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HipHopDX's Mike Trampe details America's most dangerous cities, and the rappers from there that you should get to know.

Some of America's most dangerous cities also breed some of the illest rappers.

Storytelling has been part of Hip Hop culture since Hip Hop emerged in the '70s. Emcees would paint a picture with their lyrics and take you on a ride through their neighborhoods. Unfortunately, the majority of successful rappers also come from some of the roughest cities America has to offer.

We took a look at 16 of the largest cities and based our list on the number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents. Violent crimes include murder, forcible rape, armed robbery, and aggravated assault.

Our focus was on the larger cities that had numerous artists to represent them. You will notice a few that only have 1 or 2 notable rappers, but the majority have a handful of talented rappers. All notable rappers are listed and we highlighted each city with our favorite up and comers (or vets).

City: Flint, Michigan

Rapper: Jon Connor

Chances Of Becoming A Victim: 1 in 36

Other Notable Rappers: MC Breed, The Dayton Family, Dizzy Wright (Born in Flint, Lives in Vegas)

City: Camden, NJ

Rapper: Apollo The Great

Chances Of Becoming A Victim: 1 in 39

Other Notable Rappers: Big Lou

City: Detroit, Michigan

Rapper: Elzhi

Chances Of Becoming A Victim: 1 in 47

Other Notable Rappers: Trick Trick, Eminem, Royce Da 5(TM)9, Elzhi, D12, Danny Brown, Obie Trice, Black Milk, King Gordy, Guilty Simpson

City: Oakland, California

Rapper: Mistah F.A.B.

Chances Of Becoming A Victim: 1 in 50

Other Notable Rappers: Mac Dre, Richie Rich, Dru Down, Too Short, Del The Funky Homosapien, Keak da Sneak,Yukmouth


City: St. Louis, Missouri

Rapper: Stevie Stone

Chances Of Becoming A Victim: 1 in 56

Other Notable Rappers: Chingy, J-Kwon, Murphy Lee, Nelly, Domino, Prince EA.

City: Memphis, Tennessee

Rapper: Yo Gotti

Chances Of Becoming A Victim: 1 in 57

Other Notable Rappers: Juicy J, Project Pat, 8Ball & MJG, Gangsta Boo, DJ Paul, Lil Wyte, Lord Infamous, Al Kapone.

City: Atlanta, Georgia

Rapper: Rich Homie Quan

Chances Of Becoming A Victim: 1 in 70

Other Notable Rappers: Gucci Mane, T.I., Future, Young Jeezy, Young Thug, Big Boi, Lil(TM) Scrappy, Jermaine Dupri, Killer Mike, Ludacris, Shawty Lo, Yung Joc, Gorilla Zoe, OJ da Juiceman, Bone Crusher, Pastor Troy

City: Baltimore, Maryland

Rapper: King Los

Chances Of Becoming A Victim: 1 in 71

City: Cleveland, Ohio

Rapper: King Chip

Chances Of Becoming A Victim: 1 in 72

Other Notable Rappers: Bone Thugs-n-harmony, Machine Gun Kelly, Charles Hamilton, Ray Cash

City: Miami, Florida

Rapper: Gunplay

Chances Of Becoming A Victim: 1 in 85

Other Notable Rappers: Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Trina, Luke, Jacki-O, Ace Hood, Flo Rida, Brisco JT Money

City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rapper: AR-AB

Chances Of Becoming A Victim: 1 in 86

Other Notable Rappers: Gillie Da Kid, Cassidy, Freeway, Young Chris, Beanie Sigel, The Roots, Meek Mill, Will Smith, Eve, Schoolly D, Lady B, Charli Baltimore, Cool C, Vinnie Paz, Bahamadia

City: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Rapper: Kevin Gates

Chances Of Becoming A Victim: 1 in 91

Other Notable Rappers: Lil Boosie, Webbie, C-Loc, Foxx

City: Chicago, Illinois

Rapper: G Count

Chances Of Becoming A Victim: 1 in 99

Other Notable Rappers: Common, Kanye West, Lil Durk, Chief Keef, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Reese, Rhymefest, Yung Berg, Crucial Conflict, Chance The Rapper, Twista, Rockie Fresh

City: Houston, Texas

Rapper: Z-Ro

Chances Of Becoming A Victim: 1 in 100

Other Notable Rappers: Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Lil Flip, Willie D, Scarface, Kirko Bangz, Trae The Truth.

