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In the middle of all the controversy between Maino and Trinidad James, he releases a video with The Mafia to explain how he really feels about the situation.


  • Anonymous

    all the Trinidad James shit was created to give him a buzz... no body been talking about him the last 6 months he needed somthing

  • Anonymous

    Push was the only dope one..The rest was so so at best. 2.5/5

  • Anonymous

    shits terrible; garbage production, terrible flow and elementary lyrics.

  • bullitproof laughter

    Gotta say... Funny how these internet nerds judging someones gangsta status lol Maino is feared by these studio gangsters, but still...he aint no MC and has a terrible ear for beats

  • bullitproof laughter

    Sounds like a South beat to me, Tryin to prove Trini he's right? Now every body wants to rhyme to Ross type of beats, fucking copy cats!

  • Anonymous

    Man this is why NY fell off......after all this fuck these industry niggas shit, really what was hot about this??? It was not lyrical at ALL!! Now I see why Trinidad James is making money, at least I can dance to the shit!!!

  • Anonymous

    Cornball retard; what "mafia" you in again dumbass? The sooner Brooklyn apologizes for birthing this witless sack of shit the sooner NYC gets a smidgen of 'respect'.

  • Kold Breeze

    Fukk'em if they hatin on NY. Maino is the Truth! One of the few nigguhz that stand up for those who cant or wont stand up for themselves! And for those who sayin' the beat is 'trap' or 'ATL' beat, think again. This the type of beat I grew up to in NY in the mid to late 90's. NY 100%

  • NY landfill rappers

    you smell that ny its becoming a landfill of garbage rappers man stick to being a in da streets nigga since you failed at being a industry rapper ps go back to jail dont go back to wax LOL!!!!!!


    Maino is THAT nigga! Brooklyn all day!

  • Shane

    Garbage. Str8 garbage. These dudes flow is weaker than Pepsi with water in it


    Doesn't this video prove Trinidad James' point? It's like they downloaded a beat from SoundClick with a "Down South" tag on it then rapped on it. New York Hip Hop used to be about more than wearing a Yankee's hat.

  • LOL

    LOL DIDNT WATCH THIS VIDEO hahaha "Fuck these industry niggas" hmmmmm IRONIC HUH??? wasnt this the same black dude that had T-Pain on his only one hit wonder??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, irony is uncannyy