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Slaughterhouse shows you how to upgrade Robin Leach style with the latest from "welcome to: OUR HOUSE," which is expected to drop in July.


  • Ray Rhymes

    DOPE. Makes me like the song better

  • donta

    I can see why the haters dont like this. Ill make a list. 1. They are too young to know what hip hop sounded like before the labels got rid of the lyricism factor. 2. Like Jay Z said in "Renegade", they are not actually listening to the words of the song. They are just "skimming through it". 3. They dont like lyricists because they rap too fast for their slow closed minds to comprehend what they are saying so they easily settle and fall in love with YMCMB and MMG. ( Although MMG niggas arent actually that bad) 4. They easily like what the record labels and radio stations tell them to like by playing the same dumb shit song 25 times each hour. No matter how hard these record labels and radio stations try to compromise OUR GENRE from hip hop to HIP POP, true hip hop will never EVER go away. Hip Hop was AND still is about dope creative lyricism with a conceptual meaningful message behind it. If you arent feeling this track, then you clearly fall under the characteristics that I listed above. If you were a true HIP HOP fan (not HIP POP), then you would have understood every word they said. You would be able to comprehend that the message they are giving on this song is to show the masses just how far and how hard they worked to get to this point in their career. Look at how Crooked I career got harder because he was caught up in the middle of that Death Row records fiasco. Look at how Royce's career got harder when he was not able to sign with Dr. Dre the same time Eminem signed because Em and Royce had a temporary falling out. Look at how Joe Budden career got harder after Jay Z's DEF JAM dropped him even tho Budden had a platinum single in "Pump it Up". Look how Joell Ortiz career gor put on hold when he couldnt get a buzz with Aftermath Records because of that DETOX bullshit with Dr. Dre ( which we are still waiting on 5 YEARS LATER!!!) If youre not feeling these Slaughterhouse guys, shame on you. Cuz the sad thing is, they would eat your favorite rapper alive. Dont believe me? Go ask any true hip hop fan. Hell, go ask your favorite rapper lmfaooooo. Go ask Wayne. Go ask Drake. Go ask Meek or Wale. Go ask Rozay or Big Sean or French Montana. They arent gonna admit it, but then again, should they even have to? Go listen to Slaughterhouse first album and think to yourself, does my favorite rapper honestly have a fighting chance lyrically?

    • Anonymous

      Stop it, just stop it. I fully agree that SH are insane on the Mic when they want to be, but this? No this is you're typical radio reaching single with typical "radio hip hop" lyrics, just because it's SH, that doesn't mean it's automatically lyrical.

  • poprap rules

    some nice ass poprap: - driving in a expensive car; - some models; - popbeat; - joel ortiz with a drink in his hand; - some disco lights This popimage is perfect for these new poprappers

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this really Slaughterhouse? It's corny as fuck, horrible mainstream track with shitty effects, this is not the image they want to be conveying to the general public because as good as they are on the mic they just look/sound washed up here.

  • IMO

    I like Slaughterhouse but this is ass. Blatant reach for a crossover hit.

    • Anonymous

      Also what exactly did they supply the heads with? A shitty rushed album and a 5 track EP of old tracks? Neither of those products deserved to be payed for. And outside of the Mood Muzik Series (Which was free!) none of these dudes have released anything noteworthy in the last 10 years.

    • Anonymous

      They "need"? Why do they need the teen audience? Why do they need to sell out? If you white 19 year old nerds started buying their records instead of just dickriding them on the internet they wouldn't "need" to do shit.

    • Anonymous

      They need another target audience, the heads don't support them after they supplied them for years.

  • J

    Not the classic Slaughter but not bad. Buddens and Nickels verses were too short, hook was too long, too much Cee-Lo. The rest of the project should be better.

  • mcanonymous

    fuckin love this song incredibly lrical with a catchy but not overly pop hook its great hip-hop needs more like this

    • Anonymous

      Right ok man, hip hop needs more shit like this. FUCK OUTTA HERE! This is ass. Also I love the fact you spelled lyrical wrong.

  • jerrycu

    this is honestly a really good rap song. Its complete; good lyrics, hook, bridge....you just dont get that in rap anymore. A lot of good lyricists have shit beats and just do good mixtapes... not saying its their fault. Its the labels. Id love to see this song do well

    • Anonymous

      Why do all SH fans act as if they are the only good Hip Hop artists in the world, open your fucking eyes, there's plenty of dope shit out there, some even better than Slaughterhouse.

  • Anonymous


  • Deftly

    anyone who says they sold out is an idiot. They're signed to a Maj. Label so of course some songs are gonna be radio freindly.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody's saying shit about NaS, he's released his fair share of crap over the years but that doesn't change the fact that this is ass!

