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Happy Birthday, Detroit! HipHopDX's Mike Trampe brings us some of Detroit's most notable acts who aren't named Eminem.

Here’s to the 3-1-3 turning 313!

Wait, what? Yep, you heard right. Detroit turns 313 years old today.

Detroit’s music scene has been one of the richest in America for some time now. Producing great Blues, Jazz, Rock 'N Roll and the world famous Motown Records. It is a city that believes in hard work, family, culture and creating from the soul. The Hip Hop scene is no different, and it has produced some of the finest acts in Hip Hop history.

I paid homage to the G.O.A.T Eminem with his 10 Most Maniacal Bars, but felt it was only right to pay homage to the great city of Detroit as a whole.

With that said, we bring you 13 of the biggest names in the Detroit Hip Hop scene that are not named Eminem. Grab a Coney Hot Dog plus a Faygo and enjoy!

Royce Da 5’9

Big Sean

Kid Rock

Obie Trice

Guilty Simpson & Apollo Brown

Danny Brown

Trick Trick

King Gordy

Black Milk

D12 (Proof, Bizarre, Kuniva, Swifty McVay, Fuzz Scoota, Bugz & Mr. Porter)

Slum Village (T3, Illa J, Young RJ, J Dilla, Baatin, Elzhi)

Phat Kat

Insane Clown Posse


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  • kilkswitch

    Where the fuck is esham? Mastamind? Dice? This list is trash

  • Jhonny Wave

    No esham or Natas Bad list

  • dilladonut


  • missing

    Black thought from the roots is detroit and better than your whole list

  • Siccx

    Eminem learned his whole "act" from Esham, hell ICP themselves tailored their lil act after what Esham and RLP was doing, RLP did it on their own, and created so much, even though they go unappreciated, you can't deny the influence Esham and NATAS had on acts like Eminem an ICP, to place the copies on this list and not the original, is just wrong.

  • Siccx

    This list is lacking ESHAM, MASTAMIND & TNT, without no NATAS there would be no Eminem, no D12, an especially no wack ass ICP, fix this gay ass shit and do it right.

  • jdz

    Isn't Elzhi from Detroit as well?

    • Mike Trampe

      Yep, he was on the list under his old group, Slum Village. I wanted to keep the list at 13 so it could play off the 313 area code and Detroit's 313 birthday.

  • JW

    Hey, I understand that the list is opinion based so I can respect your admission. Just curious as to why Esham hadn't made the list when he was the progenitor of the acid rap/horrorcore scene out of Michigan. His influence is prevalent in ICP & Eminem's work and was a staple in the Detroit music scene in the early to mid nineties.

  • jnjnjn

    Big Sean, Kid Ink, Trick Trick and ICP don't belong here.. HHDX writers have no taste Where are One Be Lo, Apollo Brown, Journalist 103, Hassaan Mackey, Xzbibit.. Hell, Bronze Nazareth is better then those 4 niggas

  • William E. Ketchum III

    That's not to say that some of the vets here haven't earned their place, BTW, because they have. But some of the vets on this list aren't making high quality work anymore, and I like to see younger cats get love when they can.

    • Mike Trampe

      Appreciate the insight, William. I interviewed Kid Vishis yesterday on the site as well, and i made sure to talk about the upcoming talent in Detroit. Which he names the majority of people you named. I wanted to cover as much as i could for Detroit on it's birthday.

  • William E. Ketchum III

    Good list. I would've made a couple of omissions and inclusions - I don't really consider Kid Rock as hip-hop (especially now), and there's a lot of younger talent I think is better than some of the people highlighted here. Namely: Clear Soul Forces, Boldy James, Quelle Chris, Marv Won, and Jahshua Smith and Red Pill (the latter two are artists I work with, hence the separation). But it's a good list.

  • Young Lou


  • Anonymous

    no willie the kid? this is why im bout to start my own hiphop site! these young dummies wouldnt know heat if they were standing on the sun!

    • Mike Trampe

      Young Dummies? I'm probably older than you, sir lol. And Willie is from Grand Rapids, not Detroit.

  • Gordan the Great

    Glad to see Apollo Brown on the list, been my favorite producer for a few years now.

  • Allison

    Love the list. Can you make a list with Indie hip hop artists from Detroit such as, The Regiment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8-lWiIPk6U Their latest album (especially the video for 10,000 Strong) reps Detroit to the fullest!

  • SlumVIllage

    Elzhi isn't in Slum Village anymore, but thank god he made this list. Who the fuck is King Gordy lol

    • Thanks

      for the list! I figured there was a reason you lumped Elzhi in with Slum. Nice work

    • Mike Trampe

      The key was to keep the list at 13, so it would play off of the 313 area code and the 313th birthday of Detroit. So to make it work i had to keep Elzhi under Slum Village. Thanks for the comment!

  • Tommy

    I agree with the most of this list but how the fuck does Big Sean make the it, I haven't a musical bone in my body and i could spit better than this clown, obviously you just have to be a famous artist and from Detroit, that's it!!!

  • BTMoney

    Lmao at ICP, Kid Rock and King Gordy. Where Boldy James, Clear Soul Forces or One Be Lo at? They're waaay better than those other clowns.

    • Mike Trampe

      For sure! Great idea and feedback. Appreciate you reading.

    • BTMoney

      Fuck, I got my Michigan shit all mixed up lmao. I even thought Jon Connor was from Detroit first, my bad. I understand that it's not an up and coming artists from Detroit list, but it would be nice to see some of those names on these type of lists, especially knowing that some of them are more talented than other dudes that get on these lists. But I understand why they're here, I just think it would look better with those artists there. Also, I think lists look better with some explanations on the picks and why they're there. Like for example, you could just briefly say why the artist's on the list and what they've made for Detroit hip hop. I think that's better than just a name and a video. That's just a thought though, it would make things more interesting imo, so yeah. It's cool to see the person that made the list answering to comments though, wasn't expecting that. Cheers bruh.

    • Mike Trampe

      The list isn't about up and coming artists though. It was about the artists in Detroit that I FEEL have the biggest name/draw over the history of Detroit Hip Hop. I just interviewed Kid Vishis (it's on the homepage right now) and i asked him about up and coming artists from Detroit. So i tied it in there and made sure to shine some light on it. Also, MC Breed is from Flint, Michigan, not Detroit. I'm not offended, just speaking my mind like you are. Salute.

    • BTMoney

      Fair enough, but still, King Gordy never was that successful, nobody would even know who he is if it wasn't for Bizarre. ICP's music is and has always been trash, Kid Rock hasn't been hip hop in a long ass time, so I would rather see young dudes that are puttin' on for Detroit right now, like Boldy James and Clear Soul Forces. My bad for One Be Lo, I always thought he was from the D for some reason, but that's cause he's from Michigan. You could've also put MC Breed in that list. Hope you didn't feel some type of way about my comment, I might've ben a lil bit harsh, but yeah, everybody got their list, I'm just saying how my list woulda been.

    • ha

      Lo isnt even from Detroit...

    • Mike Trampe

      Topic is open for opinion & discussion, that's what lists are for. But ICP, Kid Rock have had tons of success and have put on for the D. Do I prefer them over Boldy James music wise? Probably not, but i looked at this list as the biggest names in Detroit. Appreciate your feedback.