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Two veteran producers duke it out over whether or not Kendrick's verse was as groundbreaking as he intended.


  • Blakkk

    we need more debating in hip hop

  • subz

    ... BIG sean really stepped up i was really impressed with his verse.

  • subz

    young guru and 9th wonder are talking real sense. hiphop needs this back to rhyme style. K dot set the bar for this new rappers. i love it. Cos hiphop needs some excitment.

  • JOOLZ212


  • MicLove

    You don't believe me? Just listen again. Big Sean came with the diversity and word play with some real world advice mixed in.

    • Billy Bad A**

      Big Sean is garbage. People are liking Kendrick's verse because he is forcing garbage MCs, which is most of the dudes he mentioned, including Big Sean, to step it up. I would never had even bothered with the song if it were Big Sean who said the same exact stuff. You're obviously a fan of Big Sean to think his verse was actually better. HE'S WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!

  • Michael Loveless (MicLove)

    People are jocking Kendrick's verse because he through shots. Big Sean's was over-all a better verse. It was the aggressive flow that Kendrick came with that caught y'all. I call it the Meek Mill appeal. Kendrick just did what an mc is supposed to do... he spit bars and got back to the roots of hip hop. Nothing ground breaking. REMEMBER... "Control" DIDN'T MAKE THE ALBUM. Big Sean has better things coming.

    • oskamadison

      @ jrock: Three Stacks' verse on Rick Ross' "Sixteen"...

    • Anonymous

      besides all that the voice and lyrics are components of one another, they go hand in hand. you can have the sickest verse, with the worst delivery, or in many cases craaazy delivery, mediocre lyrics (most of the rappers go for that)

    • jrock

      Big Sean said "Control" didn't make the album because the samples didn't clear in the time when he wanted to release the album. He wanted to put it on. The verses were ALL dope, but Big Sean and Jay Elec just got out rapped. Haven't had a GREAT verse like that in a minute

  • Anonymous

    great points were raised, couldnt be bothered to watch this initially, glad i did.

  • will

    has anyone been dissed on their own record? Yes but no to this degree. 4,3,2,1 by LL Cool J where Canibus disses LL which we later found out was a direct diss. Not as serious but Eminem said that Dre was dead and locked in his basement. Bizarre of D12, not serious at all says, "Fuck Marshal," on My Band. J Dilla on Raise it Up by Slum Villa starts off the record saying, "I aint bout shit."


    This kind of energy is what hiphop is about in my opinion. Even if you are not a Kendrick fan you have to be excited about him possibly inspiring cats to write great music.

    • Anonymous

      thats what ive been trying to get people to see...the game been so saturated with bullshit rap its bout time somebody came out and set the bar high...its time for these dudes to show and prove?