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Drake wishes his fans a Happy Tuesday with his new cut going in over ILOVEMAKONNEN's "Club Goin Up On A Tuesday" produced by Sonny Digital and Metro Boomin.



  • L

    I work a lot and I swear it's never shit to do when I get off. So yeah, this shit dope as fuck to me. lol

  • peepeenyata m&m

    tuesday's over rated. monday's when you get coke and weigh it, but you don't know shit, cuz your lifes been sober ain't it. I got hoes they waiting, to do blow, no ice T, its a different koko baby. loco, crazy. lone wolf, like a lobo ask toto to get me some jojo, and i will go go crazy. no no baby. i'll endorse coke until this soda pays me. pee pee, bye bye.. bitches go on their knee knee, tatas, i see see. la la. sorry carmelo, but my games been blue since you've dropped the hard yellow and blue along with your nuggets, thats hard fellow.

  • Anonymous

    holy shit this is bad. like really really bad.

  • OVO

    I fingered my butt for hours to this last night, at first I could only do 1 finger in but as the night grew old I was able to get 3 in & hopefully soon I can get fisted. #LoveDrake

  • Anonymous

    ILOVEMAKONNEN is the new wave! ATL SHAWTY... LucidFc , +FRESH.i.AM+ , Omnipresent by Jeffery Joseph , Stay Positive (+), LGDA Corp. A T L A N T A >

  • Mc

    Y'all must be old af this is dope relax and enjoy the music lol fuckin haters be real out here

    • I'M 13

      I know right this is dope me and my friends love dis shit you old dudes 23 and ova don't no shit bout real rap music


    Black Zombie thinks this is garbage. This has not been Black Zombie approved !!

  • Real Talk

    I Like wieners, like them alot

  • tariqz117

    Drake is the best rapper out there, he makes this track decent without him it would be wack! :)

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • H20

    Meh i give it 1* because i'm feeling kind

  • Anonymous

    What a waste of potential this dude could have been so much better than this piece of trash

  • dreads

    Kinda song i would love to hear while i'm at the beach. This shit is so great

  • Anonymous

    wtf, i was expecting some new drake.

  • MASE

    Drake is the modern day Mase except he sings more on every fucking hook

  • Game Theory

    All these guys getting so offended just because some people are telling the truth this shit is weak . Please stop with the I listen to drake and it gets me laid if you are 21 and under then yeah maybe makes sense . But if you 24+ and catching ESTROGEN feelings for drake then you need to improve your game.

    • Game Theory

      ^ Do you mean "Money Over Bitches"

    • bitches over money

      @ drake runs rap some of us chase money and others chase bitches you obviously chase bitches me i chase $$ because the bitches always follow the money

    • Game Theory

      OK. I'm not going to lie to you weird CORNBALL I didn't bother to read you're wall of text . Next time use paragraphs it makes reading you're weird rants more "palatable" that means "easier" dumb ass . However, I will have a wild guess that you said the following! Drake Is The Best He Runs Rap ... Rick Ross is the realeast nigga alive, you know the normal weirdo rants you post from "moms" basement on a daily basis (My advice to you remains the same) Gain some assets whether liquid or otherwise Get some fresh air leave "mom's basement" Meet a girl fall in love take her for a meal even you can afford two 99c burgers Stop trolling HHDX you are getting to OLD leave it to the kids . The power is within you old corny suburban troll . I hope the above advice goes some way to helping you get you're pitiful and lonely life back on track P.S for added ambiance and to guarantee you will get laid bring a CD of you're favorite Drake tracks to McDonalds and ask the manager to play it while you wine and dine that lucky lady with those 99c burgers .Now you're WINNING .LOL

    • drake runs rap

      If you rely solely on money in order to get lucky women, then i have to assume that you purchase hookers because thats what men in their early to late 20s who still live at home with their mothers do. Much like yourself, I'm sure. I never said that niggas RELY on Drake to get them laid. I merely stated that Drake SETS THE MOOD for romance/sex. While money is important, it's totally insignificant when you flash your "wealth" around, and you of all people should know better. It's bad enough you're working 3 jobs just to survive and get by on those itty bitty minimum wage paychecks. You cannot afford hookers, therefore, you must live within your means ans scoop up an ugly white woman from a bus station in your mother's station wagon and take her out on a date to Wendys. But remember, you also work there, so arrange a meeting with her on your lunch break. You can share a junior Baconator because that's all your sorry behind can afford, anyway.

