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Fresh off his European tour, Drake goes in over a chopped up Lauryn Hill sample for his latest cut "Draft Day."

With the NFL draft being about a month away, Drake draws inspiration from former Texas A&M quarterback, Johnny Manziel who will more than likely be a first round pick this year, and fellow Canadian basketball player Andrew Wiggins. Could this be a shot at Jay Z's last verse in his latest freestyle We Made It featuring Jay Electronica? You tell us what you think. At the end of the track, he slides in "sidebar, left some beat at the end so all of you fuck niggas could loop it and get your lies off." OUCH Drizzy! Well with that being said, who do you think will be the first rapper to go in over this beat?


  • yung niggy

    When I think about the realest rappers, Nas, BIG, and 50 come to mind. But you gotta put Drake up there. People always make the case that he's a "simp" or "soft"... But he tells the truth. He talks about what he knows, which is mostly love. But when he starts sending shots everybody calls him fake. If somebody was coming at you, would you just stand there? Drake never claimed to be something he's not and continues to be on top of the game. Realest rapper out.

  • Compton CA

    Check out the New COMPTON ARTIST! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AV4R7XEOw1k

  • TheHateisReal

    NICE shit.. Jennifer Lawrence you can really get it!!

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule Next Album - titled "Genius Loves Company 'GLC " Track list 1.King Of The Nile - Ft Chrisette Michele prod by. Cool & Dre ) 2. I'm Back (Produced By. Kanye West) 3. My Brother's Keeper - Ja Rule Ft Rick Ross (produced by. 7) 4. Freedom - Ja Rule ft. The Dream (produced by. Chink Santana) 5. What We Gon' Do (produced by. Street Runners) 6. Prime Time- Ja Rule Ft Jay Z & DMX (Produced by. Irv Gotti ) 7. All Of This - Ja Rule Ft Drake (Produced by. Noah "40") 8. Blood Diamonds (Produced By. Just Blaze) 9. Kill em all (Produced By Swizz Beatz) 10. My Baby Ft Ashanti ( Produced By. 7) 11. Dangerous Minds Ft Kendrick Lamar ( Produced by. Hit Boy ) 12. The World Ft. Scarface & Nas & Jadakiss(Produced by. Irv ) 13. No Limit ( Produced by Justice L.E.A.G.U.E ) 14. Big Remo Skit 2013 15. On The Run Ft Fat Joe & N.O.R.E ( produced by. 7) 16. F**k Fame (produced by. No I.D) 17. Our Life Feat. Mary J Blige( produced by. 7) 18. Ride With Me (produced by. Irv) 19. My Dreams ft Lloyd ,Black Child ,Cadillac Tah, Vita , Charlie Baltimore & Ashanti ( produced by.Hit Boy) Get Ready "GLC" 2014 #TheRuleIsBack!

  • Anonymous

    This beat and lyrics is nice

  • Anonymous

    this is what gettin pussy sounds like

  • YOLO

    loving these last 4 songs by drake...draft day, we made it , shit(remix), trophies

  • JK


  • Nicholas Mcintosh

    bars from drizzy finally! (4 stars) but. "nothings been the same since they dropped control, and tucked a sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes"

  • JeanBaya

    Drake the type of nigga to KILL A BEAT!

  • damn

    that Lauryn Hill sample

  • Anonymous


  • DaTruth

    Drake that type of nigga that sits down when pissing

  • OVO

    Drake honestly is the best act on YMCMB roster. Top 5 in the game right now, but not the best and not a legend in my eyes. Simply because even Jay touched a range of subjects from ghetto horrors to Wall Street business suites. If its not the bragging, "I won" flow, he is heartbroken and timid about females lost due to whatever reason. All of who is considered great had a routine that worked for them, EM with cartoonish singles, Kanye with jaw dropping samples and beats, etc. What pushes him in a legendary stage is when he can take us from his Lavish lifestyle surrounded by heartaches to other subject manner and content

  • LeVEL

    I am not a big Drake fan, but he went hard on this one. All you Jay-Z dick riders STFU. Jay is wack as hell these days. ALl he does is rap about fashion and how many houses he buys, how the fuck can any of you bum niggaz relate to that shit

    • Anonymous

      The irony of you complaining about repetitive subject matter when all Drake raps about is money and women.

  • low

    This singing azz wigger really feeling himself..quick ???who the fuck scarred of Mrs..Drizzy..come on faggott stay in your lane and keep singing....before you have to go back to acting .

  • Anonymous

    Hov will murder this scum

  • Anonymous

    beat is killer...lauryn better than 99% of musicians

  • Drake.

    I'm more talented and richer then all of you faggots anyway. -Drake

  • Jay-z.

    Mrs. Drizzy, I will be in the booth spitting bars about to murder your shit. Just wait. -Hov

  • no1

    this is what rap came to i dont care u ate raw oysters lol

  • Anonymous

    Drake did it again as usual. Easily handled Jay-Z. Haters if you cant handle it - STOP LISTENING.

  • B

    Great beat, good flow, good lyrics. A 5 in my book.

    • Anonymous

      How does Drake's dick taste?

