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Eminem? Crazy? Clearly. HipHopDX's Michael Trampe breaks down some of Eminem's craziest bars.

Eminem’s wordplay, psychotic lyrics and voice were just a few of the reasons we got into his music during the mid '90s. In the early part of his career, he was saying things never heard from any other emcee in the game. His delivery, cadence and demeanor were unique, interesting and believable.

"Whose arm is this? I must have cut it off at the pharmacist, That refused to renew my 7th prescription of Darvocets, I'm the old man who lives upstairs and starves his pets, That never leaves his house, cause he thinks his car's possessed" – Eminem on "Watch Deez"

Eminem was never afraid to speak his mind and collaborate with emcees who were talented, but maybe not as “mainstream” as some wanted his collaborations to be. He's respected for experimenting and doing what he does best: making you press pause and rewind so you can clarify what he just said. Without further ado, here are 10 of Eminem's Craziest Bars. Lose yourself in these lyrics.

Thirstin Howl III f. Eminem – "Watch Deez"

Eminem – "Demon Inside"

Eminem – "3 A.M."

The Madd Rapper f. Eminem – "Stir Crazy"

Eminem – "My Darling"

Eminem – "Murder Murder"

Eminem & Royce Da 5'9 – "Welcome To Hell"

Biggie Smalls f. Eminem – "Dead Wrong"

Eminem f. J-Black & Masta Ace – "Hell Bound"

Eminem – "If I Get Locked Up Tonight"



Eminem – "3 Verses"


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  • winnnz

    These songs are mild compared to "Stay Wide Awake" from the relapse album. "Who's wakin' me so violently and why's he on top of me? "He's rapin' me", she tries to scream "Somebody please get him off me" He's tapin' me, he's bitin' me, he's laughin' like it's funny" She's scrapin' me, she's fightin' me She's scratchin' like some dumb freak"

  • Joe Dirt

    Back in the day when he was just collaborating with emcees he was raw. I first heard him when he was flowin with Rawkus in like 1998 and liked his lyrics but he was still underground but not for long cause of Dre. Im pretty sure that Thirsten Howell III song was on Soundbombing 2. Where he has that line "came in the room and sprayed puffy with mace." Hes still tight just not the same rough raw battle type lyrics!

  • vitalis

    Eminem is the best rapper of all time and he has produced the best lyrics so far as music is concern.

  • makaveli

    What about the first verse of "Medicine Ball"?

  • Willam Valentin

    Like nice wach videos

  • lewl

    "Don't Approach Me" with X-Zibit should be there too! Too many songs to choose from :(

  • lewl

    His 'Words are Weapons' verse should be up there! Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7R1dZe34xM "My mind is like a fuckin stick of dynamite Onen I get behind the mic it's like the wick is lit you bitches die tonight My nine is like a guidin light at night shinin bright My fuckin grip is tighter than my wife's vagina, psych These cock-suckin cops got my Smith-N-Wesson I guess it's time to pick a different weapon, man the shit's depressin" I agree with most songs apart from the Relapse singles and 'Welcome to Hell'

  • Boom

    How about Kim?? That is THEE craziest song I've ever heard to date. It's masterpiece, it gives you the chills. I read an article that a rolling stone journalist did a interview with Eminem in his studio, and Eminem showed him the song before he released it. That must of been awkward listening to that with just him in the room. It's like no other.

  • matt

    the verse in im back absolutely should be number one. "So I just, throw up a middle finger and let it linger longer than the rumor that I was stickin it to Christina Cause if I ever stuck it to any singer in showbiz it'd be Jennifer Lopez, and Puffy you know this! I'm sorry Puff, but I don't give a fuck if this chick was my own mother I still fuck her with no rubber and cum inside her and have a son and a new brother at the same time and just say that it ain't mine, what is my name?

  • yechitngr

    Should have tried to include a verse from 97 Bonnie and Clyde, he doesn't swear but the thought of it all is just insane

  • Jacey

    "Chris Kirkpatrick/You can get your ass kicked"

  • Anonymous

    What The Beat: now everybodys killin everybody and everybodys bloody and im just laughin like its funny cuz i dont really give a shit about no muthafuckin body, im so muthafuckin nutty i dont give a fuck about nothing!!!

