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Working at Eckerd seems to be "starting from the bottom" in Drake's new video. But don't worry, sell some records and you're off to go cosmic bowling in the DR.


  • aweedhead

    Agreed, pretty weak overall. Check out this mc named OldBoy murdering Drake on his own song! http://youtu.be/e4KR6E_XZSw Anybody have any more of his ish?

    • unlimitedtime

      Tight track, both verses way more skiill thank Drake can ever muster. Never heard of OldBoy but judging by the view count he's new, will see what I can dig up.

  • Mattybee

    Evidence that it takes more luck than talent to succeed commercially. I don't see how anyone could listen to this and think it's even decent. BUT, the chick at the check out is one of the hottest females I've ever seen and that part was funny. But the song gets a 1/5 from me.

  • Anonymous


  • Brett

    Shoppers Drug Mart just got a helluva lot cooler.

  • King Kai

    Her name is Angelica Charrupi

  • Anonymous

    Not everyone's "bottom" is the same.. Everybody struggles in life at a certain of their life differently

  • realstalktdot

    40 look like the dean from community.

  • NJ

    Fucking hilarious, Drake just gained some respect from me.

  • fads


  • Anonymous

    Charlamage so jealous right now....!

  • Anonymous

    I like the video. But that girl at the start.. damn!! Who is she?!


    Didnt like da song at first til i seen the video...this track just grew on me and the YOUNG STACEY DASH look alike.....DAMMMM!!!!! She bad as a mafukka!!!

  • Anonymous

    Video's wack. We all know Aubrey was a kid actor, so he never came from the bottom.

  • Anonymous

    Are you not entertained!? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?!? IS THAT NOT WHY WE'RE HERE?!?!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    I'm looking at Drake like he's sniffing coke

  • Anonymous

    lol hhdx throwing jabs at this video with their description

  • jay

    yall ni33s talkin bout he dont know what the the bottom are the same ones that think all rappers sell drugs and kill people. Its perception of what the bottom is to him. I doubt u can relate to to the rapper , but i know u can relate to the subject. Jus leave it at that.

  • wakka flocka's tutor

    Song's ok but who was baby girl? "Started on her bottom, staying here!"

  • Anonymous

    that was a decent video, was real not some over exaggerated fire works show dope stuff

  • blake

    Good vid, song grows on you.

  • Truth

    This song grows on you 100%

  • Anton NiggleFace

    Great song. Drake a cornball tho lol

  • Minty Water

    The girl is hot. She looks like she can be Nicki Minaj's better looking sister.

  • RealHipHopKy

    To the People saying that Drake didn't start from the bottom, How do you know he doesn't mean he started in the Rap Game from the bottom by making Mixtapes, and Now he's at the Top of the Rap game and his Whole Crew is on now! Let that sink in for a minute! lol

  • Anonymous

    Why does someone have to be piss poor selling drugs to be respected? Talent is what matters. I know drake isn't the most lyrical but people make it hard for others that have talent but aren't necessarily from the "street" to come up. Fuck that. Everyone has their own issues in life faggots. Fuck ya'll.

  • Get real yo

    Drake killing it. Stop with ur worrying about what the bottom is. Guru's daddy was a judge. Dr. Dre ain't never killed nobody. Rakim grew up in the suburbs. 2pac was in art school. No one questions their credentials. Drake grew up on Weston rd. (a poor part of Toronto) and Forest Hill ( a rich part of Toronto) but in a duplex. That ain't rich. Plenty houses in Harlem cost more than two floors of a house in Forest Hill. Let this nigga shine. Stop hatin

    • dazeone

      They hate on him for no reason ...he can actually rap and make songs .. if he wasn't gutter from the begining does it matter he still started from the bottom of the rap game and pretty much is killing it ...he's dope .they need to stop hating and that beat is fire....

    • Anonymous

      Only feds do that much fucking research! ,you know what drake had for breakfast growing up? god damn.