City: Gary, Indiana

Rapper: Freddie Gibbs

Chances Of Becoming A Victim: 1 in 110

City: Harlem, New York

Rapper: A$AP Ferg

Chances Of Becoming A Victim: 1 in 110

Other Notable Rappers: Cam(TM)ron, A$AP Rocky, Vado, Jae Millz, Big L, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, J.R. Writer, G. Dep, Loon, Kurtis Blow, Freekey Zekey.


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    What about Hollywood,Ca Shit aint sweet round here

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  • IROC

    If the industry would stop promoting ignorance a lot of bullshit would stop this is nothing to be proud of period.

  • RealTalk

    New Haven, Hartford, and Bridgeport aint up here?? Go back and check that list again. #2, #4, #6 http://lawstreetmedia.com/blogs/crime/new-fbi-data-for-dangerous-mid-sized-cities-crime-drops-flint-stands-out/

  • Anonymous

    stop tha violence right now ya digg

  • RealHOP

    A$ap Freg for harlem NY? Guess you never heard about Immortal Technique

  • Chad fIDDES

    Another dumb ass article which would only appear on a Moon Cricket website.

  • kareem

    how is compton not on the list..? kendrick lamar, dr dre....

  • Anonymous

    Articles like this are why this site is shit

  • Sam Snead

    Elzhi is a dope MC but black milk is the most promising in Detroit. Michigan is shit in general

  • Grinch

    Listen to Jon Connor and Elzhi then listen to everyone else....

  • Anonymous

    this article is stupid. this just glorifies thuggery and ignorance. get an education!

  • Anonymous

    all trash "rappers" in one post. And almost all these shitty fags sound the same. Southern garbage style pah

  • theRAPzuckerberg

    1) Choose cities with high crime rates (I don't want to go on a limb and say murder rates because I can't discern that from the facts provided, but the likelihood of ending up a victim sounds ominous.) 2) Choose rappers from these cities. 3) Tell readers they should get to know these rappers. Mike Trampe', I guess it was a slow day in the office. What did this piece accomplish? What value did you add you to the culture of hip hop? Do you really believe Elzhi thinks someone should listen to his music because he hails from a city steeped in violence? Or, and this is me taking an educated guess, it was easier to put together a list based on the precept that people like taking pride in things - even if it's a something as unfortunate as violence. DX, this is a WTF moment, but I'm not mad. This drivel only was posted because someone understands the psychology of media as evidenced by comments below clamoring about which cities should have made the list, or ranked higher, as though crime is some sort of fucking badge of honor. I live in New Orleans. I read about the foolish every single fucking day. There is no pride taken in lives lost. You should not use it as fodder for clicks. That said, I'm pretty sure rappers (Freddie Gibbs for example) chose rap to ESCAPE the circumstances of their respective environments making this piece moot and ironical. Yes, crime and culture should be discussed with regards to rap, but it should be done so in a responsible, constructive manner. There are a number of news outlets engaging in the criminalizing of black males, I don't need such from one of my favorite sites. But I guess it's all about the dollar right DX?

  • Nico

    The headline said AMERICA'S most dangerous cities. Do y'all read over there in Africa or nah?

  • Anonymous

    And Stevie aint even from STL. Hes from Columbia, MO. Which is an hour and a half away from STL. This site fails

  • Anonymous

    I cant believe they put STL over Kansas City. smfh

  • Anonymous

    These days hiphop has already seen its best; New fashion trends got niggas lookin like fags when they dress

  • Crobal

    What about Brick City?