  • Jaime D

    No stay wide awake? Song's nuts.

  • Eric

    I personally think that "as the world turns" has one of the most fucked up verses by slim

  • david mardak

    Insanes pretty maniacal too

  • AJ

    For rap god sakes let, this writer put out his peice out without debate. Mike Trampe, Why do you have such a hard on for calling him out and being so judgemental? We all live in different cultures so when he speaks the words, "puttin out some bars," that could definitely mean something totally different to you, as you could of been raised in a different upbringing as I or him or as someone else reading this. Go back to college for journaling and English, and for debate, if you will.. I have I loved all of those classes. Professors asked why I was not writing. My reply was.... Because of people like you.. Book closed.

  • Anonymous

    you where's Buffalo Bill at??? lol. Thats actually on of my favorite relapse cuts.


    LOL love these vids...

  • zoranvarga

    im surprised Kim is not mentioned above.

  • Whispaaah

    The next big thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxa0sPtybXY&index=1&list=UU2MocxLZcIfteB-PwbdM9vA

  • Anonymous

    Stan Alert.. HHDX sweats Ems nuts

  • joey jay

    all th ones I would've picke d

  • DrewDown91

    GET YOU MAD left off this list? #fail. Should have also typed out the actual bars from each song instead of just listing the videos.

  • Anonymous

    most the people that bought his new shit probly dont even kno his underground shit

  • kenj1988

    wtf where's Music Box

  • Dreamvillain

    Dreamville is the team Cole World

  • Anonymous

    "Dead Wrong" was one of the first songs to make me realize how talented yet insane this man was. The shit he says lol

  • Anonymous

    Also, it wasn't the mid 90's, it was more like '99 - early 00's that was Eminem's breakout/ prominent years. Mid 90's was when everyone was into Bigge and Pac.

    • Mike Trampe

      It was late 96-97 when i really got hip to him. So thats close to mid 90's to me. You could say late 90's too. It's open for debate.

  • Mike Trampe

    I completely understand what you are saying and i respect your opinion and knowledge. When i say "bars", i am referring to the lyrics on the songs. I'm not sure where you're from, but where i'm from (Philly), if someone has dope lyrics on a verse, cypher, etc....We say "He's got bars" or "he can spit". I apologize if the title offends you, but that wasn't my intention. Eminem's got bars, and some of the hottest ones are on the songs i included. #Salute

  • Anonymous

    this cant be the top ten there is nothing from his first album...if you ask me id find the top ten from that album alone

  • Anonymous

    WHy isn't this it's own article? There is no single to be found.. You did it just to ride the pole huh?

  • Carlos

    This wasn't ten bars. This was ten phrases, really ten different songs. A bar is a measure. I'm just saying. . .if you're gonna be a music journalist, at least know what the fuck you're talking about or have the headline accurately reflect the subject matter.

    • UnwelcomeAussie

      @Carlos It is uncommon to see this level of well considered discourse on this site. I agree with you, not on your correctness but on the fact that journalists should be held to a high standard of accuracy. Thanks

    • Mike Trampe

      I completely understand what you are saying and i respect your opinion and knowledge. When i say "bars", i am referring to the lyrics on the songs. I'm not sure where you're from, but where i'm from (Philly), if someone has dope lyrics on a verse, cypher, etc....We say "He's got bars" or "he can spit". I apologize if the title offends you, but that wasn't my intention. Eminem's got bars, and some of the hottest ones are on the songs i included. #Salute & #Respect

    • Mike Trampe

      I completely understand what you are saying and i respect your opinion and knowledge. But when i say "bars", i am referring to verses. I'm not sure where you're from, but where i'm from (Philly), if someone has dope lines/verses on a verse, cypher, etc....We say "He's got bars" or "he can spit". I apologize if the title offends you, but they were not my intentions. Eminem's got bars, and some of the hottest ones are on these songs i included. #Salute

    • Bar

      So you're basically giving the journalist shit for giving you too much content? lol

