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On the heels of a trailer, live performance and album release date announcement, 50 Cent releases the lead video from "Street King Immortal."



  • Sarah

    Adam Levine is just perfect in that song! Gosh,I LOVE that man!

  • Patrik

    This ain't the shit. O.P.P was the shit. You down with me.

  • Shawm

    50 put out 2 solid albums and the last was so so and eminem has told him to step it up. He has to take his time and make sure what he puts outs is quality music. 50 got complacent heck eve eminem did the same thing with encore and relapse and he came back from ten dead.

  • Z-Ro

    5 stars easily it seems to me whenever 50 gets back to the top everyone shows the bitch with all this hating 4 real!! Remember what 50 said in 0'3? Ain't nothing you can do to stop my shine it's gods plan homie it's not mine!! So get over it haters 50's back and ain't shit you can do about it!!

  • Anonymous

    Everyone uses features so why when 50 does people moan track is dope

  • On That

    Didnt know how to feel bout Adam L. on the hook, but this is actually an excellent track. Perfect spitting style 50 came off wit, and Em is Em. 5 star track from my fellow southsider Ferrari F

  • Anonymous

    i've tried to like dis bt sorry fif im disappointed!

  • Samou BAGAYOKO

    I want HipHop video and films porno

  • Anonymous

    Wait take it back em kills it love it!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love it besides em horrible line!

  • Diz

    The beat was straight and the chorus, hell even 50's first verse was decent, but EM just phoned his verse in and 50's last verse show's why he fell off!!

  • Anderson Cooper

    "I wrap myself into this bubble, uh-oh guess its bubble wrap." Come on Em. I love Shady, always have and always will but his verses have been a huge let down recently. I dont care how many others have commented on it. I think he believes he has to do the simple metaphor thing that has gotten more popular since Drake. YOU DONT! Just be that guy we all know and love from back in the day. I know its a new era but this verse ruined the song. Hope his next album will have less screamin, your doing to much Marshall. Get your ass a muscle relaxer and switch it up again. Kind of wishing he went back to the accent. You dont have to prove anything anymore. -A concerned fan. Cooper out ye bish.

  • m.black

    Eminem's style is so fuckin annoying now...I kno I ain't the alone on that one

  • Some guy

    I love Em but I really wish he would stop the screaming shit and just say the rap. You dont have to force it bro, we get it your back and more angry than ever now calm the fuck down and give us that marshall mathers lp flow. Other than that dope song.

  • Anonymous

    quality work and i am not a big fan of 50 but i give props where they are do

  • vDodun

    Fif gets props on this for the sole fact he named names.

  • BG

    yep these two cats together won't ever make any track harder than what Buck has bin putting out within the Last 3 years! ^uh huh I got on here just to scream Free Young Buck. Oh & this track is alrite.

  • gerryd

    Ah god lol now Fifty wrote Bucks shit too lol this fool gets more pathetic with each track. Even Eminems verse was shit on this song. Looks like he gave fifty left over corners of his paper napkins he sometimes writes on. Seriously Games second album was his best so if 50 wrote his shit then how does he explain Doctors Advocate? and Buck always makes dope songs even on the mixtapes he has no choice in releasing due to that BS contract 50 holds over him. Lol even Interscope don't take 50 serious anymore. How many times did they push back his album while allowing Game to release 2 lol. No label will push back an album they think is hot lol.

    • gerryd

      Come on Abdul this is the internet, everything people say is there opinion when it comes to likes and dislikes even though I'm actually not in the minority on Doctors Advocate being his best. Loads of people think that and thats coming from Games official websites. Go to them and search it for yourself. Also my assumptions about Buck ain't assumption. Go search the interview where Buck tells you that shit himself. You talking about keeping the hard working man down well look where Bucks at now because of 50, not to mention the likes of Slim Da Mobster who got kicked off of interscope because of 50. Seriously my hate doesn't come from no where. I liked game, 50 tryed destroying his career, I liked Buck and 50 destroyed his career, Ja Rule=50 destroyed his career. How you tell me to stop putting the hard working man down when 50 cent has done that through his whole career? Also fair play to him for feeding people in Africa but ya know if I had his money I would do the same except I wouldn't go public with the shit and I certainly wouldn't want props for it either.

