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With Rozay's "Mastermind" album on the way, DRE Films directs the last of the "God Forgives I Don't" videos.


  • Anonymous

    nice song for ma hoz dis summer

  • Anonymous

    Why do people by this shit? I guess http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/250x250/34131870.jpg

  • Always remember... Keys Open Doors

    "EEYUCK! Make your skin crawl Press one button, let the wind fall Who gonna stop us? Fuck the coppers! The mind of a kilo shopper Seeing my life through the windshields of choppers I ain't spend one rap dollar in 3 years, holla! Money's the leash, drag a bitch by her dog collar Now, ho follow, this is my ghetto story Like Cham, Ice-P is the Don Dotta Open the Frigidaire, 25 to life in here So much white you might think your holy Christ is near Throw on your Louis V millionaires to kill the glare Ice trays? Nada! All you see is pigeons paired The realest shit I ever wrote, not Pac inspired It's crack pot inspired, my real niggas quote Bitch never cook my coke! Why? Never trust a ho with your child At you make believe rappers I smile! HA! Canal Streeting my style, like you internet sharing my files You MySpace niggas So kill the comparison, I'm South Beach sipping on Sarafin Royalty check nigga, I never been Cook money clean through Merrill Lynch Accountant just gasp at the smell of it! (Gasp!) Meet the dealer, ain't a bitch realer So you ain't gotta question why Pusha don't feel ya! Now get the fuck off!"

  • queens

    I gotta give credit when its due, once again he drops some quality music..I think people forget that this is a music business not a comedy stand up or reality ... so when it comes to fatboy doing his job, he does it well

  • Anonymous

    this song is crazy dope!! liked the album also

  • killah

    Dope ass song and video. 5/5

  • anonymous

    3:40 Ross takes his glasses off 3:48 He's crying? Why is the boss crying?

  • Anonymous

    It's 3:30 pm, do you know where your hoes at? Rick Ross does, and he's gettin ready to put some molly all in her champagne. #rapeabitch

  • Anonymouse

    Billboard noise maker right here ya heard