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While on an interview tour, Kanye West stops by The Breakfast Club and defends all of his rants on New York's Power 105.1.


  • Anonymous

    can see hes getting fustrated

  • Kanye West

    Listen, I'm not only trying to get people to think for themselves, but to also stink for themselves. You know what I'm saying? I want people to be so unwanted that they're loveable from a distance, like the skunk for example. The skunk is a beautiful & majestic creature. But come too close to it & it will spray you; it's a defense mechanism. I want to design fashions that are so gaudy and ugly that don't exactly catch the public eye, but will catch the attention of the corporations that I'm solely against. You know what I'm saying? Be the best (if not most foul smelling) odor that you can possibly be so that you not only repel your predators, but also attract tourists. Now I know I'm a walking contradiction and I have a habit of name dropping these companies & their products, but I'll call them out on BS at one of my concerts in the same breath. Let me elaborate: this controversy is all a part of my master plan to rule the world through my designs. I shit on the corporations, then name drop, then another company comes my way looking for a deal. I repeat this process until I have support from than 10 corporations, then when I have the money I need, I usurp a company & the CEO who makes the highest revenue/net worth. That is my idea, my blueprint to take over the world: thru fashion & design.

  • fuck kanye

    kanye has lost his damn mind. Charlamagne hit that nigga hard with proper questions. Kanye West needs to die.

  • Anonymous

    Man I usually hate when Charlamagne talks but he is actually making valid points on Kanye's crazy ass.

  • Anonymous