    • B

      I just listened to the 50 cent song co produced by Dr Dre. This Drake song is better than that in every conceivable way. I do find the homo comments kinda funny, but based on the overall ratings of the two songs, people truly hate Drake for some reason, and cannot say its music related.

  • Anonymous

    Such a cute couple #Johnny&Drake

  • TysonPUNChpow

    This shit is smooth. Love the sample.


    I like these little rap disses Jay and Drake are sending to each other. Been checking my computer to see if either of them come out with a new song aaaha

  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up!

    Gay rap made strictly for the fruitcakes on the planet.

  • Anon

    Boring.. this kid is so soft. Kendrick crushed him. Jay belittled him. He should stick to RnB.

  • sun_god7

    Drake a is nice rapper/artist. But I get the feeling that most of these Drake fans were introduced to rap through Wayne. When is that Jay Elect going to drop? That's real rap!

  • Anonymous

    Drake on Manziel first take "people give him a hard time because we spend time together, I just tell him don't worry were gonna find time"

  • Drake Fan

    I have jerked off 31 times so far today thinking about Johnny & Drake scissoring buttholes, so fucking hot.

  • nathanjay

    Man.... This one is hard. Props to Drake on this one. I don't know about the subliminal stuff though... http://hiphopcriticalmass.blogspot.com/2014/04/why-did-drake-diss-jay-z.html

  • DavidDaniel

    In the NYC barbershops the verdict is in and Drake went out like a bitch. Great job Drake you made yourself look super weak and corny.

  • Big Chocolate

    Drake fucking runs R&B niggas, get over it

  • Anonymous

    Drake Killed this joint, I heard a remix with this guy. https://soundcloud.com/nasiamusic/draft-day-freestyle

  • Gregg

    Damn they are so hot together!! too cute!

  • Ken

    OMG, He finally made a love song about Johnny, I am so happy these two men are back together. I hadn't been so upset about a break up since Zach & Kelly split on Saved by the Bell. I just hope the media doesn't put a whole lot of pressure on them since there really isn't very many high profile homosexual relationships in either the music industry or the NFL. This is huge & should open the doors for homosexuals & gay people all over the world. So happy that these to love each other & I'm sorry but I watch that video of them kissing all the time, I just love it.

  • Anonymous

    sldnq09i3fdmawldasdm0sdmw0dsmda0smds ^^ that's what drake sounds, acts and talks like.

  • Anonymous

    Listened because of Boi 1da.. Drake did his thing still.. ill

  • Zak

    Some BS this only has a 3.2. It's not Drake's best song but the sample is nice and there's some pretty killer bars on here. I could do without the corny Hunger Games reference and stuff like that that tho. Drake is probably the artist who gets the most unnecessary hate every time he does anything.

    • Big Tone

      I agree, I'm so tired of the hate he receives solely based on his sexuality. It doesn't bother me personally & I think it's kind of cool that gay people have someone in the industry that they can support. I also love the fact that he's not hiding it & embraces it. Drake & Johnny are going to be the most powerful couple in entertainment. I just hope it doesn't effect Manziels draft stock, there are still a lot of ignorant people who don't except homosexuality.

  • boss

    Good song. But what is that adlib after that "hard boiled" line, damn Drizzy need to stop that shit.

  • New era

    J. Cole>Drake>Kendrick>KRIT Dreamville is the team.

    • u serious

      Name one J Cole project that is better than any of Drakes records or Kendricks records plz.

    • 6

      You obviously haven't any of Kendrick's records because Kendrick doesn't just rap fast, he makes dope records and has bars for days. And he didn't do that Control verse for attention at all. You got it backwards. Kendrick>Cole and Drake

    • Anonymous

      Truly Yours 1, 2, and 3 are all dope. Born Sinner is underrated. Cole had a hell of a year in 2013 but didn't get enough credit. People over hyped Kendrick...oh wow he raps fast (that shit gets old) and he called out other rappers for attention (not for competition. he did it solely for attention). Drake>Kendrick Cole>Kendrick

    • Anonymous

      Cole needs to put out new music and stop going into hiding. If he put out more material he'd be the GOAT of this generation

    • Zak

      All 4 are dope, couldn't even put 'em in an order. Prolly Kendrick on top but after that I can't decide.

  • Do Right And Kill Everything

    Drake killed it and proved why he is sitting on the throne right now. He basically destroyed Jay-z in literally two subliminal lines. Jay-Z's verses now just sound pathetic now. Haters gone hate Drake forever and they will remain delusional but these same idiots are always talking about Drake, listening to his music, commenting on every line he says. You cant say you aren't winning when even your haters are scrutinizing every bar you drop. People don't get it. Drake's success is because his music is like a diary. If you listen to him, it feels like someone you know on a deep-level even you don't even really know the dude. Jay-Z has this quality also but Drake mastered it. Delivery, slick rhymes, dope beat. 5/5

    • Drake&Johnny

      Each other! & I can't wait til the video of that leaks, that old video of the two of them making out in a hot tub was so damn sexy, glad to see them back together.

  • Drake runs rap

    this is the king of rap right now its a fact. He is the face of rap and don't you dare try to deny this fact you hatin ass nerds. Every drake song is a big hit every song gets mass views and attention he runs this rap shit.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong, dickrider.