  • DJ

    lol I don't know why yall dudes waste time arguing back and forth with each other. If u like the song cool, if u don't like it that's cool too!

  • triPAUD

    You're forgetting he's a foreigner and hard it is for Canadians to blow up there, especially in hip hop. Even for degrassi to be known anywhere outside Canada was surprising success for our shit. Here child acting is like a part time job. It pays pretty good, but its not like they're rich like people might think.

  • triPAUD

    you americans might not get this



  • Hip Hop Fan

    I fail to see how he started at the bottom when he was a teen actor on a popular Canadian show. He must have been making at least 10-20k per episode. If that is at the bottom I want to be there as well...sign me up. But I do like how he reps heavy for his city, but all rappers do that so its nothing out of the normal. At least someone from T.Dot is shining light on the city. Video 4.5/5 Song 1/5

  • Anonymous

    Niggas too dumb to understand what the bottom is...smh

  • why

    See what happens when you let these light skinned niggas get a little fame.....

  • Anonymous

    I dont fuck with Drake but who the fuck are you guys to define what bottom is to him?

  • SDK


  • Anonymous

    Because there's nothing lower than working at Walmart, rite guys? This clown....

  • VividSci

    Niggas life just looks fucking fun yo.

  • Anonymous

    I think the real issue here is the perception of "the bottom". I think with 2 plat albums and being a respected figure in music in general, coming from your first mixtape where your virtually unknown and unrespected as a rapper, youve come from the bottom certainly, in the music business atleast.



  • damn

    video is crazy drake living loud

  • mannn

    cant lie im pretty conflicted with this one. objectively, this track is fucking dope. but WHY did it have to be drake? why cant somebody authentic make an anthem like this? fuuuuhk you drake. started from the burbs. why cant real cats make shit like this?

    • fuckboy

      i dont see any hating there. he said he was conflicted. Lol, drake has zero authenticity but he makes good music. many feel conflicted about him. not too hard to understand.

    • Hating never got anyone anywhere

      why do you guys sound so phoney? lol first this guy says he aint start from the bottom cause hes from the burbs i didnt know niggas in the burbs got a fairer shot in the rap game. then this other clown says he hates drake more than anyone but cant stop listenin to the track..... dude take that bitch out chu and get down with this shit no use hatin if you like it

    • nastynass

      i feel the same. fuck. i hate drake more than anyone. why cant i stop listenin to this shit

  • Drake Dick Eater.

    Fuck living next to a crack house. Checking for gun shots before you open your door. You ever have to fill shelves 1 in the morning with a manager on your back. Nigga. You ain't seen the bottom till you had to deal with a manager that don't help. One man's bottom is another man's butthole. Have you heard the new Drake song. I wipe my ass with my hand. Yup. I'm going without toilet paper. Like Drizzy. Canada Stand Up.

    • Anonymous

      You ever have to fill shelves 1 in the morning with a manager on your back. Nigga. You ain't seen the bottom till you had to deal with a manager that don't help DAMN THATS A HARD FUCKING LIFE!!! how did you make it out the struggle?

    • Anonymous

      I've worked a night shift for a courier company in the winter outside for little money!! and i still wouldn't say im from the bottom!!

  • Anonymous

    This song is wack... for real. I guess the YMCMB kids are looking for some vindication for why they like this garbage.. lol

  • Rain

    Damn I'm not a huge Drake fan, but this song is Great. Everything is on point!

  • grow up

    FUCK! You kids today are WACK! You're suppose to put yourself into a song NOT think about Drake and what he actually did or not in his OWN life. Do you have any ambition to succeed at anything????? Or is all about hating every fucking thing that pops up on the internet? Shits old man.

    • Anonymous

      He means your suppose to watch it like a movie, and have illusions that your life can be like that.

    • Anonymous

      You're suppose to put yourself into a song NOT think about Drake and what he actually did or not in his OWN life fuck does that mean?

