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Hopsin uses his annual "Ill Mind" video to address an old friend in the throes of meth addiction. Hop reminisces about all the good times they shared.


  • Lil Tee.

    Hopsin is the shit. Let's see you rap? Just because his image isn't the same as is once was doesn't make him fake or wack. People change their image all the time. People change their outlook on the world. It's not a crime. Some of you stupid fuckers don't even know what you're talking about. Hopsin was never a member of OF. In fact, Hopsin and OF had some serious beef. You tell me when you get signed as just a child and later establish your own record company signing rappers that are just as dope as you are. At twenty eight I call that a serious success. Stop hating on him. You niggas just jealous.

  • kas

    Hopsin can rap. He is a decent rapper. But the problem as others have pointed out, he relies on gimmicks too much. Take this song. Its obvious he is trying too hard to make a positive song. If any rapper did a song like this sincerely you would feel it. But the way Hop did it, it just doesnt vibe at all. It sounds completely fabricated. Same thing with Ill Mind of hopsin 5. This guy was telling kids violence is bad, drugs are bad, etc... The same idiot who got buzz in the underground rapping about cutting people up and raping and shit. In his interview he AGAIN said that the album is going to be about positive stuff. Which means its going to be more CORNY bullshit. If Hop actually stayed true to his RAW style and content, I would bump the guy. That was dope. But this is just crap. His condition shows what happens when a rapper gets fame before he has actually matured. His beats are dope though. But there is no focus. No passion in his lyrics. No sincerity. I have been following the guy when he had like only 10k fans on facebook. Now he has a million. But sadly he hasnt artistically matured.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed for the most part, but he still has what so many mainstream rappers lack: substance. He doesn't spout the same YMCMB bullshit, it's refreshing to hear some different subject matter.

  • lickinurmum

    this song is good but i think IMOH5 was way better

  • gsd

    wasnt this nigga on the disney channel?? fake ass rapper...lol

  • Kizman

    too bad Tyler "ja ruled" Hopsin's career!!! #OF!

  • Paul

    This record is Dope!

  • papawu

    i don't really be fuxkin wit dis nigga and its kinda corny but I feel for him on this joint

  • G-OKE

    ok well obviously if you cant respect hopsin for making this song then you probably dont have ears

  • Gina R. Franklin

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  • Anonymous

    this is good. what yall talking about?

  • Anonymous

    Serioulsy. You Pussy-Ass Muthafuckin, Mainstream loving cock sucker's really need to shut the fuck up!!! Hopsin talks about how his friend was a victim to drugs and you dumbass's still say this song is wack!? Go kill yourselves Hopsin hater's. And why go to this page? Just so you could talk shit about him. Go say that to his face you Pussy-ass motherfucker's. instead of hiding behind your stupid "Accounts"

    • Masked Assassin da Hopsin Smacker

      And who would be afraid to talk shit to that pussy's face? He look like a weird little bitch. Dizzy wright and Jarren Benton are the only thing good about Funk Volume. They way better than Hopsin and only signed wit him for the money

    • Masked Assassin

      Take Hopsin's cock out your mouth boy. Hopsin sucks. He is a fake ass ex Disney kid. All he is is an Act. A shitty one at that. I mostly listen to underground so dont pull that "only Mainstream fans dislike Hopsin" shit. Only thing gayer than Hopsin is his little stans. Can't believe Tech N9ne worked with this clown.

  • eyeCON

    Hospin isn't bad, but it's just sad that he tries to hard to be tech nine. On top of that, I always thought Hopsin was the weakest member of Odd Future. I don't even think he's the first person to wear contacts. He's pretty conscience for a teenager but he still has a lot of growing up to do. Maybe his debut album will prove me wrong but I doubt it. He's just not original, guys.

    • Your Opinion Means Nothing...

      @eyeCON Hate to break it to you, but Hopsin and I are the same age, and I'm 28. Also, I don't think Hopsin was ever part of Odd Future, but they did have beef at one time. Also, this is Hopsin's third album. The first 2 albums are called "Gazing At The Moonlight" and "Raw".

    • laZeye

      u fucking stupid bro hopsin was never in odd future u dumbass.....

    • Anonymous

      Wow this fool really said he was a member of Odd Future...

    • eye control?

      You forgot the troll at the at faggot. Nice failed trolling though :)

  • Anonymous

    Good vid, and too many GOOD Music fans dissing this guy.

  • Anonymous

    I didn't watch the video. I know that it's about a personal story of his, that's cool. It still doesn't stop me from disliking this dude for all of the wack bullshit he talks.

