Former G-Unit artists, Tony Yayo and Young Buck, come together on Yayo’s new song Devil’s Advocate.

With an initial nod to the haters, the song is carried by heavy 808s and an eerie piano clip, that can be heard throughout the track. Yayo goes on to reflect on a past heavily influenced by drug dealing, while Buck comes in to finish the song with a tone that sounds as though he has vengeance to settle with someone.

Tony Yayo borrows the name of the notorious Mexican drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, for his third installment of his mixtape series ‘El Chapo,’ whose release date is unknown. If you haven’t already heard of El Chapo, the end of the song goes into a news clip about the recently captured kingpin.

While a reunion between the two G-Unit grads is refreshing, a 50 Cent reunion still seems far less likely to happen anytime soon.

In comments stemming from a recent interview, 50 called the former G-Unit artists “babies,” and felt as though his relationship with Yayo was going to be similar to that of Jay Z and Kanye West.