Rap group M2O Kings, consisting of Fes Taylor, NYCE, Lot­A­Nerve and Matt Reeves, tackle what is noted to be one of the greatest Hip Hop songs in history as they remake the Raekwon classic “Ice Cream” and title it “Ice Cream 2014.” A track off of the upcoming Nue Liphe on Mars mixtape, the song is the first song/video the team has dropped for promo.

The original “Ice Cream” released in 1995 had with Raekwon flanked by Wu-Tang Clan brethren Method Man and Ghostface Killah plus ancillary member Cappadonna. Spitting rhymes about all of the beautifully flavored women they spit game to, using ice cream flavors as a metaphor for women’s skin color, the track quickly escalated to historical status by way of RZA’s intoxicating beat and the lyrical precision all Wu members brought to the table. M2O Kings were super ambitious naming their cut after Raekwon’s.

Situations like this have been done in the past, with artists like Kanye West and Joey Bada$$ tacking cracks at classics like Souls Of Mischief’s “93 Til Infinity” along with many others. It’s been done before, again and again. While none of the original artists are featured on “Ice Cream 2014,” the integrity of the beat is maintained as Wu affiliate Fes Taylor and his counterparts toss bars around to showcase their lyrical proficiency. It’s not an actual nod to the original as much as it’s an attempt to reinvent it. How did they do? You can check out the video to find out. – Jasmine Hardy