    • Willow

      So true! I do believe it's mostly because he is gay & the whole world is overreacting to homosexuals & it is currently the "cool" thing to accept gays. Don't get me wrong I think he is good but I believe a lot of his sales & attention stem from the gay community.

  • RealHorse

    JayZ > pop artist Drake

  • Aubrey hitler

    If I let this shit for chance, I would choose a name like Chance the rapper.

  • Aubrey hitler

    We stay winning.

  • darkhorse

    drake > old man hov

  • Mdot

    Drake is nice, it's just his fans act like there's never been a nice rapper before... I guess they just started listening to rap music smh

  • Dogz4Life

    Dmx killed drake on that interview he did last yr

  • rapguy

    nobody can deny that drake can rap...forget about his personality for a second

  • Anonymous

    all these hov dickriders. I listen to both, hov don't have relatable substance these days. he has so many dickriders that he'll always sale though.. He was amazing though, now he's mediocre with good production and a outstanding reputation.

  • Not a dick rider

    If you don't think that's song is dope, you need cotton balls and mind flush...this is mixtape drake right there...

  • Anonymous

    i hate this song. fuck Aubrey Graham forreal

  • Juice 2: The Return of Bishop

    Drake's rap accent is sooo annoying! Really listen to the way he raps...

  • Anonymous

    this nigga stay booty

  • Anonymous

    drake cant fuck with the legends look what COMMON did to him killed em

    • Anonymous

      Real Talk, you got everything wrong. Drake lost that battle with Common. Common's bars are well-done with excellent delivery while Drake's bars are amateur and simplistic. Common destroyed Drake, period. YOU don't understand hip-hop. Common won, not Drake.

    • Real Talk

      I realize people hate Drake heavy but even haters have to admit, Drake very easily won that battle. If you think otherwise, you either dont understand hip-hop or are just convincing yourself otherwise. Drake's "Stay Schemin" bars were well-done with excellent delivery. Common's comeback line was amateur and simplistic. It made Common look immature and childish. Common's Bitch In Yoo was a great amazing response to Ice Cube and he was attacking a respected MC - not an easy opponent. But I mean, Im a fan of Drake but he is this light-skin model-looking Canadian teen actor who rhymes about being sensitive about women and you cant destroy this guy? Everyone and their mother hates this guy and you cant straight destroy him. Honestly, I could destroy this guy - he just has so many qualities that make him a joke. But look at Common - he is still trying to regain credibility because the whole battle made him look pathetic. The reality is: Common had to destroy Drake to win that battle. That is the only way it would work in his favour. Drake is the guy who every so-called "real hiphop head" claims cant rhyme, is overrated, should be doing yoga etc. Only way Common wins or Jay-Z wins is by straight-destroying his career or at least, stabilizing it. You win by exposing truths about the MC that no one thought of and made you think about him in a different light. That's how you win battles. anything short of that, Drake wins. People are not objective. they just hate on Drake but with everyone hating on him for obvious reasons you really have to get this guy good to win. Otherwise, Drake is the winner. That's whats going on here. Drake won

    • Anonymous

      HA!! Please. Common destroyed Drake on Stay Schemin.

    • Peasants Hating


    • Anonymous

      common and drake both worth 35 million. neither one is losing.

    • vandal

      and where's common now?

    • Johnny Blayze

      How did Common kill him? He called Drake out like a bitch the same week his album was dropping to get a buzz. Pure bitch move. Lyrically Drake destroyed him on Stay Schemin.

  • Anonymous

    this a friendly battle we all kno jay z would end drake any day


    If hes gonna dis Jay THEN DISS HIM and stop faking. Yeah I wanna see these cats go at each other cuz ITZ THE HIP HOP WAY!!!! I know they respect each other so I don't forsee a Biggie and Tupac situation. TIME FOR SUM QUALITY EMCEES TO DO BATTLE!!!!!!

  • Champagne Papi Life

    Ok, to the Drake-hater who posted lyrics from rappers who have dissed Drake: what do Common, Ludacris, Jay-Z and Pusha T have in common? They are all older successful to hugely successful rappers who are trying to remain relevant amongst a fresh crop of "newer" mainstream rappers. In the case of Luda and Common their profiles and sales have dropped considerably. Jay-Z sells less, but so does pretty much everyone and Pusha T is basically starting his solo career at 40. Drake is a dude who "appears" easy to pick on because he's not the least bit street and he sings. That's why these folks have jumped at the chance to diss Drake. Drake didn't say anything negative about Common and Luda and they jumped at the chance to sneak diss him. Drake ain't going anywhere though. He's been lauded for his emcee skills by Nas, DJ Premier, Kurupt, Kanye West, Royce Da 5'9, Joe Budden, Phonte, Bun B etc. The dude has credible people in hip-hop who listen to his music. Secondly, Drake's opening sales are increasing with each successive release, while others sales are tumbling. He has had countless #1 hip-hop hits in 5 years (more than Jay-Z has ever had) and Boi-1Da, 40 & T-Minus (all OVO producers) produce for everyone in music from Eminem, to K-Dot to Alicia Keys. Drake does his own thing with OVO and it's a hugely successful business model. A lot of the older cats in the game are just jealous that he's as successful as he is at 27 years of age, because none of them were this successful by 27.