    • Carlos

      @Mike Trampe This is what I'm getting at. . .using "3 AM" as an example. . .here is a snippet of the opening verse" "You're walkin' down the horror corridor. Its almost four in the morning and you're in the. . .nightmare its horrible. Right there's the coroner, waiting for you to turn the corner so he can corner ya. You're a goner, he's on to ya." The song is in a slow 4. That's a four beat measure (or BAR) played at a slow tempo. That snippet of the verse took four bars. It picks up into the first bar and ends on the "and" or upbeat of four, in the fourth measure (or BAR). Just that snippet of the verse took FOUR BARS. You have ten songs listed, each with various passages being quoted. This is far more than ten bars. That explains why your title is a misnomer and based on ignorance of the subject matter. An entire phrase can not be considered a "bar". Its just plain wrong, anywhere on earth.

    • Carlos

      @Mike Trampe It's a cool concept to have what are, in your opinion, ten of Eminem's "most maniacal" bars. I'm not arguing that the content isn't relevant. What I am saying is that the title is misleading and belies a certain ignorance on the part of the journalist, as regards the field that he is tasked with researching and writing about. Normal folks wouldn't give two shits or even catch the mistake but, to anyone who has studied music or spent time performing, this mistake is blatant. It's not a negligible mistake, either, as many artists in the hip-hop industry (read: Bun B teaching hip-hop courses at Rice University in Houston) are working hard to codify and legitimize the canon of rap and hip-hop music in music history. The difference to any musician is HUGE. What if you were sitting in a rehearsal and the conductor/band leader said, "We're gonna pick it up two bars before the coda" or "let's work that chorus again, I'll give you a two-bar lead-in"? Music terminology isn't irrelevant. Know your subject.

    • ffgg

      but still, thanks for sharing some dope verses

    • ffgg

      @Mike Trampe Yeah, because the title is TEN bars...ten is more than one, so bar is plural. That still means ten individual bars, so its not correct. You could have just said Ten Verses

    • Mike Trampe

      I 100% know what i'm talking about. A BAR, singular i agree with, but this is BARS, hence plural. So that reflects the numerous bars included here. Can't says "Top Eminem Songs", b/c some of the songs are NOT his, he was a feature. I think the content should be the focus, not the title that you are trying to dissect. Appreciate you reading/commenting though.

  • Anonymous

    Thirstin Howl III f. Eminem "Watch Deez" listening it for the first time..sick beat

  • Anonymous

    Me and Pace had to flee in haste from bein' chased For some E & Js we boosted out of some Korean place I get drunk and hang-glide off of St. Ides' And spray-paint the plain sides of all the subway train rides I got a pitbull that eats sheep and spits wool And chews on human body tissue 'til its stomach gets full Skip school, barely went to class, thinkin' shit's cool Hid a loaded pistol under this retarded kid's stool I had a dream I blew up with half a mil' sold And still stole a credit card, a purse, and someone's billfold I'm from the city where the weather's always real cold And chill mode can turn into somebody gettin' steel-toed We be hangin' on the block 'til dawn Stayin' spaced out like Dr. Octagon Feelin' for the beats like they Chaka Khan Mama-se, Mama-sa, Mama-macosa Pace Won, Slang Ton, and Yah Young Zee, Az-Izz, D.U., and muah Bizarre Kid, Loon One and Rah Mama-se, Mama-sa, Mama-macosa i love em's verse on there

  • Nikoteee

    What about "Remember me" ???? He got some sick lyrics on that song

  • livprofit

    I dont think any one else in hiphop has the most rude, lewd, ridiculous, ludicrous, ill insanity, comedic rhymes as slim shady.

  • Anonymous

    ''I don't even know how to describe this dude lyrically man. When it comes to the art of rhyming words he's out of this world.''

