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Necro's new Sexorcist video shows off some raw talent. Recommended if you like some gore with your porn.


  • andrew alves

    best white death rapper out there this guy is nuts ... fuck all u pussys that dont think necro is a boss with lyrics .. go listen to justin bever twat FUCKIN CRACK ALL UR SKULLS AND DRINK UR BLOOD BITCH

  • zack

    this could've been better, Necro in my opinion is a better producer than a rapper, but he did have some raw lines in this like 'push her on the stove 'cuz I like hot pussy' -lol but when did it become taboo to make a song about fucking women? also the hook could've been better (seriously 'this is an amazing song' -kinda wack) it was 50/50 line for line lyrically

  • sadz22

    What the fuck? Do you muthaphuckas even realize the bulk of quality music NECRO has put out? Do you fools even understand that NECRO is still putting out dope shit even after most of the artists that started at the same time as him and after have dropped out of the rap race like old, exhausted greyhounds? Are you dudes actually crying about a fucking video with hoes in it? I don't know what type of corny ass rap you fools are transfixed on nowadays but i'll tell you this... NECRO isn't putting out the same garbage rap your parents have posted on their geeked-out facebook pages... Yall fools are rocking the same skinny jeans your dads are wearing and it's influenced by the shitty rap you put in your ear. Fuck that, my rap music still offends...

  • Anonymous

    lolll i really like the string of those bitches but necro is wack as fuck fucking poor dude with a 15$ video

  • readdy2die

    yo how is it that dudes like Ill bill and Vinnie Paz co-sign necro? i mean i've honestly never understood how dude even got fans with the shit he raps about

  • yikes

    This is comically bad. Lonely Island, move over.

  • Anonymous

    Shout out to Estonia

  • ugh

    the music is not bad, but why does he think 3 models and a family camera sell a video. i love lo budget videos but they need a better idea or a troll

  • Jesse Chane

    wow, this dude sounds retarded but made me watch by appealing to the basest of human loves - pussy. Cot daym I wish I could take that view back and watch ixxx instead, just so he doesn't get the idea that he's any good at all.

  • Anonymous

    Stick to the beats necro .....

  • me

    this shit was wack as fuck

  • Anonymous

    I love the video, but the rhymes are really dated and even if they weren't they suc.

  • Kramer

    Good video. But Necro is horrible