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Back in 2004 "regular comedian" Aubrey Graham was looking forward to a nice tuna sandwich on a bagel. Things didn't work out like he planned.


  • real

    Everybody struggles no matter if you are rich or poor. And he wasnt alwasy well off as a child but what does that have to do with his ability to make good music. And have you idiot calling him soft because he does not make gangsta music are idiots.

  • Anonymous

    My Drake.. . . . the bottom sure is harsh

  • Anonymous

    AUBREY! Smh' most of ya' commenting here liked Drake at one point. Ya' JUST as lame as him.

    • Anonymous

      i still like him, but it doesnt change the fact that he softer than a feather and had no real struggle like he pretends to have had.

  • Ndogoo

    Real niggaz got Jewish mama's who don't buy them a sandwich

  • Johnny D'Anho

    started licking bottom now he's here.. started fucking bottoms now he's whole team fucking queer..

  • Yz

    That's a nice ass house I wanna start from the bottom.

    • Chill

      Bend over and take it from Lil Wayne then

    • lizalisa

      upto I looked at the paycheck 4 $7706, I have faith ...that...my mom in-law woz like actualie bringing home money in there spare time at there labtop.. there aunts neighbour haz done this less than 16 months and a short time ago took care of the dept on their house and got GMC. I went here, > ---- WEP6. OM

  • .....

    I thought he started from the bottom....

  • Anonymous

    "Linving in my momas house wed argue every month". I'm glad that drake is doing well now, he deserves it. What kind of mother doesnt buy his son his favorite sandwich


    DRAKE AND HIS KITTEN VIDEO HEE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgUsRXFw1CA

  • jakem415

    This can't be the same guy that threw a bottle at another man then ran into the bathroom to hide! Regardless of where he started he'd be seen for what he really is if these fag boys didnt love him so much for representing the fag boy community so well.

  • Tyler

    People need to get off his dick. Why does "started from the bottom" have to mean he came from the slums or the ghetto? Why cant it just mean he came from a worse situation than he is now. Everybodys definition of bottom is different, just apply yours and stfu. Yall hating drake but ya favorite rapper is a fraud ass gangsta and is probly calling drake to hop on they song so it can be hotter.

    • Anonymous

      you need to get off his strap! i think people don't know the real meaning of the phrase

    • Zombies

      Mike Zombie, Produced the beat, Mike Zombie, Wrote the Lyrics, Mike Zombie Sold It All to Drake, What drake's Rapping on the "Started From the bottom" Track is mike zombies words... Thats why he mentioned a Brother that went to Jail... Drake doesent have that... so .. yeah.... He is doing it for the money and yeah he is getting money.. because you buy it :)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbz0GpzJFYM

    • Marlin Waynes

      Or he could have been at the bottom in his early years then his mother started doing well in his teen years. People always talk about a star and Degrassi so that's not the bottom. I doubt that's the bottom. The first few years of my life was in the ghetto but at age 5 things were much better for us.

    • Anonymous

      LISTEN TO ADKOB http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgUsRXFw1CA

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Because the bottom doesn't necessarily mean slums or ghetto but IT DOES mean poverty. That's the bottom of the chain of societal classes. And bitching about a tuna on bagel sandwich doesn't scream poverty to me. omg... that moment when you realize your favorite rapper is just another "fraud ass gangsta". I feel bad for you.

  • Anonymous

    Damn this kid pussy

  • yup!!

    thats how you know the rap game is a bunch of actors now.....

  • Anonymous

    Now I understand the struggle in his lyrics!

  • ll cool jay

    probly harder for a rapper to come from suburbia and make it to tha top rather than the hood.. food 4 thought, yall do the dishes

  • Drake and Wayne

    started from the closet now we're queer

  • Anonymous

    this dude can afford bajillions of tuna fish sandwiches now

  • Anonymous

    this is why im not tryna be famous no more. ive done stupid shit like this that people gonna put me on blast for...lol fuck that.

    • Anonymous

      driving around in an acura damn that must have been so hard!!!

    • jake

      ^^^^If your living with your parents in a typical suburban home and your biggest problem of the day is your mommy didnt buy you the sandwhich you wanted... Id say thats a pretty damn good life. You must not be livin on your own yet bruh.

    • jak

      how is that the good life? its not the hood or anything but i would call that the "good life. He lives with his mom and grandmom in a typical suburbian home. Thats must be the life, huh?

    • Anonymous

      well if you aint come from the bottom you shouldnt claim that you did and make a hit record about it! he was clearly livin the good life and never struggled for nothing with his child actor punk ass