    • Anonymous

      You're the real bitch ass nigga, Champagne Papi Life, for that gay ass name and you constantly dickriding Drake with those lies.

    • Champagne Papi Life

      If you had alternative numbers, you would provide them. Calling someone a liar isn't an argument bitch ass nigga.

    • Anonymous

      Those made-up bullshit numbers aren't convincing anyone at all, Drake stan. Drake is not outselling everyone and he has no number one singles.

    • Champagne Papi Life

      US Sales Ludacris: Release Therapy (2006): 1.3 million Theatre of Mind (2008): 671,000 Battle of The Sexes (2010): 530,000 Common: Finding Forever (2007): Gold Universal Mind Control (2010) < 300,000 The Dreamer/Believer (2011) < 200,000 Jay-Z: Blueprint 3 (2009): 1,960,000 Watch the Throne (2011): 1,573,000 Magna Carta Holy Grail (2013): 1,130,000 Drake: Thank Me Later (2010): 1,551,000 Take Care (2011): 2,200,000 Nothing Was the Same (2013): 1,500,000 Drake is outselling everyone except for Eminem. Hey bitter ass Anonymous, I'll let you Google Drake's number one hip-hop singles. Or you can refute that, and I'll post those numbers for you as well.

    • Anonymous

      Champagne Papi, the delusional Drake fanboy, is at it again. Nothing you say is true at all, it's all lies. You claim Drake isn't your favorite rapper, yet you named yourself after his Instagram name. LOL you don't listen to those other rappers you named, you name-dropped them to make yourself look cool. Them other dude's sales aren't dropping, Drake has no #1 records, and #1 singles aren't always around. You're the one who comes across as a kid.

    • Champagne Papi Life

      Drake isn't my favorite rapper, he's certainly one of my favorites though. I'm not claiming to be hard, I also don't understand what who I am as a person has to do with this. I listen to everything from Public Enemy, to Beastie Boys, to Atmosphere, to Royce Da 5'9, to ATCQ, to old Mobb Deep, to Nas, to Kendrick Lamar, to Drake. Your reply doesn't address anything I actually said. For example, I stated that Common, Luda and Jay-Z's sales numbers are dropping relative to their past numbers, whereas Drake's sales aren't. In fact Drake is outselling them now. That's true. I'm not saying Drake has sold more over his career. Nowhere did I say that. Drake hasn't been in the game that long and he still has more #1 hip-hop records than Jay-Z. Career album sales don't mean anything considering it's impossible for an album to sell more than 5 million now. #1 singles are always going to be around though. Learn how to put together a coherent argument and improve your comprehension skills. You insulting me and comparing Drake to Ja Rule isn't a good argument/rebuttal. Also it's sense not since. Intellectually speaking, you're the one who comes across as a kid.

    • sam snead

      Drake does use the ja rule formula for success though

    • DaTruth

      Okay Drake lover! Let's debate this out to the max son. First, you repping Drake so hard leads me to believe your some corny dude from Canada who hopes for Unicorns & fairies to be real. You can't be hard and like Drake son. That shit doesn't even make since, for real. How is Drake your favorite rapper son? Don't bring numbers into this kid, you'll lose. You clearly don't know your math. Jay outshines your corny hero on every category. He's you're favorite rappers, rapper. JayZ starts trends, Drake copies like a fake rapper would. He's nothing more then the new Ja Rule son. Nothing more nothing less. At least Ja had people in NYC pumping his music when he was popular. I don't hear one person pumping Drake in New York. None brother!!!

    • Anonymous

      Please speak without Drake's dick in your mouth because everything you said is all a lie.

    • Johnny Blayze

      Too much facts and truth, you're hurting these morons brains.

  • Anonymous

    This is terrible. Just not good music. Nice lines but a terrible song. Just terrible.

  • Anonymous

    no matter what u say drake may be more of the actor type but he got bars when he wants to spit and he can give some gd competition to jay-z plus i wanna see some battling in hip hop more for the entertainment

  • Politics

    Drake is a musical politician, he panders to every demo without really committing to anything.....albums lack focus which is why they aren't classic....and as for critics scores you should check out the critical reception of eminem after the slim shady lp, then once America ate him up they all flipped and started saying he was a legend in the making.....critics don't mean s***. Drake doesn't have an album that bangs end to end, it's why he has no classics and likely never will. He makes weak ass street records to stay relevant in the street, and it's below his skill set....jay z always managed to stay relevant while keeping his lyricism on point

  • Someone Who Knows Rap

    His lyrics r decent, but it's just the fact that everything he raps about rnt true

  • That Pretty MF

    I bet the same dudes talkin shit would be the same dudes to ask Drizzy for a picture if they seen him in person. I actually had the privilege of shaking the homies hand a month back and I still ain't washed my hands, not even to jerk off. I wonder if his fingerprints is still on me, song of the year right here.

  • Anonymous

    This is great. Drake is a legend in the making.