  • Mason

    Damn after all these years you forget how much classic material Em has delivered. The man is the G.O.A.T in terms of being the whole package as an MC when taking everything into account (flow, delivery, metaphors, etc). He can't be touched by anyone. G.O.A.T

  • Lawless_1

    His best verse was on his Chonkyfire freestyle: Slim is in the house simmer down there sister Bound to get ya dizzy Cuz he gets as busy as a... Bee baby you can throw a frizbee in a blizzard He'll catch it in his teeth What is he? He's a wizard Standing in the disco with a disco biscuit And i'm pretty sure it isn't Bisquick is it? Now baby don't forget to bring your lipstick witcha I want a kiss before I blow this bitch to smith.. areens Get the guillotines, this is a situ.. ..ation is critical as Dre spins his a Turntables and he cuts a record like a scissa Cheka chicka checka chicka cheka cheka chicka We'll wreck it in a second tell me what the heck is sicka Wait a minute I just dropped my necklace in the liquor Now baby just a make a little breakfast and its sixa Clock in the morning unless you want to get some dizzert

  • Anonymous

    Decent article. Hellbound probably is my favourite, so fucking dope.

  • Jumpoff Jackson

    You forgot this gem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-IzRU4_3Ec

  • VbV

    A true lyrical genius. Eminem is and will always be one of the best to ever do it

  • MD

    please check out my freestyle https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/154430189&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true

  • rocheychan

    it's crazy how he thinks of these lyrics! every time i listen i'm like...rewind..... haha

  • Anonymous

    Relapse was my favorite Em album. someone needs to leak Relapse 2.

    • kenj1988

      don't say Relapse was your fav Em album on this site, you'll get nothing but hate. but fuck yeah it's a great album

    • Spartacus

      I wouldn't say it's my favorite album -- that probably goes to Recovery or MMLP2, but it's definitely tight flow-wise. I won't listen to all the songs from it these days, but there are some hard hitters either because of what they're about, flow or both (or even if you're into singles) 3AM, Same Song & Dance, Stay Wide Awake, Beautiful and Crack a Bottle are probably my favorites from the album.

    • Moonie

      I agree with u. It's funny cuz alotta people TRY to just dismiss that entire album for various reasons. I think one of the big reasons is just because Em says on Recovery- tuck my last cd that shits in the trash, etc... He's made a couple references to it not being his best, or people get all bent out of shape because, oh my God, stop with the accent lol, I find it hilarious how someone could NOT like Relapse. Idk if I can say it is my favorite of his, but definitely up in the top 2.

    • Anonymous

      You have fucked up ears

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Relapse was hated on but lyrically it was on point. Content was eh, and the infamous accent, but that CD has a niche following. His flows are the best of his career on that CD IMO. Accents were a lil overdone IMO but the CD gets way more hate than it should.

  • Anon

    Seriously? No go to sleep? That song f*cks your list in the a** and shits on it when it's done. All you motherf*ckers! take that! Here, take this too, b*tch! Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Waaaaaahoo! We're killin all you motherf*ckers dead, all you! Fake ass gangsters! No more press! No more press! Rot, motherf*ckers, rot! Decay, in the dirt, bitch, in the motherf*cking dirt! Die nameless, bitch, die nameless! No more fame! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Hahahaha

  • christine gloria

    the most dramatical lyrics eminem ever wrote

  • Anonymous

    Brainless - 2nd Verse, Love Game - 3rd Verse, Evil Twin 1st Verse, Rhyme Or Reason 3rd Verse, I'm Back - 2nd Verse, Kill You 1st Verse, Criminal 1st Verse, Music Box - 3rd Verse, Underground - 2nd Verse, Just Don't Give A Fuck - 1st Verse, Never Enough - 1st Verse, White America - 1st Verse, Still Don't Give A Fuck - 1st Verse, Murder Murder - 1st Verse, Stir Crazy - 3rd Verse, I'm On Everything - 2nd Verse, Welcome 2 Hell - 1st Verse, Untitled 1st Verse

  • Mike

    How could you leave out "Get Back" featuring proof and d12? That was possibly his most insane verse of all time. Some of the shit he said...smh. This list is incomplete.

  • Anonymous

    music box, stay wide awake, buffalo bill, 50 cent-psycho ft eminem (amazing), insane.

