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Six horror-inspired minutes to kick off 2013 from the entire Funk Volume crew.


  • Jose

    It was good but nothing new. It sounded really good and I really felt Dizzy and SwizZz went hard on it. Jarren and Hop didn't do anything too new but they had good verses as well. I don't really mind that the chorus wasn't that great because I feel that the verses were meant to stand out.

  • Anonymous

    FV 2013...this is what we want...rappers take notes cuz these dudes will change the game ...btw i fuckin love SwizZz's part ...no homo

    • Anonymous

      no...keep in mind that only bitch made niggas with skinny jeans will say Slaughterhouse,Kendrick and Cole are wack just bcuz they mainstream ...only hipsters supported that soft ass nigga Drake and gay ass in the first place

    • Anonymous

      Until they do change the game and instead of supporting them like you should, you hate on them because they've gotten 'too mainstream' and you move on to the next unheard-of independent artist/group. Just like y'all did Drake. And Cole. And Yela. And Slaughterhouse. And Kendrick.

  • Daniel

    No one can touch these fuckaz!, WE'RE GETTING 2013 AND THE REST WATCH OUT FOR FV!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN

  • Anonymous

    fucking wack as fuck except for dizzy

  • yeaaahh

    These dudes are taking over!! They all have different personalities/styles and that's what makes them dope. Real spitters!! I'm waiting for Hopsin's official debut and as long as he's taking on it - Got a feeling it's gonna be some great material.

  • Anonymous

    this shit was mad cute props to fv

  • pickle

    thank you HIPHOPDX for supporting these guys its awesome. as for the video dizzy and hopsins verses were my favorites whys everyone got to trip about swizZz's voice? there are people with much worse sounding voices plus its not hard to understand what hes saying at all idk what youre talking about mr. sesitive nipples Moonman

    • MoonMan

      Never said i couldnt understand him, said i cant focus on what he says. Not saying it against him as a rapper, i know he can throw out decent bars, but a persons voice does add value to a track. But a persons voice cant be helped that much i guess, im just saying his voice gets distracting for me personally. I also agree dizzy and hopsin held this song, cept was bit dissapointed when the car didnt go up in flames haha hopefully FV get more support one day they can afford to blow up a car haha. My nipples are only sensitive cause your momma has some fetish for them.

  • This was dope

    Swizzle you muthafuckin microphone killa you haha I love it!! 5 stars

  • MoonMan

    that scream at the end made me lol Youtube comments have people biggin up Swizzz but i still cant get past the dudes voice, its so off putting, cant focus on what he actually saying even if it is a decent verse or not. Dizzy haha that dude makes me laugh, in good way. Hopsin gets it done. I also like the video.