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"Anaconda" has leaked in a very low quality, but here it is, sampling Sir Mix A Lot's "Baby Got Back." Expect the CDQ next week.



  • hassan

    This is the song that the producers thought of as an instant hit? What to say.. bitch better get some new producers



  • -

    Why do people hate Vanilla Ice but fall for this girl's noise? She is the single most untalented person I've ever heard in Hip Pop history. All it takes is tits and a costume now days.

  • Anonymous

    put a sextape to your next single btw

  • Anonymous

    the only one anaconda is in my pants. song is garbage

  • asd

    worst artist ever. nicki is all about the money. cheap whore. shes like drake, worst artists inc.

    • real

      You might not like her but she is far from a whore. If she is classified as a whore then people can classify your mom,grandma, sisiter and whatever other hoe you hold close.

  • Anonymous

    That really sucked

  • bblanco

    Shit is trash, and now Iggy runnin laps around yo azz

  • A

    cant belee yall left this many comments and aint say: THIS SONG IS ASS!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Anonymous

    Trash. I can barely understand what the fuck she's saying because it sounds like she having a seizure

  • Anonymous

    This is supposed to be the blueprint for female rappers? Not even the most desperate artist would want to follow this. Each Nicki release gets worse and worse. All her crazy fans act like she's the queen and nobody can touch her and their right. No one wants to touch this garbage. She may be the most known female "rapper" but she's no where near the best. She should stop now and just stick with her K-Mart clothing line.

  • ru

    nikki was sent to kill off hip hop for good !

  • Anonymous

    Chill this is music for gay people.

  • Anonymous

    Sir Mix A Lot Baby Got Back

  • gdstubbs

    j-pop. or, based on those sounds at the beginning: j-poop. i didn't last 3 bars.

  • A- Non

    1 word.... Garbage. Only way Nicki could get some buzz about the single is by showing her ass, which we've all seen already, nothing new. Many women in hip-hop who are more commercial and in the spot light have to act sexy and be half naked in videos and pictures. Nicki is the opposite of what you want in a female MC. Look up Snow Tha Product.. I've been following her for a few years and I haven't even seen her in a swimsuit once. She's attractive yes, but there's substance to her. She can make a song about turning up and it wouldn't sound so dumbed down. Anaconda is disappointing. All her hype for nothing.

  • Tigra and Bunny

    This bitch stole our style!

  • Anonymous

    The finished version might be a completely different beat. We don't really know. If it's this version it's whack af but who knows until next week

  • Bart Simpson

    LMAO all that publicity for this future flop if this becomes a hit i will eat my shorts

  • Hotep

    Sa-Roc, Narubi Selah & Boog Brown would wash Nicki Minaj lyrically

    • Anonymous

      I myself could fucking wash this bitch lyrically. Your great great great grandmother could mop the floor with her plastic ass from the damn grave. The fucking clerk at your local store probably washes her lyrically just by greeting customers. The kids in the back of the short bus rap circles around her just by crapping their pants. Am I getting my point across?

    • gdstubbs

      Late 80's Fresh Prince would wash Nicki Minaj lyrically.

  • homie

    I am sorry but this is wack!There really need to be some dope female emcees to come out like there used to be back in the day,when there were the likes like salt n pepa,mc lyte,latifah,rage,yo-yo,etc.Nikki is not representing female rap at all in a good light.Showing your nakedness is not going to cut it.Even lil kim eventually realized that.Not hating,I am just saying.

  • A

    see. real talent never fails. if you can sing well, everything you put out will at least be a little good as long you are doing your job and singing. but music based on eccentric personalities can go very WRONG very FAST. eminem is another victim of an eccentric personality not being funny anymore

  • A

    ok if you made me a superstar and put a mic in my hand and told me this was my song and i got to sing it every day i would take a bunch of sleeping pills and blow my brain out

  • A

    this bitch has to sing this trash day in and day out forever now. what kind of a broken bitch drugged out brain do you have to have to do that

  • Fred Beats

    I love Nicki just don't love this song...pop trash #next

  • Anonymous


  • adore7373

    Above near song it says "low quality". they didnt lie . that shit is low quality and low budget. slap a fake ass on a cover so it get you the male votes cuz showing ass sells if not anything else. sing a dumbed down song to get the generation that doesnt know a damn thing about music to hype this crap up. of course fan base is going to think its the hottest shit and we're all just hating. i will say she does her thing. fake or not, if the real niki showed up she would prob be a bad ass but this shit was lazy and gimmicky. i guess this how she toned it down...

  • Ymcmb head honcho weezy

    This da single dat gon drop nd take ova da werld belie dat!

