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Backed up by The Roots, J. Cole stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to perform his hit single, "Power Trip." "Born Sinner" coming June 18th.


  • Anonymous


  • The Real You

    NICE! Dope song. Love the live music and vocals.

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  • justadude

    ...The Roots held this track down. Can we get the music turned up and Drake-Cole turned all the way down!!

  • filifunk

    When did young Obama start rappin?

  • Anonymous

    is that drake? or j.cole?

  • MuSsA

    Simple DOPE!!!! Hip Hop we breathing no life support no child support!!!!!!!!1 churinn

  • Champ Slice

    Comic Book Superheroes- Power Trip (Michelle Mayo) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhB4ECK8tK0

  • MacMiller to OutSell Ye&Cole

    June 18, a day hip-hop is anxiously awaiting like white women await the NFL draft. Its the day that "Yeezus" will give us his sixth begotten album to die for our materialistic sins. Its the day that J.Cole hopes we power trip to the nearest Best Buy and purchase his Born Sinner. And its the day that Mac Miller will outsell them ALL with his forthcoming album, Watching Movies with the Sound Off". Your eyes arent misleading, my thoughts are pure from intoxication, I soberly believe that Mac Miller will prevail in first week album sales above all. Wondering how I came to this conclusion? I dare you to deny the truth that hip-hop is the palace built for the underdogs. More miracles have happened in the house of Rakim than any other genre, and on June 18 wine will be turned into Patron, and Mac Miller will drop jaws by performing the feat that couldnt be accomplished by Curtis. Lets acknowledge the past sale successes Mac wowed the world in 2011 with his debut Blue Slide Park album. 145,000 copies sold first week, making it the first independently-distributed debut album to top the chart since Tha Dogg Pound's "Dogg Food" in 1995. Now even though 145,000 is miniscule compared to the other artist involved in this battle royal, you see that there is a loyalty amongst his fans that are prepared to purchase his music without question. This group has only expanded thanks to his latest venture with MTV 2 in the form of a reality television show that contains the spirit of past MTV series "Rob & Bigg" and HBO's "Entourage". Noted as the highest rated original debut season ever on MTV2, with each episode bringing in more viewers than the last, enough to renew it for a second season and proving again that Millers audience lives beyond the blogs, beyond Twitter, and continues to support unconditionally. Macs cult following isnt the sole reason that inspires my initiation; its his latest musical offsprings that truly turned me into a believer. The once frat rapper has shed the skin of his former self, no longer the White Khalfia or the goofy Donald Trump kid. His move to California and being in the presence of artists from Odd Future, Brain-feeder and TDE has seemed to escalate his rapping abilities. Every release in the last month has given birth to the idea that Mac Miller might actually be beyond the previously assumed mediocre. The progression is exciting; theres new ears anticipating what else he has in store that could be swayed to spend a Hamilton and some change. Singles like "SDS", produced by Flying Lotus, "Watching Movies", and Ab-Souls The End is Near are all examples of the growth. Hes crafting a pure rap album, one that wont be delivering a militant message, that wont bore us with the woes of dodging that hoe Sally Mae, and wont have any Def Poetry Jam session in-between tracks. To be upfront and honest, the winner of this rat race will be crowned before the Tuesday in question but once each album leaks. The fans will listen, mediocrity will be recycled while the brilliant purchased. What if Kanyes album is less than immaculate? What if J.Cole suffers from the sophomore jinx? What if Mac Miller gives fans and critics everything they found lacking on "Blue Slide Park". A raw rap album pleasing ears with incredible beats, monstrous features, and hilarious skits. Pharrell, Tyler the Creator, Diplo, Schoolboy Q, Action Bronson are confirmed for Macs forthcoming. We can pretend like we arent excited, but surely every indie, underground head has high hopes for this album, and that only could equal into an incredible amount of albums sold. On the belief that rap music can once again rattle the charts to its core, without a pop single or a mountain of controversy. Mac Miller is my pick for Soundscan's chart topper during the week of June 18. I'm calling it now (5/22/2013 at 1:05 AM): "Watching Movies with the Sound Off" will be Miller's second number one album. Don't believe me just watch...

    • YeezyTaughtYouWell

      Dude you're dumb. Mac Miller is fucking garbage. He fell off hard. There isn't a chance he will sell out Cole... And if you think he will outsell Ye, you got rocks for brains son. But I am anxiously waiting for June 18th you're correct on that.

    • MacMiller to OutSell Ye&Cole

      I don't intend to take credit it was from refinedhype.com I would've put that in the name but it's cool to grab peoples attention with that headline

    • lkj

      Lol even though there's no way that going to happen, it was pretty interesting reading your stuff. You have better penmanship than most of the writers on this site. You should go into this business ha

    • Anonymous

      You don't have a job, you are not in school and you are currently residing in your cousin's basement with the lights off......................

  • So Icy Boi!

    lol J Cole is a soft ass pop rapper. nobody likes diz boring ass nigga. he is tryin hard to be Drake but he is a fail. lmao. Roc Nation sucks! support real hip hop and buy Lil Wayne's new album on iTunes. swag

  • VS

    One of the best life performers I've heard so far.

  • darq88

    ppl are happy that you are releasing your album earlier but I have been waiting for Born Sinner since January 28

  • born sinner

    just release the track names and features = its already on itunes for pre order just wish the gifted was on pre order in (the irish itunes store) SUCH A FUCKIN PAIN IN THE ASS

  • R.Starks

    I'm glad he pushed the album up....True Hiphop!!!

  • Ashley

    June 18, can't wait !

  • V

    LOOOOVE him!!!!! Saw him open for Jay Z years s ago, followed him ever since....NEED THOSE TIX FOR THE PRIVATE NYC SHOW!!!! :)

  • Kenkay

    The true definition of Future Hip Hop!

  • Anonymous

    hell yeah go captain kirk and thats the best i've ever seen him perform live and way better than all these new rappers sound live definitely getting better

  • backden

    that guitar dude was feelin himself a little too much singin back ups for someone else's hook hahahah

  • backden

    super solid performance. very impressed.

  • Daang!!

    Album is going to be epic. I'm coppin' June 18th when the doors open!!!

  • Jay

    Oh wait, it's playbacked...

  • Jay

    The singer sounds EXACTLY like Miguel!