    • Anonymous

      Slaughterhouse is sellouts, but Nas who placed Hero and Make The World Go Round, propably the two most out-of-place songs ever, on a concept album and working with ringtone rappers isn't? This disgraceful hypocrisy has to stop.

    • Anonymous

      Why do you act as if there have to be radio friendly tracks? These artists CHOOSE to do this because they have the backing and potential to be have success. Stop acting like this shit is forced upon them, they don't give a shit about their integrity or their real fans.

  • Anonymous

    damn i admit i wasnt a huge fan of the song at first as a huge slaughter fan.. but this is a fucking celebration..we should be happy dudes who can rap are signed to a major label and possibly getting recognition by the massess.. how can you not laugh at this video? hilarious and slickly done SLAUGHTERHOUSEE

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^ laughterhouse street team cum gargler ok laughterhouse army let's see it sell... ya'll wanna bet no laughterhouse in july either? or should that be ETHER?

  • Joell's Cheese Fries

    BHBWHBWHBAHBWHBWHAHABAHABAHBAHAHAHAHA cheesy green screen video with fat dusty old heads trying to be super lyrical over a gay candy land beat with a gay appearance from gay cee-lo... THEYRE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to see what jimmy iovine does to eminem after this shit FLOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes gonna have eminem opening that medicince cabinet one last time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! record a LP with bieber lady gaga rihanna and taylor swift and pay jimmy back or go out like elvis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! id go out like elvis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its hilarious how these slaughterhouse bums think they have it made on SHADY... work is done... right.... lets forget about joell ortiz dropping an LP right after the shady deal that sold like gas station hot dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where all the geeks saying sluaghterhouse was real hip hops last chance in the mainstream!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?! these niggas all got dropped by major labels and couldnt wait to get picked up for another fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they need slim on every track and eminem is 40 years old perfecting poop and piss punchlines over tin can beats by himself... ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL @ cee-lo selling out for the fuck of it cee-lo just wants to initiate the new talent up in the office... nigga is a high ranking satanic priest... BUTTERBALL FAGGOT LOST HIS MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The Eminem thing was funny but could've been cut down to a minute. The rest was just bland, overall music video was decent but nothing too special. Song is great though.

  • Anonymous

    its a new era in rap. thank u slim shadey for signin the best underdogs. hip hop has resurected

  • bigchippydip

    i consider myself the biggest slaughterhouse fan in the world. but i have to admit what a terrible choice for a single. no hate just dissapointing. hope the song doesnt reflect the album.

  • Anonymous


  • God Save America

    So much hate on here you'd think these trolls are getting paid for it. Anyways, I wasn't feeling the beat at first but Slaughterhouse and Cee Lo went in for the theme. As some commented already, it's a feel good song about their struggle to reaping the benefits of hard work. If you can't relate, then you're either too young or you're a bum hater. I'll smoke n drink to this SLAUGHTERHOUSEEEE!!!


    I'd much rather watch Drake's fake ass drink syrup with the fake-r Rick Ross in some video rapping about how hard he is... That was sarcasm. At least these dudes are being real and actually have bars. Yes, the video is corny and Cee-Lo Green wouldn't make much money if he didn't sing curse words in a high-pitched voice. However, the verses aren't bad.

    • Huh?

      You dead wrong about Cee Lo. Danger Mouse said himself that the man walked in the studio and sang Crazy in one take. BOOM. Platinum single, IN ONE TAKE. How many curse words Crazy got in it, smart guy?

  • Anonymous

    I think it's no coincidence that 3/4ths of the haters are anonymous lmao. Because it's probably the same fuck head over and over again. Face it. Shady and his crew are better than MMG, YMCMB, and pretty much every other group out there. GOOD music is the only crew that comes close. Lyric for lyric, bar for bar, Slaughterhouse is real and they don't rap about the same old bullshit that all these other clowns like Drake, Meek Mill, and etc etc etc rap about.

    • royce

      i think that Strange Music and Funk Volume are on top...GoodMusic not so much...it goes like this Shady,Strange,Funk Volume,Babygrande and then lets GoodMusic...thats my personal opinion but saying Good Music is next to Shady is a lil bit pushed

  • Anonymous

    make a 'funny' video because your music sucks and the white boy look foolish for pushing on a world that rightly doesn't give a shit joell gonna get that 'scholarship' though it's all good hey did you hear his moms did crack it's crazy what that whining fat fuck has 'gone through' (besides the White Castle drive in about 5000 times)

  • matter

    What's nuts is that the first car in the video looks just like my old 1991 Cutlass. My life is about to be awesome and this song gives me hope.

  • Anonymous

    never thought em,cee-lo,and slaughterhouse could work together,and make something corny...i was wrong,song sucks,and the video looks cheap,the em part especially,and the chrysler plug was extra wack,we get it nigga,they pay you to promote,but damn,that wasn't even trying to be subtle...opinion,not hate,there's a difference

  • lumba

    I came here just for the trolls! I already watched this on youtube and it isn't receiving nearly as much hate over there. It's because a few of the people on this website have no respect and/or no higher intelligence. This is a feel good song with some great verses, it really grew on me. I loved Cee-lo in pilot mode. And that Em shit was pretty funny.