    • Moonie

      YES YES AND YES. Enrolled myself in a 12step program tripped on the 1st step got pinned down in a chokeslam

  • Anonymous

    i hate when ppl say em fell off

    • Anonymous

      lyrically he is still there but musically he fell off just listen to his last album you'll see that

  • eazy

    This dude's rhyme game is stupid. One of the greatest lyricts ever.

  • Tatiana Karpoff

    What a weak ass list without Same Song and Dance and Buffalo Bill two of his illest sickest n most maniacal hands down n sadly also underrated cuz they are so sick as hell n I mean that in a good way of course!Here I'll even drop some vocabulary so if you don't know now ya know! Always, you can see him lurkin in the hallways Carcasses of caucasian females in his crawlspace How the hell did he fit em all into such a small place? Hide em in the wall well how long will the drywall take? Well fuck it then, I've got nothin but time I'll wait. Until it dries, for the moment I guess you're all safe. After I sand it and buff it, I guess that I'll paint My chainsaw's outta gas, my regular saw ain't. Now here I come again, damn stomach rumblin, You can even hear the evil spirits comin from within. Someone's in the back of my damn house rummagin, It's a girl, she looks pretty thin, but I want her skin. Been on the hunt again, when will it ever end? Evelyn, why you tryin to fight? You will never win. Severin legs, arms, damn there goes another limb. Pull the lever then, trap door, death is evident. [Chorus] Once again they call me Buffalo Bill, Buffalo Bill, Buffa-Buffalo Bill. Skin em up, hem em, sew em up in those kilts, Up in those kilts, uppa-up in those kilts. Man, you don't want to go up in those hills, Up in those hills, uppa-up in those hills. You better beware, stay clear of Buffalo Bill, Buffalo Bill, Buffa-Buffalo Bill. [Verse 3] Now, what ya know about Buffalo Bill? Nothin, so chill. Fuckin hoe, ya better fuckin hold still. Make sure none of that lotion in the bucket don't spill. Cut em, gut em 'n just get to stuffin those girls. Man,I think she had enough of those pills, So take that thing away to come back later, just to clutch in those steel blades, Baby when I cut ya don't squeal, I hate the loud noises, I fuckin told you! I keep hearin voices, like "Wouldn't ya like to go an get your butcher knife and push it right through her, while ya put your shish-kebab skewers into her barbaquer? Would ya do to her What ya usually do to a girl who's skin's newer?" "In a world of sin-doer, this is turnin into a Torment tournament of sorts, Christmas ornaments you are." I'll be sure to Gin-sue ya til there's no more skin to ya. Boo-ya, who ya think your fuckin with? Duck, because here he comes again!!! Read more: Eminem - Buffalo Bill Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  • sirj

    what no stay wide awake

  • BobFerice

    Eminem paved the way for white rappers, and he is great, no doubt, but people get stuck on Eminem. Truth is, Rap is based underground, only thing people hear is whats on the radio. Rap has been this long before Slim came in the picture, and there are many other rappers who slaughter M's skill... Just sayin, Check out Rittz or some of Madrox solo sh*t, or Tech N9ne's "Sleeping Beauty", or "Give Me Your Eyes" by the Jokerr. I'm not Discreaditing Em's skill or his style, but people are close minded and only listen to what you feed them.

    • Your Mother Loves The Jokerr

      Why is everyone Hating on The Jokerr? dude has skill don't give a shit if he is on a juggalo syle

    • Anonymous

      lol jokerr. FOH with that wack shit

    • Anonymous

      Fuck outta here with that Joke shit. That guy never had any skills or never will, judging by listening to some of his songs.

    • Dildo Crust

      ^fucking retard. Eminem had one racist song called Foolish Pride, which was recorded in 1988 when he was 15 years old. There is a snippet of a track where he says "nigga shit" which was recorded circa 1990. Biterphobia has the term "nig" in it (recorded in 1995). Besides that, there is no racist material. He was rapping with the group Soul Intent prior to his solo release of Infinite in 1996 which was not racist at all.