    • Brother Abdul Ali

      You don't know shit! Your opinion is in the minority most thing that The Documentary is Games best. If you don't that's cool but don't make it sound like your opinion is the consensual. Yous assumptions about Intrescope, Buck, and all that shit you talking is mad shady that you sound like fucking FOX news with your assumptions. I don't even dig 50's music like that but I just can't stand bitch ass hating kids like you trying to keep hard working brothers down. We have enough to deal with like poverty and racism all over the world. At least 50 is trying to feed peeps around the world you are just spreading hate like the KKK.

  • Anonymous

    wasnt xxl trying to compare frenchs marble floors shit to this ? .. damnn, what a dumb mutha fucka tryin to come at fiddy. DUDES BEEN A GHOSTWRITER SINCE BEFORE HE MADE IT BIG. fiddys been in this shit longer than people think.. straight up mmg should just release meek an wale , sign french, and kill themselves.. aint no talent with officer ricky and bitch play.

  • Snake Gang

    I'm starting to hate all these so called hip hop heads. Yall think yall know so much about hip hop. Contradict yall selves every fucking day. Yall complain about weak ass rappers like lil wayne selling a million in the first weak and then Eminem droppin these weak ass verses and yall say "well he go sell a million in the first week" so its cool for Eminem to fall off and sell a million but when everybody else do it its a problem. And who da fuck cares if this the number 1 track in America its still weak as fuck. Eminem use to be my favorite rapper. He losing his edge. His last great cd was the Eminem show. Encore and all the other bull shit he put out was wack as fuck.Face it he lost it. All we can hope is that he find it

    • Abdul Ali

      Stop spreading hate brother. Postivety is the only way to higher consciousnesses. Be humble or you'll never be truly happy. This hip hop shit ain't that important to be poisoning your soul for.

  • RR

    I miss the 1998-2003 Eminem...Back when he used to actually rap and spit...Now he just screams and yells.

    • Anonymous

      thats cuz hes not using a basic flow u dip shits hes not dumbing down for people anymore thats why hes doing the music for him fuckers.....hes more lrycal now then when he came out if u actually listen to words n not just the flow

    • falhas

      go and listen his 1998 album fool , this is 2012 bitch its a new era new flow new living style fucker let the boys do what they know

  • Anonymous

    I swear I'm the only person in the world who actually likes the new Em flow, he finally doesn't sound like a teenager.

    • Anonymous

      i liek it to everything he does is complex lyrics flow punchlines wordplay there not simple but it goes over peoples heads so they dont like it

  • Anonymous

    dope video and song

  • ok

    this new flow is officially whack. he's had some nice double time verses (no love, fast lane) but this quiet loud dynamic with punchlines based off condiments and kmart and and working with pop artists like the Maroon 5 fruit is really fucking sad. come on marshall you're better than this. SSLP/MMLP era Slim might be gone but where's the 2003-2006 era Em that had sick ass flows and verses on songs like Don't Push Me and Rap Game and great songwriting on tracks like When I'm Gone and Mockingbird. Fuck this Recovery bullshit. I almost miss the Relapse accent.

    • Annonymous

      I love cinderella man, but with the amount of people complaining about his yelling flow, thats one of the biggest songs i can think of where he's yelling the whole time. And as far as his "new" flow goes, the difference is today he is using way more intricate words in his rhyme schemes. I mean, the guy was able to put disestablishmentarianism, the longest word in the dictionary in a song, make it rhyme and have it relate to what hes talking about. Theres not many people, if any that i know of who could lyrically do the things this guy does save for maybe Nas.

    • Meca617

      i agree he needs to make an album with his flow from "Welcome 2 Hell" or "Cinderella Man"

  • Anonymous

    I miss the old em, he yells too much now, im a huge eminem fan but i cant do this new flow, ive tried to listen to it a coouple times to see if i come back to it i would hear it a diffrent way but nahhh. 50 too, wtf you diss game for, you didnt learn your lesson the last time

  • @PeepGameSon

    Sound Like Kendrick Wrote The 1st Verse

  • LOL

    There is always hate towards Shady/Aftermath... Hate all you want FAGS!!!

  • Benson

    fifty is a snitch is the only reason no matter how dope the song is it will sound bad 2 me... kid got pop, stab by blackchild.. I guess his fans are the victims n snitches in this world

  • Anonymous

    Nice video. 50 cent is no.1 on itunes now, took him long enough!!!

