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Further explanation of Lupe's latest video/single from the good folks at RapGenius and Chief Keef's favorite rapper, Lupe Fiasco.


  • Anonymous

    Lupe is a very handsome lady.

  • 2012.

    Lupe & DMX are the last of a dying breed. if you listen you can see the similarity on the way lupe spoke on this clip, the pauses between words like DMX dose..

  • QB

    Lupe has been chosen. He has a duty that maybe he does not quite understand yet. He has the knowledge, wisdom, & understanding but he also has the voice. the power to teach and to reach the masses. the people may not recognize what he is trying to teach us. But shit, people are dumb. People crucified Jesus. they'll understand one day.

  • DC Hip Hop Fan

    A lot of people need to hear this track. The content is on point. Lupe's albums are always worth my money.

  • Anonymous

    Just a nigga tryna use big words to sound like he actually got sumthin to say. its all about smokin blunts and fuckin hoes ya dig, aint got time for none of tha political smart man talk, nigga we ride on dubs and get love in the clubs nigga, bang bang

  • real talk

    hats off to lupe for having some solid CONTENT in his music.

  • killa

    ignorant niggas cant understand lupe. dont even try.

  • qtslim3000

    preach my brother preach

  • SvR247365

    Dude is a coward. A fuckin waka flacka farrakhan. now I dont HATE him, I agree with almost everything he stands for. His music is...ok. hes a sissy. A dude threatens to smack flames out you and you quit? really? thats all it takes? just a few months ago you was acting all extra over the pete rock shit raising your voice and everything like you was ready to brawl for yours! now chief keef says some shit or supposedly says some shit...not even to your face he TWEETS it and you fold almost immediately? your gutless bruh! and thats the shit I DONT like...pun mos definately intended...FOH...

    • Anonymous

      ok here it goes take notes kiddies Lupe is frustrated because he is trying to make people see the flaws in society and after putting in all this work here comes some street idiot like chief keef reppin dumb pointless shit and causin all of this stir tricking kids into thinking he is cool for some reason Lupe is pretty much sayin yall will never learn i'm done tryin to teach and you people deserve what you get i am no longer gonna try to help you idiots out who don;t care about thenselves or the world we live in he ain't quitting he was just frustrated if he were to quit now that would be like stopping the bible from being written because everyone is too dumb to read it because satan done got em

    • dolothoughts

      Wow, you are extremely ignorant. For one, lupe did not fold simply because of what chief keef said, but because of everything else that led up to it beforehand. Which includes things such as spin magazine's article on bitch bad. Another note, why is it that some people believe that whenever a person approaches you with violence, you must respond to them with violence? And this is just not directly aimed at you, but at a lot of people that I noticed that called lupe a "punk" or a "coward". Shouldn't we be embracing people who instead of meeting violence with violence, meets violence with peace? Because lupe's response was to try and teach chief keef, that makes him a coward? If so, then we needs more cowards in this world than those who are brave.

    • Anonymous

      The shit that's really irritating to hear / read all the time is "that's the shit I don't like". People these days are really trying to fit in with every other idiot repeating the same shit their idols are doing. I can't wait till ya make a fool of yourself when lil wayne jump in a dress. And ya think it's cool. HAHA

  • Leon Legacy

    This dude is the reason i started rapping, sheer genius.


    F&L2 pre-ordered that because of songs like Lambo Angels and Bitch Bad.