  • Anonymous

    i guess it alright concept whack tho

  • Nate

    Lots of critics on here. But I like the video and the song. ,will checkouts His other music. Great massage hopsin I now how u feel

  • J Dirty

    Not sure why Hopsin,Twiztid,Swolen Members or any other underground cats even waste there time with this website...Aint shit but a buncha Rick ross nut huggers and YMCMB fans on here.

  • Gark

    hp needs to buy a dictionary

  • Anonymous

    If I wanted to listen to early 2000's Dr. Dre and Eminem ...I would go listen to that. Hopsin is a gimmick, a smart gimmick i'll admit. He knows the easiest audience to attract.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty dope, but that beat reminds me of sag my pants

  • Anonymous

    tell Hopsin to pick up a dictionary, because half of his verses are unintelligible and nonsensical. he aint saying shit. hes not even Hip Hop. his genre is called gimmick

  • vesselMcFly

    he's a stain on Hip Hop. he doesn't respect the genre at all. all his albums are garbage and give Hip Hop a bad name. probably why his fans don't even listen to Hip Hop most of the time. they're all juggalos, rock fans etc. and his lyrics are straight garbage in 90% of his songs. dumb people are impressed by his technical ability, but fail to see that he is just rhyming syllables with very little meaning and little sense.

    • T9

      These nigga said the same exact thing word for word on tech n9ne's new song. Hopsin is wack but Tech is one of the best. Gets respect from 90% of the hip hop community. Go play your mac miller cd and shut the fuck up

    • Anonymous

      It's a positive message in hip hop. He might not be as lyrically adept as most artists, but his music has more substance than that bullshit on the radio.

    • Anonymous

      You need to shut the hell up!!!!

  • lupefiascoterr

    that's corny, I don't know who is this guy but he should retire right now.

  • nuc

    dammmn, substance is what hiphop should once again strive for. salute hop for what he does.

  • Anonymous

    Not watching the video. Does he diss anyone?

  • Anonymous

    his words don't mean sense at all, he sounds liek tech n9ne who rhymes for the sake of rhyming, it's bad.

    • Fuck you nigga

      Fuck you. Tech N9ne is lightyears ahead of this clown. Tech spits fast at times and i feel ya somewhat how tech forces rhymes a lil. But he has a versatile style and can kill any type of beat. Some songs just straight spittin and others with substance. Tech is top 10 EASY. Top 5 on my list

  • Anonymous


  • j

    Props for the art of story telling and well done

  • Brusier B

    Hopsin coming with more dope and powerful shit. Love it.

  • iLLmIND

    @ geo1378 dudes already got a huge underground following. just hit 1mill fans on FB page on his Birthday (Today), this video crashed youtube, its stuck on 15757 views with over 30000 likes already, expect to to reach 1mill views by weeks end. so he doing alright, plus he co owner of his own independent label - Funk Volume, get educated.

  • hage

    Great message, and powerful delivery

  • MoonMan

    dopeness, respectable and commendable.

  • Chris

    wish he had live instruments tho, would blow this shit out the water

  • geo1378

    Song is ok, beat isnt anything great. what is with rappers singing the chorus, unless you have an amazing singing voice why do it. the guy has potential but if he hasnt blown up by now dont hold your breath. eminem should sign him, hed fit good with his production. the video is kind of gay too, crying over a guy and rapping about his buddy. its not like dude was shot or taken unexpectedly he was stupid and did drugs.

    • iLLmIND

      dudes already got a huge underground following. just hit 1mill fans on FB page on his Birthday (Today), this video crashed youtube, its stuck on 15757 views with over 30000 likes already, expect to to reach 1mill views by weeks end. so he doing alright, plus he co owner of his own independent label - Funk Volume, get educated.

    • chris

      I hate when people get caught up in their super-hyped masculinity bullshit. The dude wrote a song to his best friend. That's admirable in and of itself. Maybe you don't know what it's like to see your friend like that, but to infer that its gay is fuckin stupid. Dope song, definitely caught me off guard cuz I was just expecting dude to spit like he usually do, but its all good, I like this joint. Props to hopsin for being true to his heart, and hopefully some people will grow up and open their mind as opposed to thinkin you can't rap what's in your heart.

    • Duh

      You obviously know NO one who has or had a drug problem. You must live a lovely life with no drama or negativity, good for you. I don't wish drug addiction on anyone and just be happy you haven't had to deal with it personally or with a loved one. You wouldnt of made the immature comment if you did, or maybe your just trolling, who knows.