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Mack Maine gets Weezy and Kweli in on the video for his latest.



  • Anonymous

    That was the best verse I ever heard from Mack Maine he went in

  • lazeboi

    maine came nice with it. he was speaking the truth them other bois was just rapping,. u can tell dude had alot on his chest an had to get it off. i feel the track an wish more rappers did the same

  • Anonymous

    gotdamn i remember when Talib was the shit waaaaay back in 98, 99, 2000... dude fell the fuck off since then... for me personally, even that Quality album didn't bring it.... whatever

  • Anonymous

    3 stars. But mainly because I don't know whether I like this song or hate it! I mean it has that Talib feel to it (hip hop-ish) and don't have the usual garbage Mack and Wayne rap about (cars, clothes, money, "bitches or hoes") but all at the same time since when is Kweli collab'ing with these niggas man? I mean Kweli is a hip hop icon! Never sold out in his entire career and not saying he has but... Maybe Wayne is trying out making hip hop for a change? Shit I don't know. Chalking it up to Kweli needing help paying his taxes or some shit with debt because I never thought I would see this. Think this is the one song with Kweli in it that I won't be listening to again.

  • Mental

    I can't front when I first saw the line-up, I was saying to myself...how are they gonna pull this off, but they did it. Every artist on this song did their thang...I'm feeling this song. I just wish there were more collaborations like this instead of rappers being in a box and being predictable.

  • Anonymous

    DOPE! Kweli and wayne on the same track!

  • smh

    smh that's why wayne dont make tracks like this cuz he get more publicity from rapping bout pussy...its the fans fault

    • tahir

      Ima Wayne stan but true talk... i bet if this song was about pussy or shit like that it would be a hit smh ...I think we destroyed wayne ... I wish he can put out more inspired songs like this ...this track took me back to I miss ma dawgs

  • Jaysin Bourne

    Great song. I'm not a Wayne fan, by far, but for those who said Wayne is a bad rapper, this is definitely proof that they're wrong. Talib will always be that dude. And a great job for Mack.

  • Non

    Talib's verse is sweet, hook is shit

  • Lynks1

    smfh this shit is horrible......i don't even know what the fuck i just watched. Kweli i hope the check was decent....

  • Anonymous

    I'm shocked that Talib would appear on such a horrible track like this. Damn.

  • Anonymous

    this beat is soo wack, hook is trash