going to be offended by it. He called William and Tyler and Obama all white.

  • Anonymous

    "Reverse racism..." - Black People Who Enjoy Racism

  • CR7

    Just go on WSHH, you'll see: black people crazy. They are poor, living in the hood with no cash and they cant even talk properly.

    • R.Pgh

      because white people are never poor and very rarely have issues with proper English. Check YouTube for the 'Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia', then realize our race is just as fucked up as any other. -white person

  • Haha

    White people superior, dude is just jealous he is living in a trash house with no cash

  • vg

    a collection of lame 'funny' videos a wack ass beat and a nobody talking shit congratulation

  • whathappened

    It's crazy how the writers have time to write shit like this and yet either totally miss relevant material on all other sites or are days late on actual hiphop news.

    • HipHopDx

      We don't got the time or the resources to really cover EVERY single story we see in the hip hop world. If we did, we'd be as irrelevant and as useless as XXLMag (the Myspace of the hip hop world) or HotNewHipHop

  • ThaKritc

    This guy smart cause white people will eat this up, most likely the suburban attention seeking highschool white boii with white sunglasses and daddy's BMW. On the other hand, song str8 trash.. And i aint evn white. Fuck outta here.

    • Nicetrybro

      Yea it was a nice try though, Love how they pushing the racist card. Guess its all they got left to try to make black music seem "smart" again lol. There really needs to be a black KKK right?