  • Anonymous

    This was dope. It had that raw hip hop feel.

  • Mylie

    not good enough. Jay slap his wrist and Drake basically said. ''sorry, my bad'' now sit down.

  • Mr. Anderson

    Do any drake fans ride around with the windows down in the summer time blasting 305 to my city, or own it, or the real her, or practice, or connect, or shot for me?

    • Todd

      I blast "the real her" and "connect" all the time, even when my girlfriend isn't with me, shit I sing along!

    • moneypowerrespect

      yeah me and my homie played 305 to my city with the three girls we left the club with last friday....damn it set things off...something you obv dont know about

  • Times

    Drake= no classic albums. For someone who is supposed to be the greatest of this generation, he has no classic albums. None. Nada. Zip zero.

    • Misc

      At least Jay-z has Reasonable Doubt. In my opinion, Drake's albums aren't timeless. They are merely for the moment.

    • Anonymous

      No Drake album is better than any Jay Z album.

    • dannysg132

      Jay-Z is overall better than drake for sure...but to say all of hov's albums are better than drake is just being bitter and childish lmao Face it MCHG, kingdome come and even the blueprint 3 are inferior than drake's albums, for real

    • OVO

      Apparently you're stupid: Drake 77; Jay-Z 73. 77 > 73. That's even with all the people who hate on Drake, the industry loves Jigga.

    • Mylie

      ^^OVO Jay-Z has atleast 2-3 classic albums and cmon son even Jays worst album shits all over drakes boring albums from a bird eyes view. dont be foolish nobody believes you. resepct the legends you you lil shit.

    • Mylie

      Plus Jays metascore abosuletly shits on drakes are you stupid? lmao

    • OVO

      His albums have a higher avg. metacritic score than Jay-Z or Eminem. Granted that doesn't include Jay's first three albums. Even if it did, Drake's avg. score would still likely be higher. Jay-Z's worst albums are way worse than anything Drake has ever put out.

  • young maine

    Manziel lineing look pushed back but still got the hoes

  • Anonymous

    Boring. Simple beat and no hook works for dudes who can really go off, not average rappers like Drake.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck old azz midlife crises Jay Z.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty corny to be riding the pecker of a douchebag college football player. Drake wants that D. Not saying Manziel wasn't a good college player, he's just a douche.

  • Illestreallist7

    There were a lot of subliminal jabs on this one, and they were sweet. A lot of dudes want Drake to come off Hard at Hov, but that aint his style. Lot of dudes are haters cause he's the best.

  • JohnnyK

    Just read one of my fave rappers responds to this track and this is what he said; Drake's "Draft Day" is DOPE af, that Lauryn sample is so classic yet so so fresh. Never even knew Chance the Rapper dissed Drake until Drake dissed him. Hahaha that's how small these haters are. his name is talent display and hes dope1 check his cd at kpnmw.com so dope

  • Anonymous

    I can tell by these comments most of yawl don't know shit about hip-hop. Drake dropped all kinds of gems and subliminal jabs at Jay Z on this song. And made it a hit song doing so. The boy is NICE. And yes I do think Jay-Z is mad nice. "I think I'm on my eight flow, now watch me paint flow, we ALL do it for the ART so I can never hate though."

  • hottest in the game

    he killed it there aint no way you can tell me he isnt the hottest and best in the game.took a few small jabs at jay isnt worried ab kendrick cause he doesnt want to be mentioned with the likes of him j.cole wale cause he feels like he has been doing this so why even entertain him.

  • Clean

    I like both Jay & Drake, imagine that. And you're fooling yourselves if don't think Drake is nice on the mic. At least Hov knows.

  • Boy Nice


  • DATruth

    So your telling me Drake doesn't talk slick? Each person that went at him, he has something to say about them and what did they do? They let him know come test me and he never goes in. NEVER! He is by far the worst rapper in the history of the culture. He will never be respected by loyalist to the culture. He's just a pop act trying to act like a hiphop artist.

    • TrueMC

      You have to be 14 years old to say some corny shit like that bro. Drake fans are super corny just like him for real. Not once has he made a classic album or even tried to battle anyone. He would never be in the top 20 of all time. He would make the top 5 softest rappers of all time..

    • Champagne Papi Life

      Could you be anymore butt hurt? Yeah because Gucci Mane and all those other ignorant motherfuckers are better than him. Listen to 5am in Toronto and shut up, Drake goes in and he puts the whole hip-hop game on notice.

