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J. Cole unleashes a single dedicated to Mike Brown and all the unjustified killings that have been going on.

Rest in Peace to Michael Brown and to every young black man murdered in America, whether by the hands of white or black. I pray that one day the world will be filled with peace and rid of injustice. Only then will we all Be Free -J. Cole



  • Vics

    I think i just grew a beard listening to this. Dope!

  • Denali

    I totally agree! There is enough millionaires in the game, to make this a reality! Create our own labels, distribution..etc! Great tribute J. Cole! "theyre out there. they just aren't allowed to have shine right now with the bullshit being let into the industry. Until we own our own labels well have young thugs running rampant in the game.

  • does it matter - Yes

    For all of the ignorant posts that discuss whether or not Michael Brown robbed a store, or how "black males" are just "innocent victims," I only want there to one view of what happened that day.... The hypocrisy that is law enforcement taking live rather than preserving them. Discontinuing life rather than saving one. Guns fires at an unarmed man, as it so happens to be on a repeated basis, black men. I'm a white man with something in my soul called empathy and respect for the truth. "Be Free" from all gunfire. "Be Free" from the preconceived.

    • richc

      If a white man cannot make a black or brown life, than he nor they have no right to take one! What Michael Brown did that day has no relevance to the justice that cop took upon himself.

  • tony

    lol this is the wackest gayest shit i ever heard like all black males r just innocent victims, no youre the people doing most of the shooting its them causing fear in neighborhoods and children getting shot sing about mommas not raising their kids daddys taking off not poor black males being hunted down by police officers how ridiculous

    • Trillmatic

      Your stereotyping all black males.Just by you saying that, your ignorant as fuck. People like you need to fall hard as hell

  • Anonymous

    Song of the year thus far.

  • really?

    Have any of you actually read any of the news stories? or have you just road the cotails of everyone on social media? This kid was not innocent he robbed a store before this incident happened, he pushed the cop into his car then reached for the officers gun. Im sorry I dont care who you are how old you are if youre reaching for my gun you bet your ass your getting shot period.

    • Anonymous

      Do you believe everything the news reports especially when it involves youth black males? Just because the news puts it out, does not mean it's true. The difficulty is that there are more and more accounts coming out of what allegedly took place. If Mike did reach for the officer's gun, the officer had every right to defend himself I agree. However, I think we are questioning why Mike was shot so many times. At this point I don't think anybody is questioning Mike's behavior or criminal background.

  • Anonymous

    For you ignorant idiots, its not like white people are out to kill black people. stop being fucking ignorant. I'm white and agree with Cole, these officers are killing innocent young black men for no reason. needs to be stopped.

  • Be Free

    Cole is a real artist for this one. So much emotion and passion

  • RealityBites

    RIP to the kid who go shot, but this song is an insult to the kid's memory. a poorly thought out dedication and piece of music on any and every level. highly disappointed in this, and i was really lookin forward 2 it

  • Dreamvillain

    MTV should ask Cole to perform this on Sunday at the VMA's. His message needs to be seen by everyone. It would be powerful. But they'll probably have Miley, Lil Wayne and Iggy Slut Bag perform instead because people don't want to hear the real shit on TV.

  • Anonymous

    One day, we'll be free? That day will come when? The world is ruled by economics, the slave trade was primarily about economics, bruh, the evil motherfuckers used skin color to justify using blacks as beasts of burden. Stop worrying about bullshit Benz/Tight jeans/Fashion/music/Sport et al., industry. Learn how to speak and present yourself well, stop saying that's 'white' that's this, that's that, remove yourself from even that so-called'gay' rights battle bullshit that has nothing to do with us, Black folks, all those things are distractions. Wake the fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    more artists need to be like j cole theres not a balance we need that party shit too but theres too much of that and not enough real substance in the game to balance it out which they dont promote

    • Anonymous

      Bullshit makes money and real hip hop does not. The fans are the ones who can decide what gets played and what doesn't.

    • afdaf

      theyre out there. they just aren't allowed to have shine right now with the bullshit being let into the industry. Until we own our own labels well have young thugs running rampant in the game.

  • Anonymous

    Songs like these make it easier to point out who isn't real in hip hop.

  • freedom

    Cole shoulda put for every black/white man slaine cmon now J dont do us black people wrong

  • BobbiHausgom

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  • dave

    I love J Cole and Ima fan of this record, but its FREAKING ridiculous how when the St. Louis artists do records dedicated to the Mike Brown they're criticized but a dude not even from there can make a record and be praised! I'm saying he not even from the Lou,but people won't accept a record from stlouis artists!

    • christopherr305

      Yea, I kinda agree...I've seen the heat some st. louis artists have taken! But I guess its because your city isn't viewed as PROFOUND no offense! New York or east coast has just always been acknowledged for being more advanced than other cities lyrically!

  • jb

    None of us are actually free. Thomas jefferson warned us about a central banking system and consequences yet we didnt listen. International bankers control our money and OWN the federal reserve. They care not who makes the laws as long as they control the money. America belongs to them now because we didnt listen to our forefathers. For the people, by the people. Time to take OUR country back, all we gotta do is take the chains off..m

  • Anonymous

    he's on video robbing and man handling the store owner when he tries to stop him then gets shot trying to manhandle a police officer. then the black community riots and breaks into the store mr. brown was caught on video robbing. what a fucking joke. i blame the mom in all this. when people are fucking without condoms do they even realize that a young life will be brought into the world 9 months later that they are responsible for raising and teaching right from wrong or do they just dump the kid at grammas house and go fuck some more?

