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The woman from Givenchy slipped up and called it a "skirt." For what it's worth, GQ magazine says Kanye refuses to answer any more questions about the kilt.


  • Adtug

    yall should stop judgin him. everybody got a way to express themselves. maybe he just wants to be different.we cant have everyone wearing snapbacks,j's,pink dolphin and all those shit every1 has. niggas think dey ballin just cuz they wearin all those branded shit, if every1 has em' they cheap

    • rick

      not judging, it is what it is. ask any heterosexual man they would say the same (this is gay) don't let that Grant Hill NBA promo brainwash you. This is like saying a bisexual man isn't gay; which is non-sense; if you are having gay sex, it is gay sex. PERIOD. This is not hate, just calling it what it is. I understand there are a lot of people out there trying to be politically correct (afraid to speak their mind). However, there will be a remnant of real dudes left out here. Peace.

  • Lil B

    Kanye scarin me with that leather though, make me nervous nd shit lmao

  • Anonymous

    this dude has always been gay as fuck he really thinks deep inside of him he's on some other level with this fashion shit while he's just an embarrassment to himself yes he has a few good hits here and there but i always thought he was maaaaad overrated ! from 2001 to 2010 hip-hop has been fucked big time with all these artists such as kanye, pharrell, 50 cent, The Game, wayne etc. who really made hip-hop looks like a fuckin zoo with a brand new type of negros except a very very few artists i'm done with hip-hop and its culture since it appears to me these artists have no integrity since it takes a few dollars to sell em out therefore fuck hip-hop and have a nice day

  • RC

    Wardrobe courtesy of Kim Kardashian's closet.

  • Mack

    my nigga did I just really watch him decide over this for almost 3 min smh at myself

  • Daffy

    "its not a skirt, its its a kilt." Im a big Kanye fan but he is far gone from reality.