  • DATruth

    Ludacris: Im the truth in this booth and you niggas all hoes, Luda raps on Bada Boom. Counterfeit rappers say Im stealing their flows, but I cant steal what you never made up biiitch/ Yall some duplicate rap cloning niggas/I manufacture you hoes put on your makeup biiitch

  • DATruth

    Jay-Z: I own my own masters, you know I ain't missin' no royalty statements I can't be rated (God, God), damn Hov stunt on them haters Sorry Mrs. Drizzy for so much art talk Silly me rappin' 'bout shit that I really bought While these rappers rap about guns they ain't shot And a bunch of other silly shit that they ain't got I'm on my Lupita Nyong'o Stuntin' on stage, after 12 Years A Slave This Ace of Spades look like an Oscar Black tux, look like a mobster Don't make me RRRRAA yah, nigga watch your tone I come to court with black boxers on Y'all hella jealous of my melatonin I could black out at any given moment I'm God, G is the seventh letter made So when my arms & feet shackled I still get paid All praises due I'm ready to chase the Yakub back into caves These are the last days, but do I seem fazed? Showed up to the last supper in some brand new J's I'm the true and livin', book of Hov New religion, 8th wonder of the world, alien, superstition You're blind, baby Blind to the fact of who you are maybe My bloodline's crazy Kings and queens and Michael Jordan rings I go stupido, sucio The flow is filthy, y'all can't kill me I've been inoculated from the snakes and the fakes The corny handshakes, cock sucker we made it

  • DATruth

    Pusha T: Contract all fucked up, I guess that means youre all fucked up You signed to one niggaa, that signed to another nigga, that signed to three niggas, now thats bad luck Damn that shit even the odds now, you better off selling this hard now You call that living out your dreams? You cant fly without your wings, you get it Jeremy Scotts all camouflage, you cant hide it from yourself career sabotage I was really in that Travelodge, you just lying through your catalogues Where the blood and the battle scars, we the ones the judge juggling them gavels on Put me to the body nigga, first 48 put us to them bodies Round here we dont play that, A-to-the-K that, spray that, lay back You can keep your beats nigga, we much rather shed your bitch nigga, bitch nigga 3 million cant hide that, it shows in the homes I done tried that Thats why youll never be my neighbors, smile as you waving but we know you niggas hate us Fuck you playing games for, dont be scared get everything you came for They got you talking that big shit, little do you know we dont miss shit Them niggas using you as a pawn, you see they never loaded their guns Now you out here all by yourself, ask Steve Jobs wealth dont buy health Yeeeah

  • DATruth

    Kendrick Lamar: Yeahand nothings been the same since they dropped Control/ And tucked a sensitive rapper back in his Pajama Clothes/ Ha-ha jokes on you, high-five..Im bulletproof/ Your sh*ts a never penetrate, pin the tail on the donkey boy you been a fake.

  • DATruth

    Common: My motto is: Chicago, bitch Everybody know you sweet, what the problem is Dont play dumb, Im the one that acknowledged it Son of a bitch, I imagine what your father is She said, How you make your opponent The rapper of the moment? His style, he dont own it Acting all hard when he hardly like that You gon mess around and make me catch a body like that Dont do it Cause every song you make, Joe, is really ho music I heard you said you wasnt a bitch because you sing You a bitch because you cling like a bitch thats eighteen Cant say my name but rap about a niggas wife You so black and white, trying to live a niggas life Im taking too long with this amateur guy You aint wet nobody, nigga, you Canada dry [Outro] Soft nigga. Make no mistake, Im talking to Drake Its the remix. Rick Ross, Common, and that ho-ass nigga No, man-to-man, dont hide behind them other niggas Nah, this man-to-man. You cant run behind them man This is some real man shit right here [Destinys Child sample] Say my name, say my name If no one is around you If you ain't running game Say my name, say my name You acting kinda shady Why the sudden change? Say my name, say my name If no one is around you If you aint running game Say my name, say my name You acting kinda shady Better say my name

  • Anonymous

    crack your shell to prove you that you ain't hard boiled. when was the last tine big lip jay said anything hot like that

  • tha OG

    This shit sucks 1 star

  • Drake Til Infinity

    Dope as fuck. Drake is underrated as a lyricist. He can spit when wants to, and I love it when he does.

  • Anonymous

    He should do this instead of singing and shit! You cant even play his CDs in your ride unless you a girl...maybe 1 song here or there! He doesnt kill every song, although he probably could this song go though! Bring back MIXTAPE Drake! You did 2 CDs like this, made a name and alot of money, so now make real hip hop shit and let it be known or SHUT THE FUCK UP about what you could do or how you could rap! But NOT READY for Jigga yet!!

    • Rosalopez

      Check out J-Halo a new LA artist! He has the Craziest Freestyles and messes with Pro Era http://bitly.com/1jzugvA

  • FactsMachine

    Drake got same flow over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over..DID I SAY OVER?... and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over..AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. YA'LL NIGGAS LAME

  • juz1dan

    Kendrick aint better than kendrick , hate it or love it Drake more talented than he his overall You ass fans just hyped Kendrick thats all ... but Drake also can spit same as Cole .. This track is smooth and fire !!

    • Richie

      And your only saying this because this gay rapper came out with this bullshit, that is again subliminally directed at rappers without mentioning names. Mrs. Drizzy needs to man up, this is a losing strategy he constantly does and by the way Drake doesn't want it with Hov, Drake doesn't want it with Kendrick. Get off his dick, dickhead.

    • Anonymous

      April Fool's was yesterday, fuckboy.

  • Anonymous

    I ACTUALLY LIKED this........ cause it wasnt really on no commercial shit. and i liked the beat 2.....

  • Anonymous

    Smoke shits all over this

  • Eden

    just another random SMASH from the boy drizzy

  • FactsMachine

    Drake is way overrated and everyone knows it. He just makes good pop music that croons and touches the ladies. Only Gaylords like this bushy brow nigga.

