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Kanye West, Mike Dean and Rick Rubin in the studio during a "Yeezus" recording session. "Stacking millions are more relatable...for the people." Thanks, Rick.


  • okay im done

    Kanye has absolutely lost it. We thought hip-hop was crossing boundaries talking about molly and prostitution but now this cat just crossed the line of claiming divinity. Any time someone claims to be a God you know they are obviously not on some normal stuff anymore aka he's not just crazy. Music is supposed to be creative but now we are comparing a creative black guy to Jesus who is the true God? Man I'm done I cant do this no more...

  • Anonymous

    Kanye wants your anus

  • shivrey

    hang on a second this moron actually BELIEVES he is on par with the Most High somebody check his gay mentally ill butt into the psych ward... Kanye go wear a dress you nutcase

  • ok


  • i

    Why is okay for rappers to compare themselves to Jesus all of a sudden? I'm not super religious but this is beyond ignorant and anyone who enjoys this gimmick is just as ignorant. Kanye Fell off.

    • @i

      It's not worth arguing with you, you're a fucking moron.

    • MAC

      Lames stay listening to blasphemy...

    • i

      This is funny. I don't care who has done it before, if you have any inch of respect for yourself, regardless of your belief, you wouldn't listen to someone proclaim themselves as God. People are idiots, of course they are going to repeat all the trash they hear on the radio. I know Kanye still sells albums but if you have any understanding of lyricism you would see that every album after after college drop out has progressively been worst lyrically. The beats have only gotten better to be honest but he raps about irrelevant shit and makes dumb fan boys like you idolize him for dumb shit... Keep sucking him up and idolizing. Lets see how big his head can get.

    • ^^

      And Rakim called himself the god before any of them..Mother-fuckers don't know shit about hip-hop but they wanna voice their hater opinions anyway. How did Kanye fall off? every album he's dropped has been number 1, when watch the throne came out every body was saying "that shit cray" for like 2 months str8. P.S. Dudes who say "ignorant" constantly are usually retards. Expand your meager vocabulary you ass-goblin.

    • Anonymous

      All of a sudden? Yeah, because you've never heard Jay-Z call himself Hov at all. Fucking retard. I love how people are bitching about this issue.

  • jus10

    Booooooo! I don't doubt Kanye still has skill, he's just choosing to not use it.

  • KAN-YE!


  • Anonymous

    if you look at it not by your bias opinions,on paper kanye is the greatest rapper of all time

    • Anonymous

      kanyes better than all those niggas.. fake ass hipsters dont even know

    • Anonymous

      Kanye is not a very rapper. He's a great producer and decent lyricist, but his flow and accent is not very good. You don't mix Kanye West with Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, Tupac, and Scarface.

    • Anonymous

      i beg to differ fam. get off his nuts.

  • Anonymous

    you people waste your time hating why watch this shit hes doing what he enjoys an making millions at the same time god knows where yous gonna be in years time smh

  • Martha T. Carter

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  • Big Simon

    You are already typing from the safety of your moms home and you still type as anonymous ? How pussy are you. You goofball

  • -

    all you people that comment on this site are huge nerds

  • ger

    Kanye has a terrible voice!

    • Anonymous

      annoying voice sucks at rapping cant write needs team of musicians to make cluttered trash needs million dollar budgets needs to walk outside every cpl hours for tmz fix kanye west = FRAUD faggot freddy mercury of rap minus any talent

    • Anonymous

      Most rappers do. Live rap never sounds as good as it does on the album. And have you seen that Kendrick Lamar commercial where he tries to sing? Yikes.

  • Anonymous

    These mutts on this site dont know who ricky rubin is.. what a shame..

  • Anonymous

    i thought kanye was a genius.. why does he always need a team of super talents in the studio to get anything going!? "thats his genius.. hes a collaborator" nah.. he's gonna open the wallet and pay someone with talent to do his work rick rubin and mike dean have made tons of classic shit while kanye has rapped about being stronger on daft punk samples BTW new blac sabbath >>> new kanye west

  • Anonymous

    You are not and will never be a "God", you're too fuckin stupid to be one

  • stopwackrap

    he only got Rick Rubin after Scareface said he would only do another cd if Ric Rubin produce it. Rappers today just keep copying other people's idea.

    • Big Simon

      He's a DEF JAM ARTIST you fucktard,prolly the biggest artist there Rick rubin co- founded def jam ,morons.

    • foreal

      yea cuz scarface is the first dude who wanted to work with Rick Ruban. Alot of people want to work with Rick Ruban. that is like saying every rapper is biting RUN DMC. Everyone is biting the DMX cuz they want to do a song with Swizz Beatz

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    rubin, mike dean, and yeezy.... don't need to say much more than that.

  • Anonymous

    This is so WACK

  • Kim

    rick rubin. a legend.