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  • Brian

    Canibus sucks, always has sucked, always been on Eminem's d***. To quote Nas, "Can't even call you a man, when you gotta call out my name to get you some fans."

  • YepYeap

    Saying eminem is better than Canibus. Listen to Curriculum 101.

  • Kool G Rap LOVES EM (case closed)


  • canibusisclown

    eminem is not racist canibus dont know shit about him

  • canibusisclown

    i love this beat and canibus is awesome lyricist but he is trying to get fucking attention to this. Eminem is better than canibus still.

  • Timugenious

    Sad to see what has become of ya'll cats' hip hop. How the hell do you say Shady stads a chance against Rip the Jacker? Mad respect for Bis. Either way, I think J-section has the dopest cats. South Africa stand up!

  • Mathijs

    damn this shit is wack xD everyone that says Canibitch is better than Eminem, go blow your brains out, you're not using them anyway hahahaha


    Fuck Canibus he is the stereo type of a hater... he always blames others for his mis-steps and is straight out hating and bitching , he should come out of the closed. Re-open a beef with Em who does not make u a man or gangster , get fucking over it Can-i- bitch. Try to set a positive example to the youth or stay hating and die a hater..... fucking idiot

  • undersybus

    i think dis tack iz a set-up by Bis........nd if em falls in da trap by replying, he would get his azz distroyed by bis who prop got a diss track 4 em lying on da studio 4 maybay about 4 years.....lyrically bis wins.....battling bis wins....outshinning people on a record bis wins....... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWMemN1gT0g