  • Anonymous

    The haters are going to hate! Keep killing em Fif! Early!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    straight fire!!! this is some serious shit...amazing!!

  • bmoc

    Strange seeing a 50 Cent video on MTV Hits today.

  • ReconNitionIzBack

    Well.. is that hiphop back.. FIRE made my day, made my year!! real hiphop is back!!

  • blkviper

    Dope 5, 50 flow was crazy.

  • Me


  • BORN IN 86


  • RainMan

    haters gonna hate, especially on em. people say he needs to grow up and change his style and flow so he does that and then people say go back to your old shit. people are impossible to please. its cool his next album will still go multi-platinum and everyone will still show up when he goes on tour.

  • Anonymous

    50 gotta have a come back, man. This nigga fell of tiiime ago, dawg

  • Jay

    I can't with eminem anymore...his wordplay is there but he aint saying shit and his voice sucks ass now lol Last album I liked by him was the MMLP and i keep trying to give him a chance but im done

  • Bip P 1

    I'm with all the rest...Nice visuals.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem screaming and trying rap fast is getting old and ruining his legacy.

    • Anonymous

      Yo don't call meeee stupid sonnnn. Maybe what I meant was that he has toned down this style over the years, and its hard enough to get em on a track, you think he goes back to songs 3 years earlier to re-record them? It's not as simple and plain as your infantile brain believes but word son.

    • p

      i dont think it matter anyways.. both 50 and em go in on this

    • p

      But it was recorded few years ago lol... Guess your the dumbass here

    • Anonymous

      ^^ You really think he would of kept that verse and appear in the video if he wasn't in this phase and didn't believe in his verse anymore? C'mon don't be a retard. If he appeared in the video and on the song thats because he's still in that phase. If he wasn't he would have changed his verse & flow delivery. some people are just plain stupid.

    • bmoc

      Agree with both of you

    • Anonymous

      I think this song was recorded a couple years ago though, so he was in that phase still

  • Anonymous

    Game already ended G-Unit back in'05....he ain't gotta say shit to 50 now.....50 the only one talkin bout Game.....GRODT > Doctors Advocate > The Documentary > LAX > R.E.D. >>>> rest of 50's albums

  • Anonymous

    i just don't understand 50, why the fuck is he flowing like this? his lyrics are way way nicer than his old shit, hi opens his fucking mouth now so we get what he is saying, but he is rapping like Drake or something, 50 you were a motherfucking animal in GRODT! you were a fucking thug take-no-prisioners stlye on The Massacre, people want the motherfucking gangster who created G-Unit back, not this soft, wannabe cool casual flowing mofo. Get back on your hustle son! nice vid except for that And Em is a monster, but i'd like to hear some less yelling, it starts to lose its impact after he screams his rhymes in every song

  • Anonymous

    Sounds cool, I haven't liked a 50 cent song in good minute. Em needs to do something different tho, switch his flow, and stop giving us so much cookie cut rap pop shit, ste out this box he has put himself in.

  • JJ

    I agree with everyone who thinks the video made them like the song more! Get em Fif

  • Anonymous

    I agree 100% ..arto u know nothing suck ur momma's cock

  • KingTD

    Honestly I didn't like this song to much the first few times I heard it, but about the 5th or 6th time I started feeling it. This music video really made me appreciate this song even more. 5/5

  • Makaveli The Don Lives On

    great song, both Em and 50 cent in good, loving the hook, but Em should work on the delivery for real, lately his delivery been disappointing, even tho the lyrics are good

    • bmoc

      Yeah, but Em recorded his verse a while ago. I just hope he doesnt do much of that on his new album

    • Anonymous

      i also agree..... big em fan but i kinda am actually getting tired of the same Eminem flow since 2010. I know it's pointless to say but I was pumping 'till i collapse' at the gym today and was just wishin that he would flow like that again love the song doe..... 4/5

    • Anonymous

      think this was made years ago though

    • Anonymous

      He's right about Eminem's delivery today. U should stop posting little smartass remarks when you know nothing. Especially if you were still peeing in ur bed when Eminem was in his prime.