    • FactsMachine

      Drake got same flow over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over..DID I SAY OVER?... and over and over and over and over..AGAIN AND AGAIN. YA'LL NIGGAS LAME

    • Anonymous

      suck a dick hater hahahaha

  • Sam Snead

    And this is why hip-hop is not in a new golden era. too many people are suckers for quantity of tracks being released. The sample is done well, he has a couple decent lines....many pauses, relaxed almost too much. hook is almost non-exsistent and that is his forte. Its just a B-cut on a mixtape in that respect I give it 2.5/5.

    • Sam Snead

      Ryan Leaf...Sam Bowie, talk is cheap, this ain't a movie Charles Rogers...Len Bias, better come harder.. next time you try us

  • Anonymous

    Damnnnnnnn at 1.00 he started to let it be known. thats the drake niggas really dont want cause he'll start spittin facts

  • Anonymous

    Seems like Jay Z is going through a midlife crises.

  • Anonymous

    J Cole is about to destroy Drake.

  • Gravel

    1 Jay has wwwwway more # 1 album's fact 2 ny state of mind out sold any 2 singles drake ever Put out combined 3 your boy drake started this shit.

  • D.

    Meh.... This isn't a ether track but objectively neither was "We Made It". Just cute side remarks by both Jay Z and Drake. I wish both of them would come back with something harder.

    • D.

      For Real? Jay side stepped... Drake said the whole art/rap thing was corny and Jay basically said is that he actually buys art instead of rapping about imaginary guns and stuff. Drake doesn't rap about imaginary guns and stuff he doesn't own, so who the fuck was Jay addressing? Unless you think calling someone Mrs. Drizzy is not lame. Both these dudes need to step up there diss game, both of them are sounding lame.

    • Anonymous

      Jay didn't sidebar, he specifically spoke on the comment made by Drake. Drake is sidebar king/queen

  • Anonymous

    ppl hate so much it is sad, the dude kills everything.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like he biting cole on this record. the Beat and the Flow. Drake is nice. But this is disappointing. He basically sucks Hov's dick on this record



  • Naz

    Drake did come nice on this one with the flow and the lyrics, but the shots at Jay were WEAK!! Obviously Drake can RAP, nobody can take that away but probably one of his best skills are picking his battles. He knows who he can deal with on a bar for bar "battle". He was QUICK to respond to Chris Brown and Common but when Kendrick threw shots we got a weak response. And now when Jay threw shots he came with a weak response. He knows not to take it to the next level with lyrical talent like a Jigga or a Kendrick.

    • D.

      huh? Well if we were to go in true order, Drake threw the first punch and Jay came back with a weak response. There is absolutely no hard disses in "We Made it". However, I don't think this is real beef yet.

    • Anonymous

      At this point...might not be the case in the near future. Naz is right and wrong. He smart in that he knows he should pick battles, sometimes cats don't see that. But he's almost too selective...not dealing w/ common properly built on this shit. Kendrick's statement was a situation he should have laid back more, kendrick never dissed the dude--in actuality its not much different in what drake said on 5am in toronto. 5 am is more of a shot at all those cats than the language.

    • Anonymous

      I don't believe that Common beef was full fledged. Common would murk Drake any given day. Not sure what happened. Drake can't test Common!

    • Anonymous

      A response is all that is needed. Also, a full fledged diss isn't necessary at this point.

  • FactsMachine

    Drake has a small penis...and he's garbage(no hate) just facts.

  • Supafly

    Nice flow. Drake is rising to the top while HOV and the rest of the old niggas is getting ready for the retirement home.

  • OVO

    Drake bodies this. While Hov continues to adlib more than Jeezy over techno beats and partners with Samsung in order to sell records, Drake makes dope hip-hop records like this. MCHG was trash compared to NWTS, check metacritic. Hov took shots at Drake because he feels threatened. Meanwhile Kanye defended Drake and appeared on his tour stops in Europe. Hov's the bitch nigga.

  • Anonymous

    aybody hatin..bout the boi was flowin on this beat... nice sample too...i'm not mad at this.

  • LOL

    LOL so many people be butt hurt because they clicked play a couple times... why people hate on so much shit that doesnt effect them??? LOLOLOLOL salty nigggersssss

  • LOL

    LOL so many people be butt hurt because they clicked play a couple times... why people hate on so much shit that doesnt effect them??? LOLOLOLOL salty nigggerssss

  • Anony

    LOL @ THIS STRUGGLE DISS. He light skinned for this. Hot garbage subliminal .

  • Anonymous

    Will somebody PLEASE shoot this soft-serve wannabe? Dude's whiter than Zimmerman, but gets away with dropping the n word like he's Malcolm X's son. FOH...

  • Anonymous


  • dissdrizz

    anybody sain' this is fire must be referring chilly diarreah

  • DrizzyFan2014


  • Johnny Blayze

    Top of the hip-hop game

  • Anonymous

    c'mon guys, we all know this hard. some addictive shit makes you wan go back and rewind this shit back. Hiphopdx full of haters, lets just enjoy good music and stop all this shity criticisms

    • LOL

      LOL @d he must be butt hurt because he clicked play a couple times... why people hate on so much shit that doesnt effect them??? LOLOLOLOL

    • d

      go and listen to some child nursery shit, dude, this is hip hop! And Drake is wack as fuck.