    • Game Theory

      ^ You really are the lowest hanging fruit on the tree aren't you CORNBALL . Yes in you're virtual trolling world i.e "mom's basement" having money equals "prostitution" and listening to drake means you will definitely get "laid" even though you're a weird loser who spends all day trolling HHDX . What is the point of you're existence suburban cornball. LOL

    • drake runs rap

      "you will find that "MONEY" helps you get laid a lot more easier" yeah and it's called prostitution, you pasty faced loser.

    • Game Theory

      ^ Wrong again corny peasant . I don't work for people thankfully outsourcers work for me . And on a separate note try to increase you're net worth gain some liquid assets, you will find that "MONEY" helps you get laid a lot more easier, than relying on bumping drake songs, out of you're busted whip, and praying you will get lucky ! Anyway SUBURBAN TROLL dont you think you're to OLD to be "trolling" hiphop sites . LOL you really are the definition of a waste of space

    • drake runs rap

      Obviously, you have a little dick, that's why you envy Drake and the true purpose of his music: to get niggas laid. Maybe you need to shut your nerdy, punk ass up and stay away from any Drake articles if you don't like the motherfucker. Don't be jealous because the niggas is excellent at what he enjoys doing, and that's giving the fans superb music. Meanwhile, you sitting on your ass hating while you're on your pathetic lunch break and your little 9 to 5 job.

  • Anonymous

    Drake only gets hate because haters know their bitches(if they got any) would suck his dick and swallow his cum for FREE

  • Real Talk Drizzy

    I love butthole more than anything in this world.

  • Anonymous

    Can it get any worse than this? Drake is the biggest case of wasted potential in a LONG time...

  • drake runs rap

    Pay no attention to the haters below me, Drake. Just keep doing your thing and continue to release that legendary fire you known for spitting on these lames! 5/5

  • Real Talk Drizzy

    -Its about that Time (Time Time Time) -Where all the white people whine -Cuz its new Drizzy Track (Track Track Track) - So automatically they call it whack Damn - So much hate, only lets me know im great -Ur favorite rapper aint fucking with me - Cuz i went platinum on my first 3 CDs - And when my next shit drop we gon make that four -u say i rap for the ladies, then tell your bitch Drizzy said hello -If she had the choice between me and you, You already know where she Go -on the first flight to toronto -u haters aint stnading next to me, even when I was Wheel Chair Jimmy Too be continued...

  • Anonymous

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  • bossip girl

    I love this song one for all us females . Drake really knows how to communicate to us females

  • cmonson

    Ain't nobody trying to hear this corny sing song shit. Rap dammit

  • SRA

    hmmm, maybe i'm getting old (29). I'm not feeling this..

  • OVO

    I wish I could lick this niggas whole pie clean, I would even eat the pie crust. Oh my, now my butthole is all hot & bothered.


    When's that bitch nigga fitty gonna do one of his shit ass verse's on this? Cause I want to see this turn to shit. FUCK 50 CENT BLAT BLAT BLAT

  • Anonymous

    i aint gay but drake hella fine

  • Anonymous

    drake is disgustingly good

  • Champagne Papi Life

    Dope track! Drake is dropping nothing but fire right now!

  • DaTruth

    I would give this no stars but I had to give him 1 star for trying.

  • Aubrey Bieber

    Drake should have Atlanta Appreciation as well with his affection for their sound and flows... nigga has no struggle at all, he either whining or rapping bout club life... Bieber ass clown. No struggle in his life period!!!

  • Real Talk

    OMG! he is so dreamy, I just want to hold him forever as we glare into the blissfulness of each others eyes & become one. #LoveofmyLife

  • Kyle

    Could do without the original verse.

  • Drake Til Infinity

    Drake needs to stop hopping on wack rappers tunes and "remixing" them. See Versace. The songs are so horrible in their original form that even Drake can't save them, while at least not entirely. Nobody wants to hear Drake over Zaytoven and Metroboomin'. We want to hear Drake over Boi 1da and 40, the OVO sound. Not this wack southern garbage sound.

  • Anonymous

    This dude is so consistent.

  • Nagibatel

    Ochkastiy rakal, ne chitay etot comment