    • BobFerice

      Juggalo Rap??? Who the f*ck you think Em copped his style from dumb ass??? Before ICP Em was rapping racest shit.... Remember? F*ck out of here

    • Tomas

      He did pave the road for a lot of white rappers. Don't believe me? Listen to Mac Miller, Your Boy for Life, Yelawolf, G Eazy, just to name a few. Although they don't sound exactly like Eminem, I promise you that you will notice very similar traits of Eminem in all 4 of those rappers I just mentioned. They're all good though can't front.

    • dante

      ok. jokerr? wtf. maybe you feel that way because all you listen to is whatever rapper Strange Music or Funk Volume puts out. FOH with that juggalo shit.

  • eminem

    Eminem best rapper ever. Only rapper who doesn't talk momey, cars, bling bling. He has meajing and humor. All tike greats lile rakim saidbhe tje muhameed ali of rap

  • Anonymous

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  • D

    we're talking about some of the craziest (meaning maniacal) shit eminem has came up with and put into a verse.. only bars and lyrical talent with a touch of insane. too many elite ones to put into one top 10 but these 10 are insane. people confuse song popularity and how catchy it is with lyrical talent, which is what separates a good rapper from a bad one. Em is top 5 ever.

  • Chris

    No "Patiently Waiting"?

  • Blucka Blucka

    Stir Crazy was nuts. . . Kanye beat. How did 'Kill You' not make the list? Kidding me?

  • Anonymous

    I dont think murder murder is in the same category as this ones. its definetly better than all of them, but its not maniacal

  • Stanucci

    Eminem talks about being a serial killa etc but he did nothing. He's a lair like Rick Ross. Listen to Gucci Mane a real nigga.

    • Child Support

      These cock-suckin' cops got my Smith-N-Wesson I guess it's time to pick a different weapon, man the shit's depressin' But Swift is gettin' me a new one for a Christmas present (Swift: "Come on Slim, let's go & teach this fuckin' bitch a lesson") They managed to confiscate the pistol that I brandish But my plan is to use this bullshit to my advantage Shady stay creative baby hold your head up, don't you let up One bit on these motherfuckin' suckers you're a soldier GET UP!

    • Anon

      Whattt no way, I thought he was a cannibal like he said in his songs? And that he kills stepchildren. Oh wait I'm not a gullible moron, like yourself.

    • BobFerice

      None of these rappers do what the say retards!!!! If the did, they would be pulling life sentances!!!! Dumb Ass

    • GTFO hahaha

      lol are u fuckin serious stanucci ? u dont know shit about art or music or whatever. If u think eminem was serious rapping these things u are a complete fucktard. Thats just entertaiment fool. Man uneducated kids these days

    • Anonymous

      get the fuck out of here! you have no idea about hip hop if you say gucci mane is better than eminem. fucking troll

  • Moe

    STAY WIDE AWAKEE!!! MOST DENSE RHYMES EVER PLUS TWISTED SHIT Fe-fi-fo-fum, I think I smell the scent of a placenta I enter Central Park, it's dark; it's Winter in December I see my target, put my car in park and approach a tender Young girl by the name of Brenda and I pretend to befriend her Sit down beside her like a spider, hi there girl, you mighta Heard of me before, see whore, you're the kind of girl that I'd a- -ssault and rape then figure why not try to make your pussy wider? FUCK YOU WIITH AN UMBRELLA, THEN OPEN IT UP WHILE THE SHITS INSIDE YA I'm the kinda guy that's mild but I might flip and get a little bit wilder Impregnate a lesbian, yeah, now let's see her have triplets and I'll di- -sintegrate them babies as soon as they're out her with formalde- -hyde and cyanide, girl you can try and hide, you can try to scream louder No need for no gunpowder, that only takes all the fun outta Murder and I'd rather go "vinn-vinn!" and now you see just how the Fuck I do just what I do when I cut right through your scalp Shit, wait a minute I mean skull, my knife seems dull, pull another one out DAMN!