  • johnmakabena

    too much hate on this

  • B

    Took a jab at Jay "just hits no misses/Mrs., thats for the married folk"

    • Anonymous

      You're wrong about everything again, Champagne Queer. You got everything backwards.

    • Champagne Papi Life

      He said hits...meaning singles, if we are talking "official singles" Drake's charting average is higher than Jay-Z's. Again, Drake has the most #1's on the hip-hop charts after only 5 years of the commercial limelight. Jay-Z has had way more years to build his brand, that's why his tours gross so much. The top touring artist of last year was Bon Jovi, because he's had decades to build his brand. Jay-Z also benefited from having Justin Timberlake tour with him. Justin Timberlake sells more than Jay-Z. Drake is 27, Jay-Z was not on Drake's level at 27.

    • 614grind

      Cutel line but it doesn't make sense. Jay is married but he ain't "missed" yet. All he does sell the same amount of records as Drake at 45 years old, not to mention his touring revenue makes Drake look like he's on welfare.

    • LOL

      LOL @jo..."since when do sales matter"? LOLOLOLOL um just talk to the label and they will tell you themselves you fucking idiot, thats why people "promote" their album, drop singles, etc. To create buzz so the album sells. smh yall are fucking stupid nigggers

    • jo

      get outa here. since when do sales matter? that would make vanilla ice and mc hammer top5 MCs

    • Champagne Papi Life

      He's not taking shots a Jay. Listen to the bars about 'art" later on. He's simply stating throughout the song that he ain't going to back down from anyone--that includes Jay--he's earned his spot as one of most successful rappers out. Drake has had more #1's on the hip-hop charts than Jay-Z, Drake's been in the limelight for 5 years, Jay-Z has been for 18 years. Drake's the realest nigga in the game, period.

  • Champagne Papi Life

    5/5. Drake and Boi 1da drop another classic. OVO can't be stopped!

  • Anonymous

    this nigga tries too hard

  • Anonymous

    I listen to Drake, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Lil Wayne to get more girls *blinks*

  • Anonymous

    "I heard they talkin' crazy, I was out of town You know they love to pop all that shit when I'm not around But when I'm here, not a sound That'll make me snap, jot it down Go in the booth and lay a body down"

  • fk ya lyfe

    I really hope this isn't a reply to HOVA, this song is trash I liked drake better when he was depressed sun hahahaha...

  • Anonymous

    worst reply ever in hiphop history

  • Why B

    Man I remember when rap was about saying shit that you MEAN. Now its just say anything whether you mean it or not. Even if it's fake as fuck as long as it sound good you can get away with it... These new niggas man smh

  • Anonymous

    Softest in the game 5 years running, watch out next he might shoot a whiny tweet or *gasp* do a passive aggressive magazine article

  • LOL

    It's crazy how much they let this SUBURB ass nigga get away with

  • peezy

    one of the worst rappers in the game

  • So Far Gone

    FIRE!! Drake goes hard!

  • Anonymous

    Stop talking bout catchin bodies drake, we all know you don't do any of that shit. This is just poor bars, more subliminals, too shook to even say a rapper's name. Besides Chance the Rapper which is random as fuck honestly.

  • Anonymous

    It's like every time I touch I can never do no wrong - truth

  • Anonymous


  • dappa

    anybody who say dis is fire is just sucking dick plain in simple we all have ears and dis weak ass sneak diss shit is wiggy wiggy wiggy wiggy WACK

  • dappa

    this pussy scare to say names...... hes a sneak dissing ass nigga dat dat shit I don't like..... and always pray on the week who give a fuck about chance da rapper wack as bar #stepitup #weakdiss

  • dd

    Again with the lies Drake? Your not that dude, your corny

  • spaz

    Jay Z going to buy some more expensive white art, before he responds again

    • D.

      What clever line did Jay throw? Mrs. Drizzy? fucking lame... Admitting to buying a bunch of white art on an afrocentric track and saying something that doesn't apply to Drake... still funking lame Still trying to figure out why people are so gassed over this.

    • ^

      You got it all wrong. Drake started this shit when he dissed Jay about art. Jay threw a clever line and Aubrey got butthurt with a weak ass subliminal.

    • Johnny Blayze

      Doubt there's zero intent to provoke a response. Fact is Jay went out of his way to take a Drake beat and make a diss to begin with. 50 year old in a suit needs to continue with is +$100 mil lifestyle all his work recently have been a bore and reflects where he is at his life while others are hungry and producing very original work.

  • Will

    This makes me wonder what HHDX's definition of "goes in" is.

    • All Loyal

      Lmao...man how did this dude go from acting in a wheelchair, to dissing common and getting served, to now thinking he's on hov level? Even weezy backed off the jay shit cause he know for every 1 lap he run jay still runnin. They can't catch hov...he'll die before then and you know what happens when musicians die...