    • tony

      because if his hoodrat mother taught him right from wrong he wouldnt have thought he could do whatgever tf he wanted without consequences he was proved wrong later that day. live like a thug die like a thug

    • Anonymous

      Let's get a few things straight. The people looting and rioting are not from the town according to the people who have been interviewed on CNN. The people creating this havoc are from out of town. The community people are trying their best to work with the police force to identify who these people are. What does Mike's mother have to do with this? How the F*ck do you know that his mother did not set a good example for him? Do you have kids?

    • QB

      Yeah, but even if he punched the cop, ran away but then stopped and put his hands in the air to SURRENDER, then there's no excuse for shooting and killing him. Do we execute shoplifters now? It's sick that heartless people try to justify a MURDER because the kid stole some cigars..

    • Anonymous


    • The real

      I saw that video, it's true. But I also saw that he had no weapons on him, and the officer did not know about the store incident. I'm not saying the kid was a saint(deserved to go to jail), but his life is worth more than some cigars in a mini mart.

  • Anonymous

    he robbed a store, he got shot! if he wouldn't have robbed the store he would be alive. YOU DO THE MATH!

  • Jazzmin

    One day we'll take the chains off... one day man....one day

  • clevelandchief

    Most people only see things on the surface.



  • Jselfworth19

    I'm looking forward to when J cole speaks out in relation to the true meaning and objective of this song for the sake of insight. Cole always takes it deeper than "It just sounded cool so I said it"

  • for real

    Nice message, but man he CAN'T SING.. awful..

    • Jselfworth19

      Thats the point. Its a song of emotional outbreak. Similar to what wale was trying to accomplish on sabotage. Its supposed to force u to have an opinion, his vocals are more to be perceived as cries more so than melodies. If you listen to Cole on the end of "Breakdown" or on the hook of Bas's song "My Nigga Just Made Bail", you will see his talent as a vocalist. Maybe not powerful enough to be a successful R & B artist, but certainly serviceable. I respect your opinion though, just thought I'd shed some light.

  • Anonymous

    At less one rapper have big enough balls to speak on it, in the 90's niggas be all over cases like these from west to east man

    • Anonymous

      There's still plenty of conscious rap nowadays. I hate when people make statements like it's nonexistent. Just have to look elsewhere away from the radio and mainstream blogs. If you really want to hear politically charged, uplifting, thought provoking rap you can find it buddy.

  • B

    Its not always about making a HIT ... Get the message out. ALL WE WANT TO DO IS BE FREE!

  • mecs



    I honestly think J.Cole is top of his class. One of my personal favourites. BUT .. this is some bull shit. Not the song it self . but the message. Everybody is fucking free. Enough with this bull shit. This song perpetuates the bull shit. enough already.

  • James

    This is one of the most heartfelt songs of the past 10 years. I feel your pain, mr. Cole

  • RichC

    The song is great for the moment, and hopefully it becomes resonated throughout the land, not only for the black youth, but for the masses.

  • Anonymous

    This reaches the soul.

  • Divine1-2

    Right on time Cole!

  • SP

    It's way darker this time.

  • Head

    This song accomplishes what it set forth to do.

  • Lala

    This shit had me in tears....goosebumps. You could hear the pages turning...so raw and real. #weshallovercome

  • dexter strangefruit

    This young brother spoke from his soul into the soul of black youth everywhere. This is what sets him apart from those artist who have slowly become soulless. This song shouldn't graded on it being popular or not but instead of the effort to release this into the consciousness at this trying time. Kendrick and J Cole are soulful brothers and make sounds that address our issues of the soul. This is likened to Mos Def's song "Umi" another song to wake us and remind us. Our sounds always reflect our consciousness from spirituals to blues to jazz to soul to rap (maybe i missed a few genre) and if we are ailing then we make ailing sounds if we are attempting to heal then we do likewise. Everyone listen to our sounds they reflect our soul.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice idea, but J. Cole still sucks - even more when he sings. The most boring flow and bad self-made beats and bad singing combined equals J. Cole.

    • Head

      You obviously missed the point. Every song isn't meant to entertain and should not be assessed as such. Go watch sports if you want to be entertained.

  • Ross

    This song is just wow. People saying he can't sing... pfft he's got balls to sing since he's a rapper. Props too him. 5/5


    "J. Cole" better than your favorite rapper.

    • Bigl1230

      GKMC was not a classic. People overhyping that album. They didn't start saying that until after Control came out. Its not classic! No Quantity doesn't define quality, but aint no way in hell you listen to Cole's music and say its not quality. Don't just listen to his single and define who he is....listen to all his music. I've listen to them both from start till now and NO I don't think kenny album touches Friday Night Lights (which is Coles best work).

    • God

      @bigl1230 GKMC is better than every J.Cole album/mixtape/EP. Kendrick has his level of fame because his album is classic. Cole put out Born sinner which was good lyrically but a very mediocre album.

    • fritz

      @bigl1230 so quantity defines quality now?

    • Bigl1230

      @GOD...I agree it's a cool song for what it is but I probably will never listen to it again. BUT TOTALLY disagree with Kenny being better then Cole. I don't think he even has enough material to compare to cole. Furthermore. Friday Night Lights is better then Kenny Album and SEction 80. I'll throw Warm up in there also. Nothing Kendrick has done, cole hasn't already done. Except take a stab at the whole industry!

    • GOD

      the song is meaningful but it's not a quality song his singing is annoying as fuck. Also, J.Cole isn't better than Kendrick

  • Deep

    The song is deep and it is always good to see mainstream artists that still in touch with reality