  • marcusbws


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  • r1cka1me1da

    Damn auto-correct....Ace Hood reps Deerfield Beach *

  • r1cka1me1da

    I'm pretty sure Dizzy Wright reps Vegas...and Ace Hood repair Freebies Beach, whole different county then Miami..Broward, where 2 Live Crew from

  • Anonymous

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  • khjk

    what a dumb ass report

  • Sarcasm

    No love for Big Sean on the Detroit list?


      BIG SEAN has zero love for Detroit. He made a damn mixtape named 'DETROIT', and it did not include Detroit MC's. There are easily 10, if not 20 Detroit MC's better than Big Sean.

  • Anonymous

    dont advocate violence

  • willly esco

    Oh yea that nigga G-count stay goin in

  • willly esco

    That nigga Jon Conner go hard that song up there remind me of Nas 2nd Childhood but he did it in a whole different way but anyway that shit was dope!!!!!

  • wtf

    Why Compton ain't in there? This list is rubbish

  • Steam Killah

    You want to see a ghetto, come to Kibira in Kenya, just off Nairobi city. Wake up you black American idiots. You have too much to in your disposal to be someone in this world.

  • Steam Killah

    A city which have electricity, police, water and food plus welfare. Grow up you idiots!

  • Steam Killah

    Its funny when most of you American think your leaving at most dangerous city! Who are you kidding! .

  • 3headedmonstah

    wow, i cant believe they did not put GAME/or Kendrick for Compton CA rappers.. smh no respect .

  • Joe

    Dizzy lived in Flint until he was 4 y-o...he had about as much chance of being a victim as Tommy and Chuckie..he doesn't even rep the town. Smh...

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    mac dre oakland???????????

  • Mattik

    they really didn't say shit about Psychopathic records. Smh never ever show love. BTW The new DARK LOTUS HAS BOMBASS TRACKS with some REAL beats check it out!

    • Anonymous

      I have never in my life met an ICP fan that wasnt a straight fuckin weirdo nor have I met a legit hip hop head that likes them

  • blaq_boi

    SEAN KINGSTON IS A RAPPER???? hahahahahahahahahaha


    Philly niggas always spitting that gun drug shit always keep it real out there. AR-AB is the fuckin truth when that nigga getting out the pen?

  • Anonymous

    What about Little Rock,Ar????

  • asdf

    Gunplay - no chain? fo real? lol

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  • DX stays losing

    So whats the point of this article? I dont get it? DX is this the way you treat hiphop? You are really a bunch of the dumbest motherfuckers on this planet.

  • uptownfirst

    So now your website is giving love to the cities that embrace black genocide? How about the cities with the highest black graduation rates? As a native of Philly, this shit ain't nothing to be proud of, what is the point? Just more fuel to the fire for ignorant niggas who can't see through this bullshit, that will jump on here and be ecstatic because their city is up here or mad that its not.

    • Anonymous

      Hiphopdx is canadian based, white demographic, Yall need to realize wtf is going on with this rap thing they trying to rewrite the history

    • I'M 17

      Exactly keeping the people dumb so they can stick to the status quo . If you want a good piece to read check the one below http://raprehab.com/facts-about-hip-hop-and-prison-for-profit/

  • Anonymous

    Pointless article put together a bunch of poor black people who have been brainwashed to hate each other And what do you get ? A whole bunch of pointless black on black murders... Thanks DX for putting together this well thought out click baiting article ..Now can we go back to Lord Jamar

    • I'M 17

      just listened to that Scarface song 3 times in a row dope

    • Anonymous

      P.S no doubt your the white dude "MIKE" who said (Same bars we've heard for twenty years Boring.) http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/videos/id.16119/title.scarface-no-problem- You dudes are FUNNY always trying to use deflection tactics why are you only happy when blacks are being manipulated "BLACK MINSTRELS"

    • Anonymous

      @ where aka Duh . Thanks buddy I obviously don't spend long enough getting my fix of good hiphop from this wonderful site P.S, Seeing as you are more than likely a suburban early 30's white guy you wont be offended when I tell you that your opinion will never mean shit to me no doubt you enjoy BLACKS being nothing but "Walking Talking Dicks" ..