    • arto

      Son you don't have the credibility to review music.Sit your ass down

  • Fallofyou

    dope track spitting truth!...em doesnt seem to fit right with the beat and that never happens lol...& to you haterssssss, you cry bout hip hop being dead, u cry the industry is full of fakes, (drake, 2chainz,wayne, ross, waka flocka etc.) than wen a real nigga puts out a dope song u wanna hate, yea fif fell off name a rapper who hasn't, jay, em, snoop, the lox, nas, they all fall offf eventually over time, but i rather listen to the dudes that fell off than any new wack shit out, half of u arent even 20 yrs old on here so dont talk like u know rap, when fif first dropped u guys were like 8-10 yrs old u know shit about rap, n wat it used to be like, u can sit n download all the old school u want n think u know, but true rap fans can put ur hip hop knowledge to the grave

    • Anonymous

      Your a real idiot arto. people like you should be blocked for posting comment when you know fuck all about hiphop and you still sucked on ur mom's titties when Eminem came out.

    • arto

      Son don't be late to work. you might get fired from McDonalds.

  • Yalookinlikeaneasycomeupyabish

    I can barely understand what eminem is saying....I've had enough of this screaming shit. His lyrics are still cold but he needs to bring back his old delivery and let his words flow to the beat and quit tryin to force it.

  • Damn

    50 Cent "I tried to help niggas get on, they turned around and spit/ right in my face, so game and buck both can suck a dick." Eminem "Thought he was finished motherfucker, it's only the beginning/ he's buggin' nothing, he's straight thuggin'. Fuck who he's offending." What you got game and buck??? Shady 4 life!!!

  • JUSsoYAkno...

    yo this is sum STR8 industry sounds....FIF is starting fights out there n he comes with this bullshit. (bring scott stortch back!), his heart aint in the music no more....oh N that dr dre asissted track with alicia keyz is weak....dres beats are kinda slackin now too IE; the new xzibit ft. king tee.. and the new game dre track on jesus piece was weak.....anyways 50 IS DONE Slim the Mobster UP!

  • Anonymous

    yourmom: You think people care about yours? If you don't care than don't waste ur time posting any comments idiot. And with a nickname like yours, you most probably are a still a teen and not a bright light either. This site should be 18+. In fact any site where you can post any comments should be. Would eliminate a whole bunch of retards who still wet their beds.

  • g

    50 is garbage, please retire.

  • Anonymous

    i'm likin it, 50's always good in my book

  • Anonymous

    great video, wack ass track though. just not good enough 4 me

  • Anonymous

    great video, really like it.

  • popo

    I hope Eminem's next album won't be a let down. If he doesn't release something better than his recent stuff, he will damage his name and legacy. He needs to stop with the pop features and screaming corny emotional shit. He did Recovery thats ok but now he needs something new. All his new shit looks forced and doesn't seem to come naturally like it used too.

    • Anonymous

      Yes lyrically he is still on top but his content and flow are shitty now days. It's sad that he doesn't realize how annoying his screaming is now. It ruins an entire song. He is so repetitive now. Always rapping of how he is off drugs, he beat his demons, how fame ruined his life. I mean we heard this shit enough now he can change it up a bit. I need a doctor was the worst ever in terms of eminem screaming. goddammn i couldnt listen just too much screaming

    • CH

      and to think...his bars are still eons beyond 95% of rappers out

    • Anonymous

      That would be dope. The SSLP, The MMLP and then the Eminem LP. lol But i truly doubt he can surprise us anymore. He is far passed his prime. He lost that touch that made his music so great. All we can do is hope that he can grow some balls back for his up coming album and can stop trying so hard to appeal to 12 year old's and to fit in the mold with today's rappers.

    • yourmom

      for real no one cares about your opinion

    • Africadz

      next eminem LP milli 1st week

    • Anonymous

      stop talkin out ur ass

  • germz

    verses are dope, the beat is dope... the chorus is wack

  • aa

    Video is great and Song is dope but for the first time i think Eminem fucked the song up with his verse. His flow doesn't fit well and his shouting is annoying. Why can't he fucking chill and spit a smooth verse. I think his yelling has become very annoying since Recovery and his content too corny and repetitive. Props too 50 cent he did a good job

  • Anonymous

    who rated 3/5 hah, it's 5/5.

  • Daniel

    Like it :), but try to think on the song with Nate Dogg instead og Adam !

  • Metalhead1442c

    Ehhh.. its Fifty