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In honor of Inauguration Day, here's a re-up of a previous post of Jay-Z supporting President Obama during his 2012 campaign.


  • Marty

    The switch to "Back in Black" riff for the 2nd verse was awesome. Love how he's essentially calling Mitt Romney a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Dam before J the only real car that went to the White house was Eazy E so take it easy haters hip hop and the white house might not happen again for another twenty years

  • Papa G

    Rick Rubin that dude...

  • obum has 99 problemz

    Under Obama - Lowest consecutive GDP quarters than anytime in our history - Unemployment has nearly doubled - More workers fall out of the labor force than anytime in our history - Minority unemployment is highest in 30+ years - U6 for blacks is over 20% - Young worker unemployment highest since tracked in the 1950's - Unemployment over 8% for 41 months, never has happened in our history - 38% increase in Americans living at or below poverty, more than anytime in our history - 36% increase in homelessness - 13% more Americans WITHOUT healthcare today than 4 years ago - 50% increase in debt - 4.5x more people on foodstamps - 3x more people on welfare than anytime in our history - In 3 wars instead of 2 and about to be a 4th with Syria - Gitmo still open - More companies have filed bankruptcy than anytime in our history - 25% increase in home foreclosures - Under Obamacare women can only get pap smears every 4 years instead of annually - Under obamacare mamograms every 3 years instead of annually - The real war on women DA u still gunna vote 4 dis fraud ??? U DUDES HAVE NO BRAINS

  • Anonymous

    timeout....you all realize your watching hiphop conclude a presidential election right? Before the hiphopdx junkies come out with the Jay-Z hate parade, really give this some thought. Yea jay is the only one up there, but its OUR culture up there too. prior to 2008 there probably wasnt a single person (Jay included) on the planet that would think hip hop could have any sort of place in a presidential election, let alone the final stop on the campaign trail in the most important swing state in such a close race. Put the hate aside for tonight and actually take in whats going on here.

  • zaz

    I dont know why obama lets jay-z do all this shit. So unpro

  • jj

    This shit is so fuckin gay.