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If you missed the eight consecutive shows Jay-Z performed to open the Barclays Center, here's a 24-minute documentary to catch you up to speed.


  • So Icy Boi!

    fuck Jay-Z% dat camel aint a real nigga. Lil Wayne kill him on da Carter 4. Weezy a real blood. swag

  • stefaniecarter200

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  • djquik

    moment with that granny is so funny!

  • DavidDanielz

    Jay is clearly the King of Hiphop. No one can outshine this guy. Every year someone comes out that is new but they all go away and Jay is still on top. That shit is Cra!!!

  • jay

    i used to think eminem was the GOAT until he dropped relapse and the last 3-4 features been garrrrbage.. jayz been consistant thru his whole career.. even kingdom come had dope songs even tho it was his worst album.. IMO American Gangster was his best album ever in a long line of great jayz albums.. jayz is def the GOAT as long as he dont start plankin like lil wayne, snoop dogg, and ofcourse eminem

  • Robert

    I just read the biography "Jay-Z: the king of america" on my kindle. It is a must-read for any Jay fan

  • Robert

    I just read the biography "Jay-Z: The King of America" by Mark Beaumont on my kindle. It is a must-read for any Jay fan!

  • bawse

    some next level house ni99a sh!t, jay-z = Bo Jangles

  • angelicazander473

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  • yocuz

    you can tell by how he acts thats hes appreciates everything that he has and hes still humble. thats a really tough task for most people. we all know diddy isnt near as humble as jay... or how about 50 cent,nicki minaj, wayne? all these people have grown such big heads its not even funny. but jay is better than that he know what hes got and knows to apprecitte every second that he has it. that to me is one of the reasons i look at him as the greatest.

  • jeas

    god do I miss the old hova...new flow is slow, boring, and bad

  • linda.strub33

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  • Inherited Traits

    That's really incredible.

  • joolz212

    Jay don't even spit at rehearsal no more...wow