  • Anonymous

    Not what I was expecting shit's different than what I Invisioned.

  • Anonymous

    Not even lord weezy and king drizzly could save this shit.wack!

  • Anonymous

    well. not only did she stoop to objectifying herself because shes threatened by the likes of Iggy, but now shes releasing horrible music? Man, I miss the OG female emcees.

  • Chi-Ill

    That photoshop picture definitely will get more hits then this shit ass single!

  • d-nucks

    This can NOT be the single......is she serious?

  • San Diego Negro

    Hot garbage. She could still come get some of the pipe though.

  • drew

    Naw, this cannot be the much anticipated Anaconda. This is really really really bad. Well she had a nice run, guess Iggy really do run it now....lmbo!

  • Chad fiddles

    Awful music from this sheboon.

  • Anonymous

    She definitely has her audience, unfortunately I'm not one of em. Nonetheless, I'll pop the shit outta that ass..bite that thang too! She gets a 5 from me simply because she's a bad broad. Y'all cant front on that.

  • Anonymous

    big up me pumpum star nicki,your large bloodclot! ragga

  • DAB

    Can she finally be taken out and shot? Just like her ass will do in 5 years this shit is a FLOP! She is garbage!! She has become nothing more than a caricature of herself! TEAM LIL KIM FOR LIFE!!!

    • K Dot Dot Dot

      A modern club song that samples every white persons favourite old school/most often referenced old school rap song? No. This is a hit. I'm not happy about it. But it is. This is like the 2014 equivalent of Fergie's "Fergilicious."


    Fact out of all niggaz that came out 2005 and after Besides Drake and Kendrick GAME and Jeezy and even C.O. ROZAY are the only niggaz puttin out quality music since. The internet Totally Fucked Music Up. Now a days any wack ass Chief Keef or Lil Durk Or soulja boy can get a fuckin record deal make videos with a 1080p camera phone and put fake money up in pics claimin its they shit. Niggaz makin songs bout new buggatis and only worth a total of 2 million dollars (future, Ace hood), there used to be a realness to hip hop or ur bitch ass got exposed, Im from ChiRaq and i will no longer even remotely pretend to like the fuckery ASS drill music scene!!! wack muthafucks who cant rap to save they life chief keef lil durk, Twista and them real dudes showed these half retarted little fucks nothing!!! Fuck Rap!!!!!! and I was only referring to niggaz who came out 2005 and after everyone know Eminem and Jay Pac and big are monsters,,, GAME should actually be included with them legends Cause Doctors Advocate, Documentary, and all games albums are Classics or damn near classics FACT: nobodys Dropped a hip hop album as hard as the documentary or doctors advocate besides eminem since 2005 Jeezy 102 Recession Dope Kanye west fell off when 808 came out that wack shit and that dark fantasy shit was not no fuckin classic by my standards! But ever kanye album before that classic wiz rollin papers was decent Jadakiss is just a dope ass nigga ID RATHER LISTEN TO GAME NAME DROP FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE THAN TO LISTEN TO ANY NIGGA BELOW!!! RAPPERS THAT SHOULD BURN IN HELL BEFORE THEY FUCK UP ANYTHING THAT HIP-HOP HAS LEFT Chief Keef LIL DURK and i only know them niggaz cause im from chi raq GUCCI MANE... and GAME would beat the fuck out of this fat flabby jail bird LIL SCRAPPY MEMPHIS BLEEK MIGOS FREDO SANTANA lil B...itch OJ THE JUICE MAN SOULJA BOY WAKA FLAKA pretty much every nigga from the south and new chicago fuck em and they bitch ass record deal cept... scarface bun b tre the truth outkast and the nigga above YOUNG JEEZY

    • Anonymous

      lol and how is this related.....dumb fuck

    • kyle5221

      new Chicago rappers? boy u aint heard chance the rapper then huh? I agree with everything else all those rappers are garbage.. don't forget rich homie quann on that list of garbage rappers..

  • Anonymous

    this is some ole bullshit! duck a bitch named nicki minaj. can't believe she recorded this mess, came we get some real music please! zero stars!

  • Mr. Afrika

    So terrible through my ears but the general public gonna eat this up.

  • olde droog

    delaying her release to over shadow remi ma's release from prison in the news...so cold

  • Stupid whore

    This ain't hip-hop, fuck this motherfucking bitch

  • Anonymous

    switched it off when she said "i let him hit it cuz he slang cocaine" it's like we are teaching people to be fuck ups with a dora the explorer or sesame street type song. 1 star wish i could give it 0

  • Anonymous

    HDDX some boss niggas for putting this now. now we can tell all nicki singles are flop. and this album will be too.