  • Anonymous

    Its not even a matter of opinion! he didn't start from the bottom! track nice though! love the beat ! and director x did a decent job.

  • Donnie Fucking DeGrande

    Look! It's a difference between. Don't fucking ignore that. I'll explain. The video and direction and all that fresh, so is the song. His bottom does not register the same as the true essence of someone rapping in the FIRST place saying bottom. THAT's the fucking difference. It's totally in line to point it out. Because shallow should never been seen as deep when more depth has already been shown in the genre by others. See it as a shallow use of the word, bottom. Anything else is irresponsible to the craft.

    • Breezy8049

      Question - What do you mean by "true essence"? Is K'Naan's (Somali rapper from Toronto) "bottom" (last plane out of Mogadishu before Islamists shut down airport, friends get gunned down in front of him as they're running for their lives) worse than 50 Cent's? Fat Joe? Any of them West coast gangbangers? The "bottom" is not a competition. It is a state relative to one's circumstance, so to claim "shallow should never be seen as deep..." is to denigrate another's personal situation. It would be one thing if Drake came out talking about "...we used to fuss when the landlord dissed us, no heat...". He as not. Drake has made mention of his father not being in his life. We all know the issue of fatherless homes being endemic, especially to black males. B/c he lived in an affulent neighbourhood in T.O., does it make his situation different from insert any hood rapper here, whose pops played no part in their life? I felt like I was at the "bottom" in 2006 before I took a trip to Peru/Chile and saw poverty we in Canada could never experience. I saw kids playing literally in garbage, but they were happy (probably cuz they didn't know better). It shed light to my circumstance and had me realizing that no matter how bad I believied I had it, someone got it worse. The ignorance (I refuse to call it hate simply b/c I believe it is stupidity that causes so many smart ass responses) is astounding, and sad. If folks want to argue about the "bottom", and what it means, fine. That just means others see the posturing, and the smart ones are trying to climb over you to get to their "top".

  • Anonymous

    So Drake has redefined the meaning of the bottom! so what are we calling the actual bottom now?

  • DefBoy3

    Love the beat production, it was epic like the video. . .Couldnt put it any more better of how Drake did this.

    • sharksbreath

      I don't think you know the meaning of the word epic. Sort of like drake doesn't understand the meaning of the word "Bottom"

  • Anonymous

    He was working for disney as a child and his name is Aubrey! aint no one ever started from the bottom with the name Aubrey and working for disney as a kid! his a surburban kid! aint nothing wrong with that. Crooked I needs to do the remix and bitch about his start from the bottom! or any rapper with a realistic perception of what the bottom actually is! compared to billions of people around the world , drake started no where near the bottom.

  • JoshRichRapsOfficial

    This shit yams. I respect the rapper that doesn't have to act out a character, although they rap about diff things, Kendrick and Drake keep it real to themselves. It's dope.

  • Yo

    Man the hip hop community need to get their shit right. "Bottom" doesnt have solely the definition of Gangbangin with Crips in South Central. Its different for everybody. Stop hatin, Drake probably one of the few real artists in the big market hip hop who's doing heartfelt music, not actin somebody else's life. What's wrong with that? You hate him for being pussy? First and foremost, he's gettin more pussy than y'all together in a whole lifetime. On a secondary, so you hate R Kelly, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Pharell Williams, Usher, i could go on forever. It's just a different type of music. A new subgenre of hip hop. Get your head outta ya ass. Try to make it on yo own.

  • DukeDaGawd

    Fantastic Beat - Fantastic Song :)

  • GreenBeitz

    now im noticing that this site started hating all of a sudden, why is that?

  • Shawn

    There are so many haters on this site. Look at everything that Drake has done for Toronto. Everyone who says "oh he didn't start from the bottom" etc. Or that he isn't hood, thug, gangster etc.. I think it's safe to say that the majority of the best rappers out there aren't thuggin'. They make music for the streets. Stop hating on someone who's doing his thing and start doing getting on yourself. There's so much negative energy on this site it's crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if he looks at forums and just laughs all the way to the bank. I hope he does. Keep doing your thing Drake. T-Dot stand up.


    drake is a pussy nigga. this rap sucksssssssss.