    • BIG EARL

      ^ You read all of that and that's the only thing you took from it

    • Duh

      Try using a search bar ya buffoon :) http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/videos/id.16119/title.scarface-no-problem-

    • Anonymous

      O for fuck sake you socially engineered buffoon ... Are you really that simple minded this is not an article that is trying to highlight the mindless killing of countless black people . Show me where the fuck this article shows some form of journalistic integrity in regards to black on black murder Please stop with this bullshit talking about they just telling stories of hood ... Yes a lot of the shit is fucked up but their is also stories of hope and people overcoming obstacles Look you are easily influenced their is a reason why 99.7% of hip hop these past 20 years or so (glorify only one thing the negative and stupid ) ....Because it sells !!!! Do you really think the MAJOR LABEL HEADS think o that's terrible whats happening in the hood this guy needs a voice to make us all aware of the travesty's in his neighborhood Look their has been an concerted effort for many years to portray black people as mindless thugs who deserve no sympathy and deserve nothing as they will only ruin it Learn some fucking history their are no longer excuses for being dumb and manipulated ... Peace P.S, When the fuck is this site going to play/highlight that SCARFACE SONG "NO PROBLEM"

    • Where

      Where in this article does it promote violence? To me, this article is showing that in America we have violent cities, and like the author said, "unfortunately", most rappers come from violent environments. You're acting like the article asks you to throw you setup or promote violence. If anything, it shows people just how dangerous and poor America is, while we focus on all the other countries issues, we have issues of our own. Do you say this to every rapper who is rapping about the hood? They are doing the same thing, telling a story. All this article does is paint a picture, just like an emcee would. This has shed some light on the senseless violence going on around our country, and i hope it can get better.

    • Anonymous

      We as black people glorify stupid shit

  • Anonymous

    What about Richland County, *Wisconsin*

    • Anonymous

      hahahaha, what about them? bunch of hillbillys slangin meth outside the trailer park? that ain't hip hop dundun

  • Anonymous

    And how are you going to mention Harlem and not mention Puff Daddy / P Diddy and Mase as notables???

  • Anonymous

    How do you mention Oakland and include everyone but the person who put Oakland on the map...And on top of that, he's still active in the rap game....TOO SHORT!!!!! smh, he's been the main guy from Oakland since 1985!!!!

  • 901DATSME

    MEMPHIS 10!! Shout out to the 314

  • chicago's son

    this list has no basis. Gary, IN has a much higher crime rate than every city on this list except for maybe Camden, possibly Flint...NO is pretty close to this as well. and who cares. this website is trash. are we bragging now? I've actually seen people shot and killed and it's nothing to brag about or glorify. it's depressing, it hurts, it destroys communities and lives. people speak on Common & Kanye and certain topics they approach, and it's cause they've actually seen the bs in the streets and know it's not something to glorify. then you got people like Officer Ricky...

  • Anonymous

    The very first notable Philly artist should've been The Roots, they've been relevant over 20yrs DX.

  • J

    No love for ICP for DET? I understand a lot of people don't like them but they rep Detroit harder than any other.

  • Young Lou

    How do yall not mention THE DAYTON FAMILY representing FLINT?

  • Anonymous

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  • Jr

    U guys should be ashamed not Giving Props to MACHINE GUN KELLY for Clevland

  • Detroit slim

    Jon Connor ain't the voice of flint.You ask any flint nigga and they gonna tell you the Dayton family hold that title.Bootleg n shoestring 2 of the hardest muthafuckas to ever do this rap shit.