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Odd Future's talented young soldier Earl Sweatshirt drops the visuals for his new single, and the video is...mature.



  • blazzinginferno

    I love it when people on websites critique rappers' flow and lyrics as if they could actually rap. This shit ain't easy. Earl is untouchable as far as clever lyrics go. And he's definitely the best rapper in Odd Future. But Tyler knows how to make a catchy hook, which is what a hook is supposed to do (in my opinion): be catchy and not too verbose. He makes a couple points about making money off of socks and whatnot, while still being brief enough to make it work as a hook. I think this is quite impressive overall as a song. Earl's gonna grab the rap game by the balls soon enough.



  • hipDX

    why are dudes coming out half naked now; that is my only thought.

  • Rain

    It's amazing how many people MF Doom has influenced, This video and song is dope. Earl might be the most complex rapper I've every heard beside Lupe.

  • Anonymous

    lil earl actually has some talent good bars teach tyler something that hook is crap too makes this song suck

  • Gnarls Gnarkley

    Put this shit up on the home page DX! The world need to see this shit!

  • theonefoo

    These cats are interesting. But as far as lyrics and flow are concerned, Earl is one of the best out there right now.

  • WHOA

    they put anything up on this website

  • Flogging Gnarly

    Did Earl just get more fucked up while he was away? This video is sorta sweet, coulda used more ballerina if you ask me. I'd hit it twice on a Tuesday.

  • Anonymous

    These niggaz on LSD when they storyboard these ideas

  • Gnar Fang

    I'll never look at a Drumstick the same way again...


    Lyrically reminds me of DOOM on this

  • FlaBoy

    Guess ill introduce the elephant in the room.....this shyt is weird AF!

  • Peter

    Funny song, Earl got this

  • James

    Whoa is exactly what I said when that beat came on. This song is perfect

  • Anonymous

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  • Mr.I-10

    yo, imean, that was fire for real. the video was like some old school rap from the early 90's with a dark twist. his style and punchlines are like rapid fire. on point.

  • Anonymous

    This beat is DISGUSTING! Simply NASTY! Tyler is a beast on the boards!

  • anon

    Pretty sure Earl and Tyler are the only rappers in the crew worth listening to.


      Everyone above me is an idiot. Tyler & Earl are NOT the only good spitters off the crew.honestly Hodgey Beats could give them a run for their money.

    • bradzuk

      First of all, tyler is a weak rapper. He has solid verses here and there. Yonkers was dope, french and bastard are cool i guess, and he spit on trouble on my mind. but otherwise his flow is very meh. Domo and Hodgy are both better rappers. @Anonymous - people hate on OF because they are easy to hate without earl and Frank and it makes good sense to exclude Earl and Frank. Frank is barely part of OF, and Earl has been absent for nearly all of OF's run. He made them popular as the only good rapper in the crew and wasnt even there to be a part of it. Now that hes back he's barely a member. He is loosely affiliated, but doesn't preach their immature bullshit. Second of all, Kendrick, Schoolboy, and Ab-Soul are all fucking incredible and you are an ignorant piece of shit. Kendrick has two albums and a mix tapes worth of excellent material (more if you as certain, diehard fans); Schoolboy has two excellent studio albums and two solid mix tapes; Soul also has two excellent albums and two ver good mix tapes; jay rock is clearly good but i dont know him well. Point is: you dont know what the fuck youre talking about and should stop putting your fucking foot in your mouth.

    • Anonymous

      The only other "rappers" are Domo, Hodgy, and Mike G. Frank, Syd, Jet Age, Left Brain all produce or aren't "rappers". It's kind of dumb how people diss OF with this type of shit. It's like yeah, take away Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt (two of the most talented people in music period), Tyler, their awesome videos and their funny tv show and what do you have? Yet people stay sucking TDE's dicks because of Kendrick and two nice tapes from Schoolboy and Ab Soul.

    • Jimmythejewler

      Stfu boy

  • yee

    EARL is the greatest rapper of the last 10 years

    • Black De La Rocha

      Maybe so, but he's done nothing to put him over Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, or Ab-Soul. Chum was a step in the right direction to expanding his range as an artist. I still don't really like Earl's post Samoa voice though, he sounds like someone woke him up at 3am to come rap and he didn't even wanna be there.

  • Mattybee

    I never heard of this dude. This is weird but, I really like it. I couldn't turn it off. Solid 4 for me.

    • bradzuk

      I assume you've heard of Frank Ocean? They're from the same crew: Odd Future (Tyler the creator is the "leader"). Earl is a truly incredible rapper with an insane amount of potential and hes barely scratched the surface. Definitely check out "Earl", his mixtape.

    • Anonymous

      You should check out Earl's mixtape. Some solid stuff on that tape.

  • :|

    Hmmmm. Not sure what to feel.

  • Hip-Hop Purist

    I definitely want that ballet chick. She got some little cakes on her.

  • Hip-Hop Purist

    Earl is about to twist the game up

  • Anonymous

    Haha Odd Future videos are always entertaining. Love this track and I too am looking forward to this album. When does it drop??

  • Barker

    EARL is the man! cant wait for that album to drop. pretty sick video too