Atlanta rapper, Rawcus dropped the perfect fodder for Fox News and MSNBC.

First off, the song is called “White People Crazy,” which means every Reverse Racism Internet Lookout will show up anywhere it’s posted screaming comments like “Why is it ok for Blacks to make a song about crazy White people but we can’t say ‘nigger’? This is racist! WE SOULD BE ABLE TO CALL NIGGERS ‘NIGGERS!!!!!!'” 43 percent of those usually come before the commenter actually watches the video and sees the series of Youtube shenanigans spliced together to convey Rawcus’ point, which of course is that White people are crazy. In a sense, the premature commenter isn’t necessarily wrong because the facts justify their predetermined conclusion. “White People Crazy” definitely displays White people doing crazy things like face-planting after backflipping off buildings and attempting to lick a spinning ceiling fan. It’s part of what makes the cleverly directed video so compelling. So even though they didn’t know what they were talking about before they knew they were talking about, they still get to feel justified, which is absolutely the emotional holy grail for anyone participating in any comments section anywhere on the internet. Call it a reverse-Kanye West visionary stream of consciousness

Secondly, the final four bars of the hook go like this: “Miley Cyrus, she crazy / Walter White, he crazy / Half Obama, he crazy / Nick Cannon, he crazy!” Now things get tricky. What was once an enjoyable ditty about crazy White people that Online Coonery Watchdogs could bombastically enjoy through a fresh set of hashtags suddenly grew darker and darker as the hook continued. Now the Online Coonery Watchdog Committee is split. Now they don’t know how to react after seeing images of Michael Jackson dangling baby Blanket over a balcony as the paparazzi below grow semi-erect thinking of the freelance payday awaiting. Now they’re not sure what to do when the drawled-out Trap-rapper kicks rhymes like, “, he crazy” and “Kanye West clothes, they crazy!” So they simply share it on Facebook and Twitter (Because Online Coonery Watchdogs are too highbrow to mix it up in the “ignant’s” home trough en masse) with descriptions like, “What do you think of this?” and “Even when they’re making fun of the White man, Black people have too much self hate to not attack their own.” Eventually someone in the thread notices that Rawcus—who only performs with his full body covered—spits “White people they crazy / Since they was baby gravy / I remember being in that womb, like ‘Let me out! I’m goin’ crazy!” and immediately comments something like “Who is this White cat calling and Nick Cannon White? Oh what, you can’t dress and speak a certain way without being White?? MATTER FACT, WHICH HALF OF OBAMA IS HE TALKING ABOUT???”

The conversation builds. The video goes viral.  

Then Al Sharpton’s Google alerts go “H.A.M.” since the words “Crazy,” “White” and “Obama” all showed up in rapid succession and decides to dedicate the next monologue on his MSNBC show “Politics Nation” to the rapper mocking Black progress.

Then Bill O’Reilly hears half of Al Sharpton’s monologue and prepares an attack “Talking Points Memo” segment aimed at the Civil Rights “leader.” But minutes before “The Factor” goes live, one of O’Reilly’s interns actually listens to the song and informs O’Reilly that the Youtube thread says Rawcus is White which prompts him to scribble through his notes and write a brand new “Talking Points Memo” labeling Black America’s response to “White People Crazy” as the latest example of how the Obama Administration is maniacally fostering reverse racism.

Rawcus gains internet fame. Pageview addicts worldwide web wide rejoice. And somewhere in the distance Chris Rock sits thinking, “Didn’t I do a bit about this in the 1990s?”

Rock got it right. Racism is crazy. — Justin Hunte