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In addition to some bars from his son Jaden, Will dips back into "Fresh Prince" mode and performs "Brand New Funk" with Jazzy Jeff and his daughter Willow.


  • Anonymous

    wow that was really dope 2 see will & his kids both luving real hip-hop!!

  • katleen

    god dam will still rocking and jadenn is tooo dang cute

  • Anonymous

    will smith ill shit

  • dfgfsg

    please do a new jazzy jeff and fresh prince album we need one!!!!

  • wishworks

    Man this was cool to see as a father, 4.25

  • t0x

    In all honesty, if jaden wants to actually do good in the rap game maybe he should stop immitating the shit out of drake's faggot ass.

  • Anonymous

    Lmao i don't get it so when its white parents exposing there kids to be stars n shit its all good but somebody like will n jada do it its bad. They not really exposing them anyway jaden and willow just wanna follow in there parents footsteps whats wrong with that you got people who follow in there parents footsteps to be a doctor like there parents or teacher etc so what's the difference especially since they have the skill to do so. These kids are very talented and once there 18 they will be way better so stop bashing them get a life you just mad that u work at burger king or some shit. As for will it was great seeing a mic in his hand again that was coo.

  • MightyMike27

    That was pretty dope. Lotta good energy in that room.

  • Anonymous

    Fresh. To perform with both his kids two thumbs up! Haters shut the fuck up ain't no one exposing their Kids. It so happen that Jalen and Willow want to be like they parents and I kno they grew up on hiphop so one again its fresh!

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    Just an opinion....let these kids be kids, why exposure them to the masses like this. They could do kids stuff but not like trying to be mini adults. Its mickey Mouse Club material. I like Will as an actor but not so much as a rapper

    • b-Dizzle

      Exposing their Kids?? they are kids! they HAVE a childhood! jus happen to have Famous cool ass parents..and WANT TO follow in their footsteps! and have the NATURAL ability to do so!!! wanna talk about EXPLOITING their children...2 Words: JACKSON FIVE!! go talk to Joe Jackson!

  • sayed

    im not big fan of any of his kids but u guys criticize jaden like he's some sort rap god he's like 10 what do u expect from him ofcourse it's gonna be corny dude did his first song with bieber

  • honesty

    WTF? :-( Kid needs breathing technique. Throusers is effed up and jesus... this is wack man...

  • Anonymous

    dis crowd is also gay as fuck...just like jaden

  • Anonymous

    jayden is oh so bad

  • Mr. Awesome

    Loved it! Jaden sounds like he got some skills on the mic; I digs it!

  • Anonymous

    never seen such a boring unmoved crowd..its Jazz n Will come on'' da fuck?

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, I don't understand it. It was nice to see Will on the mic once, quite entertaining. And for the fucks that bash on the little kid. Get a life haha!

  • Anonymous

    1 star because Jaden Smith looks like a faggot