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If you saw the "welcome to: OUR HOUSE" tracklist and snippets, then this collab between Eminem and Slaughterhouse comes as no surprise.


  • Joell Ortiz - Yaowa

    1. Yaowa (Intro) (Produced by DJ Premier) 2. What They Want (Produced by DJ Premier) 3. Rain feat. Raekwon (Produced by Jake One) 4. 20 Dollars (Produced by Havoc) 5. Horror Movie feat. Royce da 5'9", Crooked I & Joe Budden (Slaughterhouse) (Produced by The Alchemist) 6. What's the Word (Produced by Frank Dukes) 7. Winded (Produced by Large Professor) 8. Help feat. Faith Evans (Produced by Just Blaze) 9. Rewind (Produced by The Alchemist) 10. Winding on Me (Produced by Frank Dukes) 11. Size 'Em Up feat. Action Bronson (Produced by The Alchemist) 12. Ride Out (Produced by Mr. Porter) 13. Act Stupid (Produced by DJ Premier) 14. Oh No (Produced by The Alchemist) 15. No Happy Ending (Produced by S1)

  • Anonymous

    theyre in the lobby dumbasses

  • Loandri

    HEY GUYS! all these anonymous hate comments are from the same person. Please ignore him he has no life and is looking for attention by trying to make fun of slaughterhouse. BTW its alright for them to enjoy the fact that they made it, its common sense that they werent gonna stay underground forever. They bathing in money right now, and some mainstream songs do not take away the fact that these guys can tear up any fucking MC in the FUCKING GAME

  • yerrrr

    That nig left the laptop in the room w asian (most known for bootlegging) LMAO Joell wtf is wrong w u lol and I ma SH fan but some of these fking beats is trash! They were boppin and looked off rhytmn cause the beat is so weird EM where are the type of beats you made for your self? superman, I am? those beats u ride to lyrically, stop w the corny beats

  • So Icy Boi

    Shady/Aftermath 4 life!!!!!! SWAG!!!

  • Anonymous

    nobody can clown laughterhouse harder than they clown themselves which is some kind of accomplishment!!

  • Mondongo X

    watching slaughterhouse go up in flames is the best shit happening in rap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL @ the japanese slaugter stan leaning in to say something no human on earth understood and joell nodding like he did LOL @ joells face when the song starts playing thinks its a SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eminem is a drugged zombie fuck making teen geek shit and these guys are all drunk off the fact they get to baby sit him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! interscope made a small investment and signed a bunch of rap rejects to keep em into making bad raps at 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL @ the edit chop at the end of the vid when joell says hes gonna get a happy ending someone on the cam probably realized joell is drunk on tour singing gay eminem songs in his hotel room with a bunch of drunk male japanese slaugter stans and intervened... "tell them youre gonna get a massage before you go to bed joell youre a rap star now"

    • venoms

      your a stupid hating bitch eminem is hiphop no one can out due him so shut your lips you no talent not famous worthless piece of shit

  • venom

    shit that song was banging good job joell fucking amped for slaughterhouse album

  • Anonymous

    in what parallel universe was this considered a good 'idea'? maybe the same one in which failed battle rap bums x 4 = some brain damaged ex drug addict named Marshall's idea of a "super group."

    • Anonymous

      LMAO that "some brain damaged ex drug addict named Marshall" has more success in his toe nail clippings that you will in your entire abomination of a life...

  • Soul

    Fuck this beat is paranormal

  • Soul

    Hes gonna get the bittin of his life Joell iz a G with cream

    • Anonymous

      you mean BITING when that obese fuck gets HUNGRY he'll chomp down on anything including Japanese whale cock. Also, if I was New Era I'd pay Joell to NOT wear the brand, fucking bum is an embarrassment to humanity, let alone "fashion." Tho' he's repping BK Latino real hard lately, isn't he? No?

  • Anonymous

    ... is NOW a fat fuck...

  • Anonymous

    Joell has been straight cornball since his first, half decent (and half shit) album and even I think this is embarrassing. These bums will fail and deserve no better. Hilarious too Joell-- supposedly a former scholarship athlete (which is a lie but one he tells repeatedly)-- is not a fat fuck smoking bad cigars with Japanese male groupies.

  • Anonymous

    wow wayne fans hating on slaughterhouse thats funny

    • huh?

      Lol. Slaughterhouse fans think that everyone that hates on them (or doesn't enjoy their music) is automatically a Wayne fan. Is that really your logic? Guess what, I'm not a YMCMB or MMG fan and I don't like Slaughterhouse. Just cuz I don't listen to SH doesn't mean I don't know real hip hop either. Cuz I fuck with Black Hippy all day

  • Anonymous

    BHWBWHAHBWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL @ japanese slaughterhouse fans LOL @ this nigga sparking a cigar repeatedly like its a ROACH high class idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL @ the song he played and bounced around to wack ass carnival beat with a bunch of corny spaz raps about nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL @ inviting male slaughterhouse groupies back to the hotel like a homo these dudes are about to drop an album full of spaz raps over wack ass carnival beats!!!!!!!!!!! theyre about to make yelahoofs shady run look like a success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      @1st Anonymous BHWBWHAHBWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ At the fact he's in a country you will never ever be in.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO! this is the same person because if it wasnt it would show "3 people have voted" lmao no life

    • Dk

      Laughterhouse is garbage. People hate them. Their groupies have no taste in music, lyrics is what they interested in, they do not care about quality of production.Joel Ortiz is fat and ugly, Crooked I cannot make a hit, Budden looks like swizz beats,.....They are all broke. Eminem is a gay popstar. They will not sell for shit, they will get dropped after this album. They do not fuck super models like weezy. They are all nobodies.They will never go gold in their lifetime. Crooked is also 56 years old so he will certainly die in the next five years, Ortiz will die too since he is in love with food.Emin is also 43 and made a career off of his mother

    • YMCMB

      Lets have a circle jerk.