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Guests at Power 106's "Cali Christmas" concert got a surprise, as K-Dot brought out Lil Wayne for a cameo.


  • Anonymous

    LMFAO @ all these fuckin eminem stans. FUCK EMINEM, HE AINT SHIT! Eminem is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overrated by y'all fucktards. fuck eminem

  • xxx

    damn kdot n weezy thats dope AF


    Wayne is a fucking hip-hop legend and I don't need to be his #1 stan to tell you that. He fell off, but who hasn't? (Other than Jay, Nas, & Em aka G.O.A.T.s) Since when does not being top 5 DOA material completely discredit an artist as a whole? The Hot Boyz? Tha Block is Hot tho? C1 & 2? All those fucking features and mixtapes? Ya'll fucks can't be serious... Ya'll disrespectful pricks need to be hung. Paying homage is ALWAYS a good look. I salute you K. Dot. Fucking faggots on this site I swear...

    • Anonymous

      Both IHATEFAGGOTS and land landinnoheat are fucking idiots. Nothing you say is true.

    • FlorianBrunner

      @Mylie: Have you even heard Carter 2? Pretty much every verse on that one is memorable... i agree that nowadays he got fucking obnoxious, but back then he was on fire... listen to "Hustler Music" or "lock and load"

    • landinoheat

      Lil Wayne is a lot better than what everyone on this site thinks he is. Maybe every hip hop head is trying to even out how over rated he is with the popular group but every hip hop head seems to give Lil Wayne shit. He is a good artist, talented and was a big influence to a lot of your favorite rappers life (Kendrick, Mackelmore, etc). It obviously has a big influence on everyone else on this site as well because every fucking thread I see regardless of whether it has anything to do with Lil Wayne ends up having to do with Lil Wayne.

    • Mylie

      He is in no way a legend when nothing but (besides a few god songs on mixtapes)was legendary in terms of quality music. no classic album or memorable verses. he cant be compared to the legends we have today, He is amatuer compared to Jay-Z or Eminem bottom line. hes just an incoherant ramblin overated wackass n1gga. dont give me that famous crap when Florida is famous and garbage. You're a clown end of story. and i got alot more shit believe me dude.

  • imtravi

    Y'all too whiny about these people's lives. By who's rules is it wrong for kenrick to bring Wayne or anyone else out on stage?! Cool it now

  • BTMoney

    Being a huge Kendrick Lamar fan, I just fucking love this performance. Seeing this guy, that came from nothing and got famous by making amazing music get on stage with arguably the biggest star today, it makes me really happy to see this happen. Motherfucker, he made it ! Can't wait to see him next month.

    • Dr. Wavy

      Theres no arguement he isn't the biggest star today. stop it. its not a discussion. specially when Kanye, Em and Jay are bigger across the world.

  • babidy

    Why so much hate on Wayne? That's stupid man, Kendrick just bring out him to the stage, and niggas be like "Wtf is kendrick doing", look to the fucking work that kendrick have been doing. This don't change nothing on him.

  • Anonymous

    Fag. Wtf is K.Dot doin

  • Corey

    lil fagget looks like a fuckin dancing lepercaun

  • Nick

    noooo kendrick...whyyy would u bring him outt mann soo disappointing

  • Anonymous

    Fucking awful, Kendrick is a sell-out just like Eminem, Lil Wayne and all of the other soul-less artists. Ab-Soul is much more talented than Kendrick. He can literally rap about anything and make it intellectual.

  • Yung

    Hmmm that chick bad doe yessir, the lord hath blessed her.