    • Focus

      I'm the devil, if ever there was such a thing The results of much too many drugs what you're seein' I'ma mindfuck, completely dis-(gu-uh-uh)-sting I'm WHAT, a human mutt fuck a being I'm a dog - fuck lambs, I'm silencing 'em all I'm involved in murders forensic science couldn't solve Giant set of balls, too big to buy a set of drawers Might as well unzip my fly & let 'em fall to the floor Each thought's completely warped I'm like a walkin', talkin', Ouija board Speakin' in tongues, I've never spoke this speech before Hhem-delle-la, ennich-me-noughh-mi-niche-mick-norrf Have you ever experienced spirits in lyrics when you hear 'em 'Til you scared to stare in into any mirrors when you near 'em? Well if so, get ready for some shit, yo "Is this some kind of sick joke?" Shit no, motherfuckin schizo So disturbed, he just goes so berserk, he tiptoes Fist first with scissors to slit throats of just hoes Just goes to shizzow you dizzon't, fizzuck with So-someone this disturbed, sa-sippin on si-zzurp So - lock your doors, drop to the floors Get your shotguns drawn - here comes another "Clockwork Orange" Look at Bizarre; you really think he's right in his mind What the fuck you think's goin' through when he's writin' his rhyme

    • anon

      he absolutely DESTROYED that verse.

    • Anonymous

      you right about stay wide awake I don't think a lot of nikkas understand the technicality of that 2nd verse. The man rhymed every fukking thing in that verse with a mean flow and was going back n forth between two different pov's "the victim" and "the stalker" while staying on point with the story and dialogue. nikka who else can do that on the same level?I'll put this song up against any popular MC's out now including my nikka Nas and none of em can hold a candle to the lyricism and flow Em had on display. The nikka completely blacked the fukk out on some "they think i fell off huh" type shyt.

  • Cealix

    No mention for Music Box?? Music Box was more psychotic than most of his previous shit, including 3AM. [Verse 3] I'm fixated, on asphyxiating And breaking this little chick's neck, like a pixie stick The sick, satan worshippin', bitches get horse whippins' I'm in the back, through the back door slippin' Through the crack, leavin' the corpse drippin'

    • Stop Being Greedy

      I make music to make you sick of fake music Hate music, like devil worshippin' Satan music So say your prayers, your Hail Mary's & Jesuses Take two sticks, tape 'em together & make a crucifix Try to stop it but you can't do it A whole generation of kids blowin' out their fuckin' brains to this Kurt Cobain music, students converted to 'caine users As soon as they heard it went out murdered & maimed to it What's your name [JUDAS]

    • Mike Trampe

      Like French would say, "I ain't worried about nothing", LOL. Na, but i am excited to see everyones picks and feedback.

    • Anonymous

      Don't worry, this is a dope list too!

    • Mike Trampe

      Definitely a dope joint. Honestly, i could have named about 50 tracks lol. I am sure there are gonna be a few people mention, but thats the point of this article. To get people discussing the bars and sharing their favorites. #Salute on the comment.

  • 845boi

    he aint got shit on necro ill bill goretex mr hyde ra the rugged man

    • Suicidal Thoughts

      I gotta riddle what's lil & talks big With midget arms & creamy white fillin' in the middle That will do anything to throw dirt on my name If it means walkin' the whole Mediterranean Isn't it Albanian, Armenian, Iranian, Tasmanian no His name's Raymond and oh, oh sorry yo so sorry wow

    • Classy

      rugged man can compete with em but Necro ? damn this bitchass wigga sucks badly

    • Anonymous

      and thats ur opinion my good sir

  • Anonymous

    I'm sorry Puff but I don't give a fuck if this chick was my own mother I still fuck her with no rubber and cum inside her And have a son and a new brother at the same time And just say that it ain't mine, what's my name

    • Until the End of Time

      Tell that C. Delores Tucker slut to suck a dick Motherfucker ducked, what the fuck? Son of a bitch Take away my gun, I'm gonna tuck some other shit Can't tell me shit about the tricks of this trade Switchblade, with a lil switch to switch blades Switch from a six to a sixteen inch blade Shit's like a samurai sword, SENSEI! Shit just don't change to this day I'm this way, still tell that ut-slay itch-bay Uck-say my ick-day, 'scuse my ig-pay atin-lay But uck-fay you ig-pay