  • Dylann17

    Great video and funny intro. 5 Stars.

  • Anonymous

    holy fuck this is horrible; no wonder they need Eminem joking off... nobody can pretend this isn't utter dogshit with a straight face; the real funny thing is it's sure to FLOP too so ya'll just wasted your last shred of credibility for what? not even a handjob from Jimmy I. laughterhouse stays losing, what a surprise!!

  • J-Byrd

    People gonna hate kuz this is a radio track.When they just trying to finally make money off their craft.Keep bringin raw shit and shit that can sell!Radio needs to play this more.Cool video

  • war22

    this is what im talkin about...if u hate this then u have nothing in common with hiphop ..real talk

  • Don't Hate, Appreciate

    Solid Track. Shady Got Something Good Here.

  • newwest626


  • Gabriel Ramirez


  • gwap

    slaughter house cant wait for the album

  • Hip-Hop

    LOL! i didnt know people could actually hate on Slaughterhouse, like really?? If u hate on these guys i think u should stop listening to rap period. No point.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^^^^^ white teenager who hasn't listened to the last 90 years of recorded music nor gotten his dick sucked (my man or woman, whichever you prefer).

    • Anonymous

      All the haters safely fit into 2 categories 1. Faggot Canibus groupies who would probably drink cyanide kool aid if he poured it in a glass forum 2. Modern day fans of "Idiot Rap" like Gucci Mane & Young Money who get migranes trying to figure out the big words

    • Anonymous

      = 2 and even that's overrating these bums, dipshit. back to summer school for you! the correct answer is 0.0

  • George

    this ain't their best but it beats everything else on the radio at the moment!!

  • I put the G in G-Mail.

    Not a great track but it's good to see them having fun. Cee Lo got them dwarf proportions.

  • emo dawg

    motherfuckers keep the hate up slaughterhouse eating your favourite rappers alive

  • amirhossssein

    dont fuckin respond to this motherfuckin bith ass trolls. video was fuckin awesome fuck all the haters ! face it slaughterhouse is not made for radio whatever they do they cant get on the radio they better stick to that hard core shit ! though i kinda liked this song. let them have fun for a while they've been strugling for the past 10 years let them do whatever they want they deserve it ! they've earned it. DX what about crooked's Psalm tape?? a review or somethin?? look how Nas has turned into a main stream whore, another track with MMG ?? cmon man , might as well join YM or MMG! even he couldnt resist it and sadly him whoring around is getting annoyingly persistent but SH guys promised its the only fuckin pop record on the album! and look how crooked is rooting against fake ass ross ! its all signs , SH not gonna be a part of this pop mainstream bullshit. (i hope so)

  • B.L.I. of BNE

    Celebration of being where they wann be after grindin so hard...a lil commercial and not really what i'm used to from them but they held it down and c where they was goin wit it...Congrats N*Kkas

  • Psycho Maestro

    HATERS CAN SUCKA DICK! You don't know hip hop and you never will homos. Slaughterhouse is the shit. Sorry If I don't like my rappers to have a 3rd grade education you dumb fucks. Go listen to Waka Flocka or Lil Wayne if you don't understand all the big words they're saying retards.

    • Anonymous


  • Williamsburg Black

    So where was Joell Ortiz offered academic and athletic scholarships or was that just another of his lies? GO LAUGHTERHOUSE! GO LAUGHTERHOUSE! Even by their dogshit standards this song is horrible.

    • Anonymous

      This nigga is obsessed with Slaughterhouse, I think he must have been married to one of the video broads Budden smashed and the only way he can feel better bout it is to go on HHDX and type in LAUGHTERHOUSE when there mentioned

    • Anonymous

      fuck you bitch go listen to Justin Beaver or whatever gay music you listen to pathetic fuck

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i LOVE IT haha. great video. dudes gotta have fun and and they all deserve it. great song great video and the begininning was legit eminem ishh haha. i love it! i cant WAIT for this album to drop!!!! 5 stars aint enuff!

  • Anonymous

    LOL, not a fan of the song too much but the video is funny as hell, reminds me of the clips Em had on his first couple albums, 5 stars for the video

  • Anonymous

    Solid track ... 5 stars

  • Curtis75Black

    Slaughterhouse having fun with their shit this time around, Props to them. Cee-lo is a monsta for that hook.

  • @SmeezeF

    I definitely like this as a lead single. Not sure I dig the beginning of the video but it's definitely a good radio friendly song that is still Slaughter House Music.

  • Matt Dubois

    This shit is hot! @MattDubois1994