  • Anonymous

    video is cool, song is mehh

  • Matt

    im really confused now, can't make up my mind about what's worse: the song, the hook; or the video?

  • Shuttaman

    Lol at HHDX hating on Drake's album Fucking faggot ass bitches yall suck ass like pitchfork too bunch of punk motherfuckers

  • HU

    All he's doing is making this music for hood niggas in the club. He didn't start from the bottom of anything. However, hood niggas will be in the club relating to the fact that they started at the bottom and when they're in the club drunk they'll fantasize that they made it somewhere because they're spending their biweekly paycheck on Moscato in da club. This songs works for what it was made for. Also, if you want to see ass, no tricks or gimmicks https://vimeo.com/58327639

  • Steve Real

    5/5. Drake keeping it real. If only other rappers could do the same.

  • Yup

    Drake is cool.The video is decent

  • K$1

    Guys! Let's quit bullshittin, this music & video's str8 4wd... It's all about rising up to ur dreams in live. I'm a real G & ain't even no drake fan... But I support this real shit from the heart, Rap ain't all about Tough, Let's get inspired to hustle

  • Kel

    Ya'll frontin'...This joint is hard!!!

  • Anonymous

    Why is HHDX throwing subliminal shots at Drake ? this site is so unprofessional sometimes, leave the dissing to the bloggers.

  • Humz

    The highlight was his mother in the thug pose... Hilarious.

  • no no nooo

    He from the bottom ? Tht's a lie ..... Shit lieer..

  • Anonymous

    Drake put on for my whole fucking city nigga, not gunna front drake started from forrest hill but this bumps

  • Anonymous

    Like the dudes music and everyting but he just comes off so corny. Do you, why you acting like you shoot guns in the end? Atleast be real

  • TheDUke

    Why does he keep flailing his hands like a bitch

  • Anonymous

    Actor turned rapper, rappers turned actors, its all the same shit. This is what it was like for him starting from the bottom I guess, okay it ain't no crack dealing but Drake had different goals and visions, respect the fact he's made change. Haters are just in denial.


    there could be more than one interpretation of started from the bottom, he could mean that he started from the bottom of the rap game. We all know that aubrey grew up wealthy, but u gotta respect his hustle even if you don't like his music.

  • Anonymous

    i hate when rich kids from good homes wanna act like they had it tough nigga you dont know what the bottom is is this really what hip hop has come to smh

    • Anonymous

      tru thats not struggling ...

    • kburban

      If you'd use your brain for a moment...You'd realize this track/vid has NOTHING in common with a "Rags To Riches" story. He's been rappin' for almost a decade tryna be recognized for his talents..& every dude you see featured in the vid plays an inherent role in getting OVO where they are today. Can't respect that..then look away my dude nobody made you click & watch this vid.

  • Booya

    How is being a child TV star starting from the bottom? Sounds good I guess when you're trying to get some street cred and you got none. You can be whatever you want to create yourself to be in today's mainstream hip pop. It's just like the movies now a bunch of actors copying each other.

    • Anonymous

      kburban: I aint hating, like Drakes music most of the time, but he does talk about "catching boidies" and even in the end of this video he acting like he pulls triggers

    • kburban

      I'ma say it again. Where do you recall Drake ever seeking out Street Cred with gun talks or drug dealing references?..If Q-Trip dropped this track ya'll wouldn't have sh*t to say about it. "Bottom" means "I went from nobody to somebody"..Ya'll too busy tryna make the track what it isn't though lol..Relax b

    • NYC

      True that! Guys like 50, Jay, Game, those are n*ggas that came from the bottom. They had to sell coke, they laugh at girls like this.